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AdLib On November - 22 - 2009

10,000 billA big thanks to all the members here for making this a remarkable month…and it’s not even over! We’ve only been officially open for business since August and we’ve already reached a pretty remarkable milestone! As of tonight, we have passed 10,000 comments posted on PlanetPOV! A total of 10,144 at the time of this posting!

I had to count backwards through the comments to discover who it was that posted the 10,000th comment and here is our winner, our 10,000th comment:

HITO says:
11/21/2009 at 6:30 PM

Vote accountability for your constituents, regardless of your electability going forward.

Otherwise, get an Amway territory.

A great comment for our 10,000th, congrats to HITO (the lifetime supply of Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat, is on its way!). Congrats too to all of our members who contributed the other 9,999 before this one and the many to follow!

This seems like a good time to invite you again to offer your thoughts and suggestions on how we can make this site better. We have made a number of additions and changes in response to your suggestions when we last asked, we know there’s a speed issue with posts when there are hundreds of comments (working on that now) but how else can we improve the site? Let us know!

Also, we want to get your opinion on the new features we’ve introduced over the last week so please vote below to let us know what you think about them.

Here’s a summary of each in case you’ve missed one or more:

  • Debate Night Live is a real time debate between two members on a meaningful issue.
  • The Weekly Planet is a real time, humorous and thoughtful round table where three members discuss the week’s biggest events.
  • Open Chat is a real time live chat that all members can join and follows, for a limited time, Debate Night Live and The Weekly Planet.
  • Morning Blog is a post that appears early morning each weekday for everyone who’s up early to chat about anything  or just say, “Good Morning!” to fellow members.

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This site is all about the community of members here, thanks for all of your support and all of your generous contributions of time, energy and conscience!

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Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. FeloniousMonk says:

    HITO: Incoming, tell me what you think!

    • HITO says:


      FYI, have to give Dreamers an instructional email that I promised him, and I have sat here writing for the last 1/2 hour. As indicated to you before, I will share with you. You could entitle it “Nubies’ Shift in Procedure and Habit on the Planet”. Or maybe “How to Break Some Bad Habits”.

      I really feel it would be helpful for the nubies here to understand how this site works, so they may enjoy it that much more. But I sincerely feel that takes a week of leaving PP up on your browser and jumping in and out.

      Be back asap. Thanks.

      • AdLib says:

        Just give him the link to the FAQ (at the top of the page), it gives the whole rundown on using and navigating the site, posting and commenting, etc.!

        Here it is:


      • FeloniousMonk says:

        Did you catch my offer to Dreamers today to carry him to the promised land if he gets raptured over there?

        • HITO says:

          No, I was distracted today. But I appreciate your offer. He’s a good guy, just confused, and I remember those times.

          He is close to being raptured. Guilt by association he is experiencing. Hence why I offered him the red or blue pill last night, as Morphius did in “The Matrix”.

          Replied to you BTW.

  2. FeloniousMonk says:

    24 November 2009
    Today’s Humorous Cartoon

    ” title=”Cagle.com” rel=”nofollow”>Email this Cartoon
    • HITO says:

      Great sentiment expressed by that drawing Monk. Jesus I hope we are not fucked in eternity going forward.

      Today’s news has not been good.

      • FeloniousMonk says:

        HITO: Considering how long it’s been, “fucked in eternity” sounds like a real positive improvement in my life.

        • HITO says:

          I didn’t mean “fucked” in a good way.

          Especially since we weren’t kissed first.

          I always like to be kissed before I am fucked.

          You think Geithner et al will kiss us first?

          I’m not optimistic.

    • javaz says:

      Very good and thank you for the much-needed laugh!
      The post about end-of-life decisions, even though a current and necessary topic that needs to be discussed, it’s depressing.

      I was wondering if it could be the health care reform debates going on now, or if it could be the holidays that makes so many of us remember those we’ve loved and lost.
      Maybe it’s both.

      • HITO says:

        Hello my friend…so good to see you!

        Missed you more than you can imagine.

        And am thrilled to see you back.

        The holiday’s enforced memories can be painful, very painful indeed. Shit always seems to happen around the most stressful time of year, with good reason.

        • javaz says:

          Hiya Hito!

          ((((((hugs)))))) and I missed you, too!

          Some times life calls and prevents blogging!

          Do you have plans for Thanksgiving?

