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Marion On December - 14 - 2009


I’m on a mission. I’m utterly angered and repulsed that so many people on the Left are bamboozled by a phoney shill, who purports to be a Progressive.

People need to learn to think critically and investigate the background and modus operandi of every media talking head who puts forth an idea as fact. If you don’t, you just aren’t thinking. The saddest thing that can happen to a person is for his intellect to stultify.

There’s a particular media person who’s really getting up my tits at the moment. Just like I had George Bush pegged as the ineffectual frat boy that he turned out to be, I’ve had this one pegged for the last 28 years, ever since her rather ignominious departure from the United Kingdom after brazenly trying to appropriate a place amongst the serious British media intelligensia. (Don’t be fooled: the fact that Kirsty Wark – the most dipshitbrained political commentator and ‘pet Scot’ fo the BBC – interviewed her recently only served one purpose – Huffington’s stupidity made the equally vapid Wark look good).

I suppose our fathers and grandfathers, the so-called Greatest Generation, had to deal with Tokyo Rose and Axis Annie. Now we have to deal with the Greek Whoracle. I always thought, being the grandchild of three, that naturalised Americans came to this country to savour freedom. Instead the Whoracle came to enhance her brand and further her own interests, all the while criticising any and all Administrations which got in her way. I suppose Michael Huffington’s loss to Barbara Boxer in the Senate campaign and his subsequent ‘outing’ (and thus ending of the business arrangement that was her marriage) put paid to her ultimate ambition of becoming a First Lady with an ‘intellectual political salon.’

She’s weighing in on everything with no experience or expertise, shouting down people whose knowledge is better, and criticising everything our President does with no basis whatsoever. In her past two television appearances, she’s managed to shout down both Jane Mayer and John Podesta, both of whom have infinitely more experience in matters Afghan than she can ever hope to have. As she’s adamantly demanding President Obama reveal all his strategy behind his escalation of troops in Afghanistan, I’m absolutely gobsmacked at this assertion.

Lady, this is war. And in war, sometimes you have to keep your cards close to your chest – mostly, so assholes like you can hazard second-guessing. You show everyone your hand and your enemy has you by the short and curlies … or maybe that’s what you want? Maybe you’re the obvious spy, the dog in the manger, whose demands are so ridiculously silly that no one would ever think that you’re working for ‘the other side.’

Ah, but who is the other side? Well, we haven’t heard much from the teabaggers and the birthers lately, have we? But we’ve been hearing a lot of the Left’s base who’ve obviously been breathing in the toxic fumes of the Whoracle’s Koolaid. These are so-called rational people – well, I’m rational too; and I never believed the Damascene conversion the first time around when it happened to St Paul, and I’m sure as hell skeptical about someone who promoted Newt Gingrich as the saviour of America in the 1990s, blatantly and openly campaigned for Bill Clinton’s impeachment at the same time, supported John McCain in 2000, hurrah’d George Bush’s surge and voted him in a second time, enabled Ahhnold in his bid for governor after her own laughable ‘campaign’ tanked, and suddenly woke up the morning after the 2004 Election to ‘realise’ she’s a Progressive?

As the Brits would say, ‘Pull the other one. It’s got bleeding bells on.’

Like Rupert Murdoch, she runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds; and at the end of the day, it’s all about herself and her ego. That someone of the calibre of George Stephanopolous keeps giving her the kudos by allowing her to appear on his roundtable and spew her toxic venom and ignorance is a disappointment. Perhaps it’s something to do with the Greek connection. Well, Major Hasan’s a Virginian too, but I’m not about to land on the side of someone who opens fire on and kills 13 people.

Nope, the reason we haven’t heard from out teabagging friends on the Right is because their seemingly more intelligent counterparts on the Left, having drunk the Koolaid-flavoured retsina offered up by the Whoracle, are doing the job of debunking and discrediting President Obama for them.

Perhaps when President Palin ascends the Oval Office throne, there’ll be a place at her side for the Media Whoracle too. Two good ones together, and all enabled by the totally puerile and immature base of the left, throwing a massive hissy fit and not voting for a reasonable, rational, sensitive and intelligent man. We thought we’d done something right, only to be told by a media shill that we haven’t, and she’s telling us what to do about it.


One great Progressive voice recently said, ‘Faith is the absence of critical thinking.’
But I wonder how long he will continue to be a ‘progressive voice?’

Just remember this: In the end, you get the government you deserve. Maybe y’all deserve Palin.

And in the meantime, read the bloggings of one Greek who’s not afraid to call out a Media Whoracle out for the phoney she is.


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  1. Mogamboguru says:

    So that you know:

    The greek bitch killed your’s truly poster Mogamboguru in her forum this morning.

    Mogambogugu doesn’t exist any more on the HuffingtonBitch.

    And the best thing is: She did so without reason!

    I did hardly comment on anything over the past days, because I was busy elsewhere!

    I was butchered from behind completely out of the blue!

    Says a lot about this bitch’s and her shills’ characters, doesn’t it?

    SAYONARA, HuffingtonBitch!

    • escribacat says:

      When I was first posting there, I thought they had a lot of software bugs that caused random posts to disappear and people to disappear. Now I just think they are either psychotic or it’s a frat boy party back there in the scrubbing room and they get their kicks out of messing with people.

