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AdLib On November - 4 - 2009

PPOV Founding Fathers - AuntieChrist

UPDATE: I had to share this wonderfully clever artwork from the ever-creative and very talented AuntieChrist! Cheers and props, brutha!

Hello all!

Our 2nd HuffNo Friday is approaching, big thanks to KevenSeven for getting the ball rolling and being such a great organizer and advocate of it.

Again, the dual purpose is to both make a statement that has some impact on HuffPo about their conduct at their site and towards their members…while at the same time, arrange an entertaining evening here to have a little fun and recharge after discussing so many intense issues all week.

The more the merrier so we do want to invite as many folks from HuffPo and elsewhere to join us. So, a couple of practical matters first.

1. Those who wish to participate (this is totally optional, please don’t feel obligated) can observe HuffNo Friday by going to HuffPo on Thursday to invite people  throughout the day to join us Friday night at PlanetPOV . We will then boycott HuffPo beginning at 9pm PST on Thursday night and officially ending at 11:59 pm PST Friday night.

Meanwhile, right here on Friday night we’ll have a Music thread, an issue thread and maybe we’ll give the Live Chat a whirl. We’ve got some other ideas to keep developing HuffNo Friday into a more and more entertaining evening here.

Our music thread alone should be a good incentive to HuffPo folks to come on over since you can post the actual videos in your comments. Not to mention the troll-free environment and moderation-free posting.

2. As I’ve mentioned, HuffPo has blacklisted our URL so there are four ways you can refer people here:

a. You can instead include a link in your post at HuffPo to our referral site: http://planetpov.wordpress.com/ which gives them a link to click to come to The Planet.

b. You can put a space between “planet” and “pov” in the regular URL and tell folks to paste it into their browser then remove the space ( http://planet pov.com)

c.  You can update your Profile at HuffPo, include a line inviting people to join you at http://planetpov.com/ then invite HuffPo members and tell them to check your profile for the site info.

d. You can invite people and tell them to Google “planetpov” to get here.

Again, boycotting HuffPo on Friday is 100% optional. We know that going cold turkey is difficult so if you can’t kick HuffPo on your own, we can recommend a methadone clinic in your neighborhood.

One more base to touch now (unless the Yankees throw me out) is describing some of many ways we can continue to build our community here at The Planet from other directions than HuffPo.

To begin, I’d like to quote a comment by javaz today which really meant a lot to me and no doubt the other co-founders of The Planet:


Off topic, but I am writing people in my life, and telling them to visit this site.
It’s selfish on my part, because I am telling my friends and loved ones that I’ve finally been published!
I’ll do anything because I want to see this site succeed, and see it flourish.
We are the anti-HP, and a true liberal site.
Freedom of speech and freedom of expression lives here on Planet POV!

Speaking for all the founders of The Planet, I have to say how wonderful and humbled we feel at reading javaz’s sentiment, not to mention the many other kind words and thoughts expressed by other members about what we’re doing here and the very generous donations already made by members and readers alike to keep The Planet in orbit.

We envisioned The Planet to be a place that was a reflection and expression of the membership. The larger we can build our community here, the more our freely expressed words and thoughts can have an impact.

javaz’s point was very resonant, The Planet is indeed here to be your publisher of whatever thoughtful articles and ideas you want published and read around the world (we have people from 30 countries visiting our site). Don’t be shy about sharing links to your articles with friends, family and colleagues and invite them to share their thoughts here as well.

There are several other ways that you can help spread the word and help build your audience and the community here at The Planet:

1. Click on Favorite and networking icons below articles.

Below each article are a string of icons and links that can connect an article to Facebook, Digg, Twitter, etc. If you really like an article, please consider clicking on one or more of these to help promote that article around the internet. You can do this with your own articles as well. There is also an Email option there that allows you to quickly and easily email any article to whoever you think might appreciate it.

To do some of these things, you will need to set up accounts with each service. If you don’t already have Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts, it’s pretty quick and easy to create your own account.

2. Network with PlanetPOV.

Okay, we’re all pretty annoyed with HuffPo shoving its Facebook social networking down our throats over there. But the reason they’re doing it is that they obviously think it will greatly increase their popularity.