          My husband is watching a movie about Hitler.
          Sheesh, talk about a cheerful holiday movie!

          • HITO says:

            And I forgot these ditties that are always fun this time of year:

            Life ends as it started…as an infant with great care needed.


            If I wanted any shit out of you, I’d squeeze your head. (that’s one of my favorites btw) NOT DIRECTED AT YOU! I think you get my drift.

            • FeloniousMonk says:

              HITO & BDM: The ultimate in truly anal putdowns is to tell someone that “I’d call you an asshole but everyone knows an asshole serves a useful purpose.”

            • BigDogMom says:

              My brother-in-law uses that one, LOL!

              For all his right leaning, Faux spewing propaganda, he’s really funny and is really a dear!

            • FeloniousMonk says:

              HITO: My favorite ones are more along the line of

              “If I wanted any shit from you, I’d unscrew your head and dip for it with a short spoon”

              or suggesting someone “doesn’t have the balls to be a Eunuch”

              or telling them that “self-strangulation via spincter muscle does not qualify as suicide”.

              But I’m just a gentle, sensitive person who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings at any time. You know that. :-)

            • HITO says:

              And I saw that banana boat posting to Gringo.

              Damn I miss GringoFloss!

              Another variation is warranted clearly Mr. Sensitive!

            • FeloniousMonk says:

              HITO: I did not bash AC, I merely suggested she acted like she just got off the boat and she got really upset. Almost like it was HIS time of month. Funny how GringoLingo jumped in on that one, too. As though they were “connected”.

              If you missed any, K saw more than a few of them today. I was working hard with that double bladed battle axe.

              Of course you can quote me, without credit, even.

            • BigDogMom says:

              LOL…Monk you are too much!

              I am definately copying these!!!!!

            • HITO says:

              LMAO…Mr. Sensitive Soul. That’s always how I think of you as you bash away on AC.

            • BigDogMom says:

              Hey HITO, I think I’m going to use the second ditty with my hubby when he get’s to be a bit much!


            • BigDogMom says:

              This is the second time around for me, and yes, I do like him a lot!

              We don’t argue, we discuss things in a heated manor and it’s always good to have the upper hand at times with a good comeback!

            • HITO says:

              Ha…you know my secret now! But be careful, you probably like your husband much more than I do mine. In fact I call him “X” with the hopes he will become just that very soon!

              That phrase is also an effective means of deflecting insults and rancor from trolls…but have to be careful the way you type it.

          • HITO says:

            LOL…maybe he should be watching that great KKK doc on history channel I saw awhile back!

            I am going down to NYC to have dinner with my parents, sister and brother and associated spouses on Thursday.

            My mother is stage 6 on Alzheimer’s scale, my dad will not let go, and he has enough problems with prostate of his own.

            We leave at the crack of dawn, travel 3 hours south and I should be home by 8pm. Kids (17 and 12) hate the trip, but this year, my daughter the 17 year old said she is happy to go….growing up maybe? You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.

            Hope you are well and healed. I am.


            • BigDogMom says:

              HITO, I see your going to NYC, we live 40 min. by train/car in southern CT…so are you a New Englander or Up State New Yorker?

            • HITO says:

              BDM…You I like.

              Having worked for those high-end snots for most of my career in Manhattan, I found your words spot on.

              “charge an aggravation fee”…too funny.

            • BigDogMom says:

              East Norwalk, three towns above Greenwich, can’t afford that town! That’s where all the big wigs live.

              The Jr. Wall Streeter’s live from Darien, North Stamford, Rowayton and of course E. Norwlk, up to Fairfield. All on the Metro North Line…

              But hey, they buy boats and have gardens designed, we just dismiss their obnoxious behavior with “Bless your heart” and charge an aggravation fee!

            • HITO says:

              hmmm 40 minutes…are you in or around Greenwich? Good for you!

            • HITO says:

              Born in Jackson Heights, Queens.

              First apartment that went co-op was in Forest Hills (lived there about 6 years).

              Moved to Mid-Hudson Valley near New Paltz in 1989.

              Couldn’t have kids in the city…too scary circa 92. And couldn’t afford a house down there.

              My parents paid $33K in 1966 for their house which is now worth over $1Mil. Crazy times indeed.