      • Marion says:

        Her mods aren’t paid, you know. She pays very few of the people who work for her. Guess they liked slavery in ancient Greece, which probably explains her antipathy to Obama.

      • Mogamboguru says:

        Arianna hates it if someone posts comments running detrimental to her own political agenda.

        Seems like I was too critical on some of her “darling”-topics over the past days.

        • escribacat says:

          I’d say about 75% of my posts are about how HuffyPuff slants the news and tries to get people worked up using incendiary headlines. I don’t know why I haven’t been scrubbed yet.

    • Chernynkaya says:

      All I can say, Mo, is you look none the worse for wear. In fact, you look swell! But I’m sorry anyway. That place was fun for many months for me. Welcome “home.”

    • kesmarn says:

      Mo! You were missed here, if that’s any consolation.

      You’re not the first to have been banned without notice or reason. I have no idea what is going on “over there.” It seems almost entirely random.

      Nevertheless, welcome back here.

  2. zizyphus says:

    Great article! I will say one good thing for Arianna, if she hadn’t set up HP, which we all enjoyed so much in the beginning, would we all be at this site today?

    The big change that occurred after she got the hedge funds to invest and the computer moderation program running, have pretty much wrecked HP for now. Maybe forever. Just doesn’t have the same feeling there.

    I am glad to see that this site continues to grow and improve, and am enjoying reading the articles, thanks to all.

  3. escribacat says:

    I’m not at all a conspiracy theorist, but when I looked over that list of Oak Investments, I noticed Whole Foods was on there. Then I remembered the CEO of Whole Foods coming out against health care reform.

    Okay, I know. That’s a stretch.

  4. KevenSeven says:

    Hairyanna is obviously a hoot, and we all get our jollies bagging on her. An interesting point is that she clearly detests HRC. Any Clintonista who ventured to HP during the primary can tell you all you need to know about that. Hairy did all she could to deny the nomination to Hill.

    So what was she thinking? That Obama was great and Hill terrible, and Dog forbid that Hill win the nomination? Could Hairy be bent that Obama appointed Hill SecState?

    Or is it all just a need to be in opposition? The whole Contrarian thing gets you more ink than agreeing all the time?

    On the other hand is the PUMA attitude which has not receded. A prime dealer in that mess was Jane Hamsher. Jane at least is consistent. I don’t know that she ever had a kind word for Obama. That’s OK. What is strange is that Jane pretended to believe that HRC was more liberal than was Obama.

    Cough. HRC was more pure than Obama. Well, I suppose we can all convince ourselves of anything under the right circumstances. Certainly Obama is insufficiently pure today to satisfy Hamsher.

    Who are the pundits in the business of burnishing Obama’s image? I watch so little TV, I’m behind the curve on this one.

  5. Hopeington says:

    Thought I’d bring bito’s link back up to the top. for Oak Investments. http://www.oakinv.com/
    I counted 13 health care type business out of the 450 they are affiliated with. So yes, I do believe they are just picking up the slack because it’s not really tea party weather right now.
    Excellent reasoning Marion. The Greek Whoracle was the absolute best I’ve heard yet, and thanks for that disgusting picture because I thoroughly dislike like the way they put up the most unflattering pics, the last one I complained about was Chelsea Clinton and her fiance, they had the happy couple looking like miserable dogs.
    I only started posting over there during the election, but right from the beginning I knew not to click any of the whoracle’s stories, and judging from the comments left, no one else was reading them either.
    I started getting scrubbed so much, I got another profile and handled it differently to see if they scrubbed me as much…they didn’t, so sometimes I use rollingballafire and just post sane little trite things. They wipe more than half of what I say as Hopeington, so why bother trying at all.
    On a positive note, all that banning got me here, where I feel like I can exercise my intelligence and actually grow. I don’t know how long this site has been here but I’m glad to get in on the ground floor and look forward to the coming years and growth of the Planet…long winded but going to continue.
    I will say I’m disappointed, I had a great many days over there and enjoyed getting fanned for my words and not my looks or actions.
    I learned a lot and found other great places that could have taken days to find.
    I love the Planet though, I had been looking for another place and it was so hard to post comments at other sites, like media matters and FDL because they were heavily monitored and if you didn’t get you comment in before 5pm, you either didn’t get posted or, on Friday you waited til Monday so there was no dialoging.
    For a while I was pissed because the righties were taking over, I remember when they came on board and said that was their intention, now I just don’t care, they can have themselves, when I went there today, that’s about all there was……pure negativity,( I will admit I left a comment)
    I’m a fan of everyone here and I appreciate you all soooo much
    I love being on the Planet!!! Hugs and kisses!!!

    • Marion says:

      You all DO know that Whoreanna’s books just never sell? She’s back plugging Pigs at the Trough now again, and I think the highest that got was number 44 on the Times Best-Seller List.

      They never ever sell well -- you can easily see that her writing style is not the best, and I’m suspicious that someone ghosts her. Then there was the matter of the little plagiarism trial which resulted in one of her early works getting pulped and facilitated Whoreanna’s rather precipitous departure from the UK.

