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peacekitten On November - 24 - 2009

Banned 451

this will be a short one.

just to let everyone here know peacekitten has been banned from huffington post without so much as a warning or a cautionary email.  all i got was a lousy lightning bolt.

of course i am but one tiny fish in a pond that is filled with undeservedly banned posters.  but what begins to happen when this sort of practice is accepted without a fight is the chilling of free speech.  who is going to be willing to speak their mind, only to be silenced or punished in a childish manner?    soon, the cumulative effect is that our right to speak freely without fear of recrimination is taken without so much as a whimper, and our own mindset changes so subtly over time that we don’t even realize we are now a faceless part of the crowd.

trying to excuse it because it is a “private” website is not good enough.  it’s apologizing for hypocrisy, because it means that such a place is not willing to honor and stand for one of our most basic rights.  such a place has no right to try and garner the benefits of the public, only to hide behind their privacy when they are too scared to do the right thing.

such things are really much more complex than simply shrugging one’s shoulders, ignoring it and moving on.  eventually, those of us who will NOT conform will end up like the people at the end of “fahrenheit 451,”  who have to essentially become the books they are no longer allowed to read by walking around reciting them from memory.

free speech.  you either believe in it or you don’t.

it is really just that simple.

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  1. AlphaBitch says:

    Welcome to all the newbies! PK, they LOVE cats here! Read through a few blogs and see for yourself. Even as a “dog”, I feel loved here. Everyone is welcome.

    It’s great to be part of this. I was able to make one donation, and will ask for another as part of my Christmas wish-list! I want this site to kick ass (but in a nice way…)

  2. peacekitten says:

    hi everyone. thank you for such a warm welcome! it’s great to see a lot of old friends! i’ve missed you!

    and thanks for the incredibly cool graphic, KQ!

    free speech is such a lightning rod with me. i get so upset with people who would ban certain types of speech, and i will never forget the lessons my parents taught me about its value. i remember very clearly as a little girl, standing with my mother and father, both of them holding tightly on to my shoulders as a march of loud klansmen and neonazi types streamed past us, protected by police (i grew up in texas). my parents were so solemn, and the mob was so angry. i asked them why didn’t someone stop these people, because i didn’t understand why they so full of hate, even then.

    BOTH of my parents responded that under NO circumstances should these people be silenced, because the genuine test of truly free speech was the strength to allow ALL speech to be heard, even if it was something offensive, hateful and terrible. they told me that the only real way to take the power away from these people was to shine a bright light on them, bring them out in the open, and expose them for what they were. if the protection of free speech wasn’t strong enough to do that, they told me, then NONE of us has the right of truly free speech.

    when the crowd had moved past us, my parents were still grim faced, but they stuck to what they said. my father had laid his life on the line for that right, and my mother had lived her teenage years through a war that could have killed her and her whole family to protect a free society.

    the great thing about the truth is that it doesn’t change just because someone dislikes it.

    and thanks again everyone for being so kind! i’m really glad to see ALL of you here, and look forward to some real discussion!

    • AdLib says:

      Lucky girl, you sure scored with parents like that!

      On the flip side, think about the poor kid whose parents are Teabaggers, marching with signs portraying Obama as a Nazi.

      Poor kids, they’ve got a lot to overcome.

    • AlphaBitch says:

      Peacekitten: Where did you grow up? I grew up in Corpus Christi (or as I like to call it, Carcass Crispy).

      What noble, brave parents you had! Sounds like you were from East Texas??

      Don’t forget -- Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks are from Texas. Watch Shut Up and Sing about their own run in with freedom of speech issues.

      What’s that saying? She who laughs last, laughs loudest?

    • escribacat says:

      peacekitten--you had exceptional parents.

      • peacekitten says:

        i did, and am more thankful that i had them with every passing day.

        the only thing i wish they hadn’t done was leave me so soon. i miss them and have for a long time. but i wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

    • HITO says:

      “the great thing about the truth is that it doesn

  3. imusintheevening says:

    PK as you know I am shocked and disturbed, I’ve gone to bat for you by emailing in your defense, but everyone here knows that this may be just another indication that we need to spore off and establish our own rhizomorphs and mycelia of change in a better venue where individual fucking words are not judged but trolls are banished when they cross the line. PK you have always been a favorite to me so glad we have this alternative planet/universe that will only grow.

