Hi all!

How many of you remember George Carlin? He was a great comedian and social commentator. I identified with him, and I miss him now.

George had a routine called “Stuff”. It’s one of his most popular bits, because most of us can identify with what he’s talking about. If you haven’t seen it, take 5 and watch it now:

A friend sent me a link today, to another video about Stuff. It’s called “The Story of Stuff”, by Annie Leonard. My first thought when I received the link, was to reply with the link to Carlin’s material above. I chuckled at that.

But I watched the video. It is impressive. It’s very simple; your kids could watch it. In fact, they SHOULD watch it. It’s straightforward, and cannot be written off as “opinion” or “propaganda”. We are familiar with the subject matter; we just never really assemble it in such a clear and concise way.

Please watch it now. I’m sure George would approve.
Go to StoryOfStuff.com and click “WATCH NOW”.

Thank you for taking the time. Hopefully you will enjoy the message and pass it on, as my friend did for me, and as I was compelled to do for you.

Have a good day today!

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born to a blue collar family, the only one to put himself through college in an attempt to elevate from his family's caste. (i made it one level up and i'm still in debt for it) i despise elitists, zealots, hypocrites, and liars. i have experienced that people like to make things grey, distorted. but the truth is, 90% of things are black and white, right or wrong. we know it, we just don't want to admit it, because most of the time, wrong is fun. but when your fun comes at the expense of the rights of others, it is too far. ask me and i will tell you straight every time.

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Pepe Lepew

I will never forget “a place for my stuff.” 🙂


LOVE Carlin– what a genius, and I don’t use that term lightly. Thank you for the much-needed laugh. and not just a laugh, but real food for thought.


Thank you Tyler-Durden. This is great “stuff” from Carlin! He was, no doubt, a comedic genius. I love his genuine and honest sense of humor.

It also reminded me of the time my husband accidentally left the garage door open “overnight”. It was late when he arrived at home, and he inadvertently, forgot to press the garage door button, before coming into the house.

Unfortunately, the next morning I woke up to find out, that someone had broken into my car — damaging the glove compartment — and, had stolen my favorite black leather jacket, which was in the backseat of my car. Argh!

When the Police Officer arrived to take his report, I mentioned to him that, “I was surprised that they (whoever ‘they’ were) had taken my leather jacket, but didn’t steal any of my Phantom of the Opera or Classical music cd’s, that were sitting — out in the open — on the front seat of my car. ”

The Officer responded, “Oh Mam, that’s no surprise. Car thieves, which were probably young teenagers — in your case — never take the good stuff.”

Thanks again, for sharing. I also forgot to say “welcome”. I haven’t seen your name before. But I haven’t a chance to read all posts, that are here today (yet).