      Nobody buys her books. Ann Coulter writes best-sellers. Whoreanna doesn’t. Ann has her own neocon audience, but no Progressive buys Whoreanna’s work.

  6. Chernynkaya says:

    All righty friends, dinner is served, and I’m out for the day. You all have a great evening!

  7. bitohistory says:

    Pepe, you said earlier that you just got turned on to Think Progress. Be sure you check their links and the other posts on the site. Mathew Yeglasias, Wonk Room, progress report…..Lot to learn on that site.

  8. Chernynkaya says:

    Gawd. I just took a peek at the “Authors’ Corner” tab, thinking I’d eavesdrop, and found out it’s for US!

    All this time, (well, all the week I’ve been here)I’ve been thinking that there were real authors, and then there was us. I could have asked for tech help at the authors’ corner because --Hello?-- I AM an author here!

    ~Light bulb~~

  9. Kalima says:

    Good night everyone, I might not make it back in time to see many of you. Have a good what is left of your evening. Take care and be safe,


  10. TheRarestPatriot says:

    I swear I can’t stop looking at that profoundly disturbing mash-up of AH’s face above…LMAO~

    Guess who’s gonna’ have nightmares?….LOL~

    • kesmarn says:

      Saw her on TV Sunday, and this pic is not too far off the mark. Her Word Of The Day was--ta da!--“lackadaisical.” She used it over and over and over again to describe her perception of Obama’s responses to just about everything. How do you describe something that’s a cross between being irritating and boring? Boritating? That’s what she was.

      • bitohistory says:

        K’esmarn, they critiqued the Pres. last month saying one year after the election, this month they are grading him. Next month what? Can they at least wait a year from when he was in office or does he have to solve everything in 6 days?

        • kesmarn says:

          b’ito, isn’t it exasperating? My one hope is that the public tires of this endless critiquing and bashing and, in response, begins to have more sympathy for the Prez (as the endearing underdog, if for no other reason…even though there are many nobler reasons to have sympathy for him). At least there’s a good amount of time for the tide of public opinion to turn in his favor. He has three more years (7, Lord willing) and many things can change in that time. After surviving the horrors of the Bush years, we have to pray that things can only get better from here on. When voters see that, maybe it’ll take some of the wind out of the critics’ sails.

      • Chernynkaya says:

        Irksome? Tedious? BLOVIATING??

  11. TheRarestPatriot says:

    Well examined, Marion. I called her out about 4 months ago and got banned…not just once, but 4 times. I even wrote her a direct letter about how I felt with regards to her website slowly, then rabidly (and rapidly) becoming an obvious safe-haven for trolls and right wing lurkers. I had been a contributing member of Off The Bus (a feature blog spot of election volunteers)so it’s not like I was coming in off the street as an unknown. I was taken OFF the bus and had my account banned. Seriously, for asking a fucking question. It reminded me of Catholic school, where I asked too many questions and was stabbed by a nun with a pencil! I still have the pencil lead embedded under my skin !
    In any event, AH is a media whore now. All of your history of her is spot on and SO many do not know or care about it. People don’t want to admit they’ve embraced a golden calf. She is dangerous and within the last 6 months she’s gone full tilt banshee. So has her site. I was just there reading the posts and not only do I see a vacuum of intelligent conversation, I literally see trolls as the majority of MOST posts! Any new headline is swamped immediately by the FOX News crowd absolutely destroying way any for the Libs to speak. It’s become a Town Hall meeting of tea-baggers! I was/am shocked, yet not surprised.
    She is dangerous…’nuff said….

  12. javaz says:

    Welcome to the Plant POV, Marion!
    And thank you for a well written article.
    I deleted my account on HP last week and let me tell you that was liberating.
    I think the best way that we can deal with AH is to ignore her and her site.

    The best way to get back at a person is through their wallet.

    And the more of us who boycott AH and don’t go to her site and click articles, the less money she will receive.

    Let it go.

    Don’t give her the time of day.

    There are other sites better, and one of them Planet POV.

    Just as I refuse to watch Fox News, I refuse to visit HP.

    The more of us that turn her off, the better it will be.

    The more we talk about her and her site, is similar to talking about Sarah Palin.

    Don’t make AH or SP relevant by clicking on their sites or giving them the time of day.

  13. FrankenPC says:

    This is sad. I used to look up to AH. This is one grand lesson for everyone: Greed corrupts always. No one is exempt.

  14. AdLib says:

    Roy Sekoff of HuffPo was just on the Ed Show being the smarmy dick that he is, assailing Obama for answering a question from Oprah about what grade he should be given for his first year in office.

    Obama said B +, for averting what looked like an inevitable second Depression, for getting Health care reform to near passage, etc.

    Sekoff instead said it was far lower and stabbed him in the back, blaming HIM for Congress’ action on Health Care, Congress’ action in changing the Stimulus bill and many other CONGRESSIONAL actions. He kept repeating “timidity” as Obama’s style of leadership.

    Is Sekoff really so poorly informed as to what Congress does as opposed to the President? No. He is Arianna’s point man in trying to smear and undermine this president under the guise of sticking up for Progressives.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what damaging the public’s view of Obama and the Dem congress would mean in 2010 and possibly 2012.

