images-2Dear Ted Kennedy,

I miss you, so many of us miss you, so very much.  

Ted, I am torn on our current health care reform debate and I know,

if you were here, you could help us all understand this.

I am almost certain that if you were here now, we would not be having this rancorous debate.

This was your one of your life’s  great passions, 

and it is mine and so many that I converse with on the net.

You had a vision when so many were blind.

I want to listen to the ones you left in charge, Harkin, Dodd, Rockefeller,

they all have a very good point.

but I also know how much you loved  the

Keith Olbermann Show, he  and Howard Dean are on another path.

How silly to be in such a quandary,

shouldn’t I just know, like you did?

You had such a great internal rudder.

How did you always know the way? 

How can we?

I have a preexisting condition and I feel like you would have protected me.

I do not want the Insurance Companies to have control and judgement over my life.

How can we make that happen now?

I just miss you and your leadership  so much,

and  I am in tears all over again just as I was on the day you left us.

Ted, I am just one person who is in need,  I can not begin to imagine all the 

extraordinary needs that are around us.

I know they are vast, I know you would have cared, very, very deeply.

Remember the old saying on postcards, how they often would state “Wish you were here”.

If I could send you a post card, I would first say, 

“Wish you were here…”

sorry the picture would not be so pretty.

Then I would say,

Please go visit Joe, Howard, Barack, Rahm, John, Tom, Chris,

o darn,

how about that whole darn senate.

I think they all need a little meaning in their life.

You could deliver.

Wish you were here…..

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Patsy T, I share your affection for Teddy. He worked hard to make everyone’s life better.

All the years that Kennedy was in the senate, we never came this close. So we would probably be in the same predicament that we’re in now, even if Teddy were still with us. In fact, I’m glad he’s spared this phase of the debate. He passed with health care looking good, his dream looking like it was going to be realized. I’m glad he had that thought to carry with him. This last-minute rancor would have been very stressful for him.

We can do the work he would have done by pushing back against the things we don’t like in the senate bill, keeping our voices strong for real reform. That’s the way he would want us to honor his memory.

KQµårk 死神

Excellent sentiment but the only thing that would actually work would be to smite Joe Lieberman with a lightning bolt.


I would vote in favor of smiting Lieberman.


I once hated Dick Cheney so much, that I was told I had to say the prayer of forgiveness for him. For one hundred times in a row – without stopping – I prayed:

I cancel all expectations that you be any certain way.
I cancel the demand that you do what I prefer.
I hold you totally responsible for your actions, thoughts and beliefs.
I forgive you, Dick Cheney, and I release you to God.

No kidding. I did it, almost choking on it; but the very next day, Dick had a heart attack! I wondered if I had just not “released” him hard enough.

Guess I’ll go pray for ole’ Joe tonight. Let me know if any of you have success with those lightening bolts. I’m open to compromise.

PS – Great to see you around, KQ and escribacat – miss you both! Catch up soon.


The Nixon-Kennedy Health Care Plan
How Richard Nixon and Edward Kennedy Worked For American Health Care



Dear Patsyt- it’s not over. No matter if the Senate turns out drek, it MUST go to conference committe, and the House is far more determined to act well on behalf of all of us, especially YOU with a pre-existing condition. Don’t give up!

We all need to ride Harry Reid and insist that he employ the nuclear option over-riding the 60 votes on filibuster. He has the power. Does he have the guts to USE it? Bernie Sanders withdrew his single payer amendment because the Reeps insisted it be read in full and DeMint says they will use procedure to slow things down. Where is the leadership? The muscle? Reid give committee assignments and office space – where is the clout?

We need to focus on him. We could not get calls through today – his direct line had been changed, and the switchboard was overloaded, BUT his FAX is 202-224-7327, so FLOOD his office with FAX messages about protecting American people and using his authority to bypass the damned filibuster cloture rule that was set up to protect anti-integration Southerners. He MUST LEAD or resign. We deserve REAL reform NOW. YOU can’t wait even if the rich Republicans can.

He WILL accept email from other states, too – and there is a spot on his web site to do that. So feel free to let him know that he represents ALL of America and had better do it WELL. His site is Click on “contact” and send an email to him.

We’re here for you – we all will put on the pressure!