LTTL reinstated. was on this a.m. as LeftWingBeagle

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Right. Javez,…now that you bring up the Biden thing…you may be onto AH…LOL~ Something to consider for sure. I sort of just glossed over that remark AH made because I knew already that HP was now nothing short of a rabid, tabloid-esque, ad generating prostitution of what it once was (…and I’d been with HP for about 2 years as well, Boomer)
I realize that as I grow older I become much more cynical of worldly intentions and less tolerant of capitalism and politics as it exists today. I think my views are reasonable and just, yet I am realizing that as time passes, my views and opinions seem to fade away into the crush of noise made by tea-baggers, birthers and the radical views of so many that drown out reason.
Maybe I’m just not relevant anymore….meh~….LOL


Rarest Patriot — “not so relevant?” No way. You and all progressives are creating a future. Perhaps it sounds sanctimonious, but I truly believe that if we do not overcome the primitive, narrow-minded, xenophobic, unevolved mentality of the right wing in this country — the USA is doomed. We must fight for green technology, social safety nets and diversity.


Hi TheRarestPatriot.

I’m not so certain AH is a radical Liberal, but think she is more of a rabid rightwinger in disguise.

I believe she is an opportunistic hack that saw the unraveling of the GOP, so she jumped on the Liberal bandwagon to get her name out there, but her true colors are showing.

The Biden should resign campaign marked the final days of my HP posting.

I also visit HP to read the entertainment section, but ignore the political articles that are so negative against the president and his administration.

The trolls have grown in number and take over threads with their nasty lies and if I want to read that sort of thing, I’ll visit Alex Jones or Fox Nation.

(oops, meant to reply to your post and not add a new one, but what the hey.)


The Biden thing set me off as well — big time. However, when I wrote my piece, I wasn’t deleted or banned; I was very surprised.

That said, it still turned me off to the entire organization and I took pause to seriously ponder headlines, lead-ins, teasers, etc. Started taking on too much of a tabloid look and that did it for me. I was so happy to find Planet and many of the same folks I grew to admire “over there.”


I will continue to read HP regularly. I will never again post there. I have been banned 3 times and have had enough along with so many others. HP will glean the posts for paid commentary and continue to simply be a link farm.
I knew the site was doomed when paid trolls were allowed to stir the pot to generate posts (ie: ad money) as opposed to remaining a relatively open discussion forum. Then when the banning began and post scrubbing, I knew I was finished with them. Then to top things off, AH has decided to become as radical a Lib personality as Palin is to the Right! Yes, …it’s all money….exposure is money….any press is GOOD press…yes, yes….I know…I know…

I don’t know what world I thought I lived on where the almighty dollar didn’t rule every action…..



I’m not sure how long you were around over there, but I jumped in 2 years ago. I must say that over the last several months the whole place has made a U-Turn from what drew me in to begin with.

I believe AH is far less hands on now than she was in the beginning. The face of the site is no longer her, but the minions now in charge. One can’t be running all over the country, granting interviews and opining, and tending the fire at home. Any family can ultimately suffer from neglect.

It’s a shame, but I believe it’s all about the $$$ and mirroring the awful tabloid mentality of much of our society.

Objective and subjective have entirely different definitions. It’s unfortunate they don’t know the difference over there.