    A smaller Dem majority in Congress which won’t be able to move ANY Progressive issues forward and by 2012, maybe even a GOP majority in one or both houses.

    This is what Sekoff and his boss Arianna and HuffPo are working towards. And how many of the faithful Progressives blogging at HuffPo recognize that they are being stabbed in the back?

    (BTW, I showed a bit of restraint here, I was so pissed off at seeing that interview that I was going to insult Sekoff by referring to him as Suckoff but decided not to. Whoops!)

    • KevenSeven says:

      I’m not sure that Obama is not missing a chance to lead at this time.

      Rumor, which I am careful to not accept on face value, has it that Rham is pushing Reid to make Loserman happy.

      I have my doubts about Rham.

    • bitohistory says:

      AdLib I was emailing the ed show (with a link to this site and this post, when Sukoff was on the show. Certainly made me add another dozen lines to my email. Who knows if they ever get read but it is worth a try.
      What was that shit that Ed brought up about Obama and his legacy? Where did he pull that out of…..?

      • AdLib says:

        After hearing about the FU nellie got and growing tired of Ed’s BS populist rants, I have lost an enormous amount of interest and of course respect for him.

        He is a left wing blowhard that Jon Stewart also shows now respect for. KO and Rachel are smart, informed and not emotionally driven into their opinions, can’t say the same about Ed…and his overly emotional outrage makes me suspicious of how much he truly believes of what he says and how much is pandering for ratings.

        • Marion says:

          I am from the Socialist Communist Democratic People’s Republic of (Northern) Virginia -- born and raised there. Yet, according to McCain and Palin, I’m not a ‘real’ Virginian.

          ‘Real Virginians’ come from the rural Southwest or the backward Tidewater regions.

          Well, Lynndie England comes from the southwest and Ed Schulz comes from the Tidewater. I guess they ARE ‘real Virginians.’ (Jon Stewart, a graduate of William & Mary, would be well familiar with the blowhard Ed Schulz types. They are pretty common -- common, being the operative word -- there).

        • bitohistory says:

          Oh I agree AdLib, I have written to him about a few time about progress and radicalism. “If I don’t get my way, I will ruin it for everyone.” In the back of my mind lurks the fact that his first try at elected office was as a republican.

        • nellie says:

          Like Arianna, he is a former Republican.

          • escribacat says:

            Nellie…seriously? Ed Schultz is a former republican? Wow. What is this anyway? True media whores.

            • nellie says:

              You have to wonder when people make radical switches like that. Take David Horowitz. He was a hippie radical in the 60s.

              Then there are the sincere ones like Frank Schaeffer and David Brock. It’s impossible to go by the labels, it’s what people say and do that matters. I wish progressives would figure that out. Anyone trying to turn them against this administration is not their friend.

      • nellie says:

        Be prepared for an FU as a response. That’s how Ed answered my last email!

    • Kalima says:

      Never holding much credence in conspiracy theories, I find myself seeing a concerted effort on Huff to try to discredit the President. Why this is not more obvious to long time posters still slogging away over there is beginning to puzzle me. Surely there must be some doubt after the garbage turned out over there during the time the President took office and in many cases much before then, I don’t understand it at all.

      • nellie says:

        I think part of it is that a lot of people are still in anger mode and can’t turn it off. HP has realized this and is taking advantage of it. Unfortunately a lot of other sites, like AlterNet and Firedoglake, are in the same mode — and these are respected Progressive sites. They spend all their editorial space comparing Obama to Bush.

        • escribacat says:

          Nellie, I backed off a bit from firedoglake when they were promoting the “all or nothing” health care petition. They are “purists,” as K7 would call them.

        • Kalima says:

          There is no similarity between Obama and Bush, this is so highly insulting, not only to the President but to the very people who voted for him and even the ones trying to distance themselves from him now. They wanted too much from the beginning and are now like spoiled kids who have pestered their parents for a puppy or kitten, only to lose interest when the furry, little thing becomes a larger thing that’s not so cute anymore. They need to grow up, let him do his job and get off their annoying, whining arses to help him accomplish the goals he promised then, not the goals he did not. Maybe they needed a few more years of Bush or 4 years of McGrumps/ Palin to make them understand the chances they are squandering by demanding too much, too soon.

          • nellie says:

            And in a backhanded way, it gives Bush a pass.

            The Bush Administration was possibly the most criminal in our history. It shouldn’t be compared to ANY other administration — much less the current one.

            • Kalima says:

              Oh it absolutely gives him a pass and if we could check on the origin, it is more than likely a trend started by the Repubs to take eyes off the Bush debacle.

              Must dash and get ready to go out. Hope to see you later.

            • nellie says:

              TTYL, Kalima!

            • escribacat says:

              And if Obama is so much like Bush, why are people like Beck, Limbaugh, and the rest of the rapid class so foamed up about him?

  15. Chernynkaya says:

    Just FYI everyone, I got this from Huffy in my inbox this morning:


    My name is Stephanie, and I am one of the comment moderators at the Huffington Post. I

    • Khirad says:

      That’s the e-mail I heard about.