            • javaz says:

              The amazing thing about this movie -- it’s 2 DVDs and quite long and covers Hitler from the time he was a small boy -- when Hitler gives his speeches and riles up the crowds, it reminds me so much of the Republicans!
              It really is incredible!

              Yes, all is well and forgotten.

              We’re heading over to my sister-in-law’s about an hour or so away.
              Should be interesting.
              Then again, family gatherings always are!

            • HITO says:

              I am always happy to go anywhere someone else is making the turkey!

              Don’t even like turkey that much.

  3. nellie says:

    One more suggestion:

    What about a PPOV book club/book review/book discussion feature. I’m listening to Charles Gasparino discuss his new book — The Sellout: How Three Decades of Wall Street Greed and Government Mismanagement Destroyed the Global Financial System — on the Thom Hartmann Show, and it sounds interesting, even though I disagree with a lot of what he says.

    I was thinking a lot of us here might be interested in reading some of the same books.

  4. Mogamboguru says:

    Great feat, folks.

    And now for the 100 Grand, please.

    MY “Most Wanted”-feature would be a countdown-clock-gadget in absolute hours (“08:13:25 until the Weekly Planet/Debate Night/Morning Post aso. begins”) in a prominent spot on the frontpage, so that I don’t always have to have the difference between PT and CET in mind.

    (This is, because I have managed to miss both the Weekly Planet as well as the Debate Night TWICE already, when I miscalculated the difference in time zones!)

    I bet, Kalima would also pay Gold for such a contdown-clock! 😎

  5. SeeknDestroy says:

    Congratulations HITO!
    Spanish Rice for everyone!
    Doctored with hamburger,spices and Tabasco sauce,of course….

  6. nellie says:

    Thanks for the news, AdLib. And a big thank you for PPOV. There was absolutely nowhere else to be yesterday as the Senate debate unfolded. This place was sane, civil, informative, and entertaining. It made sitting through hours and hours of GOP talking points bearable. And made the successful vote that much more rewarding.

    60 votes!!

    As for features, the main one I might like is a Letter to the Editor session — where we jointly compose a letter we can send to local newspapers on a particular topic. Then, anyone who wants to mail it to their local paper can do that. Organizations are always emailing me to write letters to the editor, but it’s such a major task. Maybe if we work on one together, it might be fun.

    We could also do email campaigns, letter writing to congress — kind of a spread the word feature.

    Rachel Maddow used to do a feature on her radio show about news that was buried. It might be fun for people to post to the same thread stories they’ve come across during the week that didn’t get the exposure they deserved.

    I love Stephen Colbert’s “Better know a district” feature. Could we do that with members here and their districts — what’s their representation like, who’s their congressperson, who’s the senator, any inside stories?

    Those are just my random thoughts.

    P.S. I love the Morning Thread — I wish I could wake up early enough to join in.

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks for your very appreciated props about this being the place to be for yesterday’s Senate debate, very appreciated!

      Great suggestions too! So, as for the letter to The Editor or petitions we can sign and send, perhaps you were thinking of something like this:


      Is that service or what?

      Heh, actually, I’ve had this function since the outset, it was always part of the plan to give a strong and activist voice to this community on issues.

      As to the other features you suggested, really like them. Let’s discuss how to implement them.

      • nellie says:

        Wow, that is service, for sure!

        I love that idea, especially for petitions that we can circulate to other formats (like facebook).

        Letters to the editor might be more effective — and some papers will only accept and publish — if signed by one person willing to give a name, address, and contact info. I would be more than willing to send letters to the L.A. Times or the Daily News knowing they had been worked on and vetted here.

        I”m glad you like the other suggestions.

  7. HITO says:

    Congrats to the founders and keepers of the Planet who work hard to give us a place to go and feel relevant.

    I am very happy to be here.

    (Adlib…thanks for the San Francisco treat!)

  8. Kalima says:

    wts: I did, it was the first thing my hubby ever taught me in Japanese. 😆

    Cheers to Hito and cheers to all of you for contributing so many thoughtful comments and posts. Next stop, 20,000?

    Thank you for making this Planet a thriving community, it’s so much fun to be here every day.

  9. whatsthatsound says:

    I think my comments have only accounted for about 0.5% of the total, but it looks like I’m the first to congratulate you, AdLib (and all others who work so hard on this site)!

    Itchy Man! (probably only Kalima will get the “joke”)

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