  4. FeloniousMonk says:

    Welcome Peacekitten! Just remember what Agent86 said a month or so ago, you aren’t somebody until you’ve been given the heave-ho at Huffington. BTW, Agent86 is here under another name.

    I remember the no notice -- no warning summary execution of myself. Obviously you too committed a crime against the state!

    May you live long and prosper here!

  5. Abbyrose86 says:

    HI Peacekitten….I heard about the BS from HP….it brought me here, I’m sure others will follow. YOU are a favorite!

  6. nellie says:

    Peacekitten, I hope we’ll see you here often. Likely as not, you’ll be reinstated at HP, but even if you are, I hope you’ll keep up w us at PPOV.

    • peacekitten says:

      even if they do, i’ll still do most of my serious writing here. i do so enjoy good substantive discussion, and there are so many important things that just go begging and need to be talked about, but mainstream media and huffpo won’t give them the time of day.

      • nellie says:

        So true. Ironic with so many more “information sources” out there, the sphere of the sane and sensible seems to get smaller and smaller.

    • HITO says:

      X 2, Nellie.

  7. WLA says:

    Welcome to the club, PK.


  8. HITO says:


    I just posted to McCantwell (again!) LooktotheLeft and Graceland the post “Where’s PeaceKitten? I know! Here: and then the wordpress link. All are welcome, we’re waiting for you.”

    Also posted it up at the top of the main.

    Each were scrubbed within 30 seconds. I tried. Maybe we’ll get some crossovers, as banning PK is sooooo stupid and hopefully they’ll realize it.

  9. Questinia says:

    Hey peacekitten! Such a long time we’ve shared blog space. How’s your music?

    I don’t go to HP anymore because none of the conversations get developed, as far as I can tell.

    Unlike the back and forth we had about consciousness, poop, fabric softener, and the pineal gland :)

  10. KQuark says:

    Welcome to the club PK. I put together a little graphic for you from an image I found to commemorate the honor.

  11. HITO says:

    Hello PK.

    Welcome to PPOV. You will be very happy here. Free speech, free thought, free exchange of ideas.

    Glad you are here. Frankly, you were the next one I was coming for…the other night I posted to you on HP “We should discuss things later”.

    Your situation will bring more posters over, as it reminds them all how wrong HP mods are. You banned, ridiculous! Don’t let it bother you. I killed (yes, you can write kill here) 4 of myselves a way back. It hurt, 10K comments as HeIsTheOne. But how much more wrong is it when they take it from you for no apparent reason.

    HP is just stupid now. I only go there to mess around with some socks. Perhaps you caught that vibe from me recently. I rarely post something relevant there anymore, unless the trolls get heavy like this afternoon and then I enjoy joining with Monk,Seek and Dey and letting it loose with nothing to lose. My real home is here now.


  12. escribacat says:

    peacekitten--Their ‘moderation’ policy can only be characterized as random and bizarre. I suspect it’s either drunken interns messing with people’s heads or a cat wandering across the keyboard. Their “banning” policy seems to derive from the same thoughtless, kneejerk, irrational place. Welcome to the United States of North Korea!

  13. KevenSeven says:

    Huff has a business model, and you and I do not fit in it.

    Sorry. I got nothing more. Except to say that we would be delighted to see more of you here.

  14. Kalima says:

    Although it is not my business, I have a hard time understanding why you stayed long enough to be banned by this bunch of tabloid producing hypocrites.

    I had seen it going on since 08 as I’m sure did too. Femi’s banning for no reason was the last straw for me. I left in April this year, knowing that with the amount of pending comments I had every time I posted there, knowing that soon I would lose my temper with their so called policy and the rules of use ignored by the trolls, I decided to stop posting before they had a chance to ban me and have never looked back.

    There is no freedom of speech on Huffington, there hasn’t been for years. Time to move on I think.

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