    • kesmarn says:

      Cher, this communication from Huffy is very interesting. (Just got off duty for a while from taking care of my favorite 3d grader, with a virus, so I’m a bit late to the topic.)

      Does anyone else think that Huffy may be more than a little aware of the increasing traffic on this site, and that this proposed “open thread” on HP is an attempt to win back the posters who have become fed up with the current state of affairs over there?

      Methinks someone is feeling a bit threatened!

      Do they think that people with functioning brains are going to be content to be relegated to some little corner while they go on with their mission of undermining Obama’s presidency unimpeded? Why would anyone want to funnel cash into Aryana’s bank account while being confined to the “kid’s table” at the dysfunctional family dinner?

      • Chernynkaya says:

        Isn’t it pretty to think so?

        I don’t think so-- they have millions of posters, and I just think they want to regain a tighter control of the thread.

        • AdLib says:

          I think it’s a combination of things.

          First, they want the justification to be more oppressive and delete more posts that don’t fit their agenda. Creating this Open Thread, whether or not some Mod may be earnest about it, will accomplish this.

          Secondly, they are no doubt suffering a big turnover of readers and members who grow disgusted at what transpires there on the blogs. They may indeed feel that through stringent censorship, they can dial up or down the tenor of conversation that produces better numbers.

          This is all about one thing in the end, HuffPo’s Hedge Companies and Arianna making the most money they can through the manipulation of Progressives.

          • kesmarn says:

            AdLib, this reminds me of a question…and, believe me, you need not feel obliged to answer this! How do you feel about advertising on the Planet? Do you have a policy regarding that? Or would you rather keep it an ad-free zone?

          • Chernynkaya says:

            AdLib, are they really suffering from a turnover? I’m not doubting you-- just surprised and delighted. I read many of your comments on this thread,and I agree strongly-- It is important to call them out on this. I consider it a sort of mission.

            • AdLib says:

              Turnover and what is called Bounce Rate are issues for HuffPo in their quest to keep raising their quarterly earnings.

              There are a set of users who are active bloggers, a set that are frequent visitors and readers but don’t blog and those who come occasionally to read an article or headline.

              It is the last group which a blog like HuffPo wants to “capture” because for them, it is the only path for growth.

              So they have a problem,the nastiness they’ve created has attracted and addicted a certain amount of people.

              At the same time, those who just want news and thoughtful discussion are not prone to stay long.

              How can they serve all these groups?

              Create an Open Blog ghetto for members to go to have their hostilities and keep the regular blogs censored to reflect a more controlled conversation and message that matches their agenda.

              Many people are upset by seeing people be hateful to each other, that and the growing realization, reflected here, at Daily Kos, etc., that HuffPo is a travesty is indeed driving more regulars away.

              Is this about The Planet? Not solely but we are a reflection of the reality that members are indeed leaving HuffPo.

            • Khirad says:

              Pretty much covered it. As much as I see more than nefarious ulterior motives, it would be smart on their part. The ones going OT are generally regulars (myself included).

            • nellie says:

              I don’t see how they’re ever gong to attract people who just want to check in for the news — unless they’re checking in for the entertainment news.

              Their news coverage is really poor — getting worse by the day.

            • Chernynkaya says:

              Fascinating, Ad Lib-- thank you. Just so interesting to me.

        • kesmarn says:

          LOL As you said, the mere fact that they seem to have lost control is happy news in itself

          OT: I really loved your article on Hannukah.
          When religion is bad, it’s really bad.
          But when it’s good, it is a total joy!

          Your article was a joy.

          • Chernynkaya says:

            Thank you Kes!

            I can’t remember who said this, but it speaks to me:

            “Religion is for people who are afraid of hell. Spirituality is for people who’ve been there.”

            As an aside-- Judaism has no concept of hell. But that’s still how I feel about it. :~)

            • Khirad says:

              Great quote. And no, the hell thing came from the east, with the Magi, metaphorically. 😉

            • kesmarn says:

              Oh, yes, Cher! I feel the same way. And you don’t have to have experienced death to know what hell is! (I’ll leave further discussion of that to another day.)
              I treasure that quotation, as well as the marvelous Einstein one you included in the article. I vote for the school of thought that says that everything is miraculous.

    • nellie says:

      I’d love to know what moderation policy allows the n-word to stand in a comment thread for hours upon hours when thoughtful, inoffensive posts are scrubbed.

      • AdLib says:

        Example of HuffPo posts that will and won’t be wiped.

        1. Obama is a (N-Word). -- NOT WIPED
        2. Hi. -- WIPED
        3. Progressives are (N-Word) lovers. -- NOT WIPED
        4. You are so kind, I love you. -- WIPED

        You see, as a rationalization for purposely agitating Progressives to keep clicking and blogging and making HuffPo more money, HuffPo is apparently claiming that racism is on topic and treating other blogers with respect is not.

        • TheRarestPatriot says:

          Exactly Adlib.
          I have purposely sent posts with very Obama negative remarks that were posted, no worries. I also posted my interest in a less progressive thread as was wiped.
          Something has happened over there and it’s all encompassing. It’s like someone with a ton of money told AH to ramp up the fights, keep up the scrubbing and any article that involves naked girls/guys, slebs, or any other NON-news story runs on the front page ALL day..where stories of people losing their homes, lives, self worth, etc…slip past in 2 hours. They have endorsed the blank check over there…

          • AdLib says:

            Oak Invetments bought in with $25 million for a $50 million valued stake in HuffPo late last year.

