This could be a lesson for all of us who might jump to conclusions, I did and I’m sorry. I asked my neighbour about the glass scattered by his doorstep, he has told me that he broke a picture frame and didn’t know how to dispose of the debris.

It is Christmas time, I’ve decided to forgive, I hope that you can forgive him too.


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Is he just going to leave the glass there?


Kalima, it was so good and reasonable of you to give your neighbor the opportunity to explain. It was much better than remaining in the dark indefinitely. This does, though, strike me as a rather odd situation. For starters, you would think he’d realize that this is not safe for young children as well as…well, really, for just about anyone else, including pets.

Is this the same neighbor who seemed to be showing some signs of early dementia? Going on the anti-Obama rants and such? If so, he may not realize that this is something of a public health menace. I realize I’m stating the obvious here, but this really needs to be cleaned up…even if he needs to hire someone to do it!

I hope you’re feeling well these days, and that all the furry friends are enjoying being indoors and cozy with their loving “ma.”


I don’t know if I can believe him either looking at how the glass was scattered. There is no good in darkening your heart over some one else and their dark heart. Just hope your kitties are all right.