            The change clearly started them and as hedge funds will, they hammer their investment vehicles to produce increased returns each quarter.

            It is the natural progression of such unprincipled greed that HuffPo would begin and continue a cycle of increased degradation and pandering/manipulation to increase traffic and thus ad revenues.

            It can only get worse.

            They are right about something, conflict does work to attract more people. How many folk slow down to look at a perfectly parked car as opposed to a terrible car accident.

            However, if you prefer getting to work on time, using your life and time more productively and not being stuck in a nightmare of angry traffic, you’d prefer not to have to have to deal with such “accidents” on a daily basis.

            • bitohistory says:

              Quick search on Oak investments
              I didn’t get much. I wnt to go deeper on them.

            • kesmarn says:

              b’ito, a quick glance at the companies they have a hand in sure leaves no doubt as to whether or not they have a vested interest in controlling the tone and content of the health care debate!

              Thanks so much for posting the link.

            • TheRarestPatriot says:

              Holy moley….I just went and looked at what other investment ‘ventures’ this Oak was involved in. They got their finger in everybody’s pie, brother….

            • bitohistory says:

              From Oak Investments:

              Huffington Post is a leading news website that has aggregated the best online sources through creative editorial and well respected bloggers. The site covers several content verticals including politics, entertainment, media, living green and business as well as an local news initiative starting initially with Chicago.

            • AdLib says:

              Which includes health insurance and health industry businesses.

              And as a hedge fund, has skin in the game on opposing financial regulations.

              On and on…

            • bitohistory says:

              TRP, and those are just the ones that are public knowledge.

    • AdLib says:

      To be generous, perhaps this is a Mod trying to convince the Admin over there to agree to this experiment.

      There are myriad other possibilities but what this still sounds like to me is a kind of bloggers ghetto. No free expression anywhere else on HuffPo…and yet there will be censorship there too, especially of anyone who dares insult The Queen or the site.

      And if they made this happen, it would only make them feel more righteous about being even more oppressive about wiping posts on every issue-oriented post, saying, “If you want to talk freely, you’ve got somewhere else to do it!”

      And, what good is it to have an open thread to try and discuss issues where trolls will run wild and personal conflicts will abound? It will be a mosh pit that is still censored and freedom of expression on all other posts will be even more restricted.

      I wouldn’t contribute to such a proposal, even if the Mod behind it is earnest. It will only further denigrate freedom throughout the site and in return, only provide a messed up and hypocritical Open Thread since censorship will continue there as well.

      • Chernynkaya says:

        I think they are actually flummoxed by the fact that the posters have taken over the main page thread every night. To scrub them would mean entire pages-- dozens-- gone. I honestly think they don’t know how to regain control. I like that.heheh.

        I don’t think they care about finding a place for the people who do this, unless they can set up a page riddled with ads. They are just stumped.

      • nellie says:

        Not to mention that it sounds like a rip-off of Daily Kos.

      • javaz says:

        Let’s stop talking about her and her site.

        We had the most wonderful dialogues here, and it’s time to stop talking about AH.

        She’s no different than the MSM talking about Tiger Woods.

        There are far more important things to discuss than AH.

        • Chernynkaya says:

          I hope that eventually, there will be nothing to talk about. But for now, Javez, I kinda feel I need to go there and fight. But notice how much less time I am there-- I’ve been here almost all day.

        • escribacat says:

          Huffington Post has a powerful impact on the progressive movement in this country and that impact has been increasingly destructive. I think it’s important to fight against them and do whatever we can to expose their agenda.

    • PepeLepew says:

      I’m kind of a believer that threads are like a living organism. They go in whatever direction they want to go in, and you should just sit back and enjoy the ride for the most part, and not try to exert total control over the content.

    • Kalima says:


      Saying “Hello” and greeting friends is not allowed, sounds like a “chain gang” policy to me.

      That is really quite funny considering the amount of on topic posts that have been and still are trashed there every day.

      • Chernynkaya says:

        No talking to your neighbor!
        Put your heads on your desks!
        Stand in line!

        And for those of us in elementary school during the fifties:


        • Kalima says:

          Very progressive, I’m sure. Quite ridiculous when many of us made friends with people we met there that have carried over into our private lives, they are simply nuts and don’t deserve the respect they are trying to attain for themselves. Many of us know the truth about them, it’s too little too late. The cat’s out of the bag and running up the street.

          • bitohistory says:

            Morning Kalima. I wish you a Good Morning.

            • Kalima says:

              Good afternoon bito, I’m all over the place trying to get ready for the horsepital, no not a spelling mistake. After all the poking and prodding, that’s what I feel like when I’m done.

              Hope that things are alright with you. LOL, is this was Fluff and Stuff, we’d be pending without ending.

        • escribacat says:

          LOL. Would you like to share with the class what’s in that note?

  16. Obama20082012 says:

    What’s being Greek have to do with it? I am 50% Greek but 100% offended. Why does the media give Sarah Palin a place at the table? Why publish her ghost written op-ed peices? I am one progressive not disappointed in Obama. I am disappointed in Congress. And Markos from Daily Kos is not Greek he is Spanish, and who really cares? AH is in it for the money and it’s working. Maybe we should FORGET about her and move on.

    • nellie says:

      I think it’s a take on The Trojan Horse — “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.” But your point is well taken.

    • AdLib says:

      Your point about using “Greek” to describe her negatively is well taken.

      I would suggest though that most who have used that in their description of her, including me in the past and Marion in this case, are not intending it as a slam against all Greeks, just as those of us who described Bush using “Texan” in their negative descriptions were not condemning all Texans.

      When describing AH, her being Greek and speaking with an accent is honestly one of the basic defining things about her to many.

      So, though I agree with you that it is best to describe her without using her nationality as part of negative description, I don’t think any here have done so with any intention of insulting others of Greek heritage.

      Also, I do think she and HuffPo definitely should continue to be a topic of discussion here due to their ongoing attempts to instill division and disrupt the Progressive agenda.

      • Obama20082012 says:

        Anything for money in her case. The hysteria over at HP is sad. Provoking headlines to get clicks and it works. Then the battle of the progs and the trolls starts. It’s actually getting boring and I find myself spending less time there. I also think that AH plays up her accent. She hasn’t lived in Greece in decades there is no reason it should still be that thick. She has flipped flopped on politics more than once, whatever gets her in the news. Actually I wish she wasn’t Greek, but she surely knows how to make money like one! 🙂

  17. AdLib says:

    Well done, Marion! Welcome to The Planet, an auspicious debut here indeed!

    One valuable service The Planet can provide, since a great deal of its population are bloggers with proven cred at HuffPo, is to continue to announce with legitimacy that “The Empress has no clothes”.

    So many sites and MSM outlets and even Pres. Obama take on other media outlets such as Fox, CNN, ABC, WSJ, etc. but we are among the very few talking about the manipulation of the news and the Progressive community by The Huffington Post.

    And I see HuffPo as potentially the most corrosive of the lot. At least if you hear a bullshit headline on Fox, you instantly file it under “to be verified” (or flushed away as items with similar properties are).

    With HuffPo, many Progressives swallow the headlines and stories whole. A wolf in sheep’s clothing in the midst of a flock is far more dangerous than a wolf that approaches as itself.

    So, though the personal conflicts between bloggers and battles with trolls over at HuffPo are not desired to be a topic of conversation here, exposing the dishonesty and agenda-driven corruption that has taken over HuffPo is desired here.

    We can help get the truth out about this deceptive undermining of the Progressive agenda and we should do everything we can to accomplish that.

  18. nellie says:

    What a read, Marion! You really got me thinking differently about HP.

    And thank you for the Daily Kos link. What is very cunning — if not brilliant — about the anti-Obama criticisms from HP are the endless comparisons to George Bush that exaggerate insignificant or overarching similarieis in order to achieve a weird sort of guilt by association. Relying on the invocation of Bush to condemn, rather than a complete analysis or discussion of the facts. There’s a lot of that going on, and it depends on a shallow reading of policy and a disingenuous evasion of a real conversation.

    I like your comparison of Huffington to Murdoch — because HP is becoming a powerful political voice, whether we like it or not. Their editorial content is starting to appear in the Times, the Washington Post, and other legitimate outlets — which lends the site credibility.

    I’m always reluctant to get into HP because it is, in my view, only an aggregation site. But you make some very persuasive arguments that we should take the enterprise more seriously. And be sure to challenge its deceptions.

    P.S. Welcome to the Planet!

    • Marion says:

      Thank you. I’m a big fan of Bill Maher, and it dismays me that he’s one of her biggest ‘fans’. He’s an intelligent man, but lately, he’s buying into the Obama-is-like-Bush mantra. If he got away from her influence, Bill could go far as a pundit; but it’s too easy for him to be lazy and drink her koolaid. She masquerades also as an intellectual, with an MA from Cambridge. In the UK, at most universities, an MA is merely an upgrade from a BA degree, which you get by ‘paying’ for an upgraded diploma. Whoreanna buys success; she doesn’t achieve it. She is an intellectual lightweight. I guess Bill must have some self-esteem issues to be easily impressed by that one.

    • bitohistory says:

      Podesta and Center for American Progress like Shrub? What next Katrina vanden Huevel (The Nation) is a moderate? I.F., Izzy, Stone was just a reporter? Mother Jones once walked a picket line?

      • nellie says:

        What really irritates me about that comparison is that it softens the despicable tragedy that was the Bush Administration. NOTHING is like the Bush presidency. Nothing in history. Much less this administration.

        It’s such a wrongheaded comparison to make. Always ticks me off.

      • Chernynkaya says:

        That reminds me--

        I was watching the movie, “The General’s Daughter” on TeeVee a while ago and got a mild shock when I saw Katrina vanden Hueval in the movie, playing a CNN reporter. WTF?!

  19. Khirad says:


  20. Marion says:

    P S … Thank you ALL for the warm welcome.

  21. Marion says:

    Let’s put the ‘itch’ into the phoney bitch. She’s really 62 and NOT 59, as she claims -- but hey, I’ll allow her a Jack Benny moment.

    I just hate to see the fact that other people who should know better think she’s wonderful. I’m a big fan of Bill Maher’s, and I saw his show where he had Darryl Issa and Jack Kingston on with her. The two Repugs were all over Bill. He was genuinely gobsmacked and couldn’t reply. She came out as the later guest -- and he was expecting her to back up some of the arguments he couldn’t muster. Instead, she and Kingston went off on a tangent about something completely different, and Bill looked like the kid at the grown-ups’ table. To paraphrase HC, if I had a ‘friend’ like that, she wouldn’t be my friend anymore.

    The British know ALL about her and her blatant attempts to bully her way into the serious British political media. I remember her online campaign to get Bill Clinton impeached and her ‘close personal’ friendship with Newt.

  22. Kalima says:

    Well done, that is exactly how she has come across, especially since the start of the primaries last year. At first it seemed very subtle, then the blaring, intentional, troll inducing headlines started, I remember the number of times that goosebumps would appear on my arms.

    While claiming to fully support the candidate Obama and quite blatantly allowing HC bashing, HP began to highlight stories that would discredit Obama. A perfect example was the length of time she pushed the Rev. Wright fiasco, much longer than most msm networks, but surely just as long as Faux news. The next was taking Obama’s comment about people “clinging to their bibles and guns” totally out of context before he was forced by media challenge to explain his words. After this and several more hair raising headlines, I remember feeling an emptiness in the pit of my stomach each time I logged in there. I stayed until the GE, until the President was sworn in and visited less and less for reasons ranging from scrubbing, endless moderation, trolls gone toxic, tabloid style headlines, unfounded criticism of the President and finally for the banning of old posters who tried to state facts where none were welcomed or said what was on their minds about the path down which HP was heading. I didn’t make a song and dance, I know it would never have seen the light of day, a bunch of us just drifted away and found another place to blog.

    I never go there directly anymore, when I do, it’s because of favourite bloggers who have posted something new and this information lands via email in my inbox. AH is on this list, I have never bothered to take her off, I was happy to be rid of the place, it was dragging me down and sapping my energy. I check out her new posts with a growling deep in my chest, swear words forming on my lips and read her gradual descent into the person she is and has always been if we had been on guard at the times our hopes were overflowing for the election of a man who spoke of turning America around, of change.

    Now I read only lies, assumptions mixed with blatant shit stirring from a bitter woman who jumped on the Progressive bandwagon as a way to infiltrate and in her mind, own the internet Progressive blog market, when it started to take off and rake in the lolly, AH woke up every morning, sporting $ signs in her eye sockets and we who cared, really cared, were left to rot by the wayside, trampled underfoot on her path to imagined glory.

  23. PepeLepew says:

    Great post!

    Terrifying Photoshop job.

    The Joe Lieberman headline today “over there” is just the latest …

  24. bitohistory says:

    Good post Marion. I think I got the drift of what you are trying to say. My only question is: Why are you so shy about saying how you really feel? 🙂
    To quote Sue, “Wow, just Wow Marion”

  25. Chernynkaya says:

    Damn, Marion-- great post! I think you nailed it. I’ve been thinking much of the same myself after reading the incendiary headlines and the constant litany of complaints about every single thing Obama does on HP!

    And it riles up the Left successfully. There are few stories written by HP staffers that EVER mention any positive actions by this Administration and no attempts to discuss what is POSSIBLE-- only what hasn’t been done. There are some guest bloggers who are sensible, but they are not read by a wide audience there.

    For a long time, I saw HP as a Left-leaning site that would rally us, and even fairly criticize when Obama veered to the middle or the Right, but no longer. Now, I spend my time there trying to treason with some on the Left and to jeer those on the Right, and to try to interject some actual facts. It’s becoming a losing battle.

  26. escribacat says:

    Hey Marion. I am so glad you came! I read this on your blog. This is terrific stuff. Hang around, I think you’ll like it here. Nice picture too!

    • Chernynkaya says:

      Hiya, e’cat! I wrote to VP and got a sweet reply, and then I wrote a pretty long email but haven’t heard back. Have you? I am still concerned about her!

      • escribacat says:

        Cher, I am very happy to say we are in contact and just had another exchange this afternoon. I was really worried but feeling much better now. I am working on her to come over here and post her story. Thanks a lot … she told me she had received emails from several people including you and she really was surprised and so happy to get them.

  27. Questinia says:

    Plus she flirts shamelessly with Charlie Rose who seems to take the bait. Must be that Zsa Zsa Gabor type accent that has some untold effect on men to warrant multiple marriages. She is self-aggrandizing, and the best way to get the attention is to use false outrage and coquettishness.

    Arianna is a middle-brow Maureen O’Dowd without the sense of humor (apologies to Mo)

    Personally the only thing I allow to get my tits up is a fabulous satin bustier.

  28. SueInCa says:

    Wow, just Wow Marion. You so succinctly put in to words what I have been trying to formulate in my mind about the whoreacle. That site is so toxic now, I get irritated just looking at the headlines. I hope others get a clue. I still go there but bash the site in subtle ways in order not to be scrubbed.

    Great piece.

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