So, in an as-unobnoxious-as-possible way, I do reservedly suggest that you consider becoming our friend on Facebook. Our account is named, “Adlib Planetpov” and many of our articles post there which will then be shared with your friends and so on and so on…

We also have a Digg account and a Twitter account under “PlanetPOV” which you can network with.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough time in the day nor workforce for us to update all of these services all the time, we’ll get there (volunteers are welcome, just email me if you’d like to help), but your networking with us would be a great step in helping build awareness of our site and articles.

3. Feel free to post excerpts of your own articles and links to them at other  progressive blogs.

I found this to be very effective, post an excerpt of your article at HuffPo, include the link with the space between “planet” and “pov” and instructions to remove the space and if you’ve whetted people’s appetite with your excerpt, you can turn them into readers of your entire article at The Planet.

DailyKos is another great place to do this and they don’t censor like HuffPo (I really like DailyKos though I’m not as crazy about the layout there) and there are a number of other progressive blogs where you can leave comments and link back to your or someone else’s article at The Planet.

This is all synergistic, HuffNo Friday, making The Planet an enlighting, satisfying and entertaining place, building up the site and its membership…it’s all about establishing a growing and genuine citizen’s think tank where the thoughts and opinions of real people can be given the kind of weight and attention they deserve in a democracy.

The corporations, billionaires, Religious Right…all these fractions of the population get their voices heard and use that to politically press their agendas on the majority, the voices of real people should be heard at least as loudly.

That’s what we accomplished just over one year ago today by electing Barack Obama as President. It’s now clear that Huffington Post and other fair weather friends of Pres. Obama and the Progressive Movement won’t be standing behind both. With your support, even if it’s in a small way, we can continue to stand together for our principles as a strong and growing community.

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Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. AdLib says:

    Just wanted to make the 500th post on this thread.

    Go on about your business now, nothing to see here.

  2. deygirl says:

    Monk-- You were talking about people staying away from this site because of loyalty to certain other coolkid posters.

    I am the problem, am I not?

  3. KarateKid says:

    Just wanted to report in that I had encounters today with Gringo in the morning and flossy this evening and called them by their opposite sock; they both wimped out and quickly disappeared. Flossy said Gringo was his buddy, but it was too late. We all let him have it and he went…poof.

    HP is trying to take back the main, scrubbing away all our songs so we moved. It was a boring one, anyway.

    I had it out pretty good with the trolls in the teabag sites, what a catharsis and a good way to make a work day go faster. But, the afternoon was dreadfully slow.

    What happened to the site? I tried all day.

  4. javaz says:

    Okay, let me try this again, and if this post went through before I crashed, I apologize.

    We do not have access to DSL, and we are frugal people, so we do not pay for cable or satellite, so we are on dialup, and it’s really slow with all the traffic.

    Hito got the answer -- Simon and Garfunkel.

    Unknown soldier wrote an excellent post and I do not think that I am alone in welcoming him/her and hoping he/she authors an article here on the Planet.

    To BigDogMom -- the people who owned that pit bull that attacked our beloved cock-a-poo have moved in the middle of the night.

    I promise that I will not post again tonight since my server cannot keep up, but I’ll be here and reading whatever you all write.

    • HITO says:

      Joan, I’m missing you already, but happy you will continue to read.

      Thanks for the beer, kind words, and for the promise that I’ll see you tomorrow.

      BTW, It’s Kris.

      • HITO says:

        Say what! I’m confused. Was happy you shared your given name…and a fine one it is. One of my best friends in HS was “javaz”. Of the arc fame, mighty and fierce, just what we need.

        Sorry this took too long. And again, thanks for the chilled mugs and beer and back chair.

        Have one of those hot patches in place on my neck. Herniated C4-C5-C6.

        Javaz, I hope we’re cool.

        • Kalima says:

          Sorry to butt in, just wanted to say that I’m very familiar with your pain. Be careful not to overdo it on your computer, I sometimes have to stop for about 20 minutes to take the strain off my neck.

          Be better soon and take care, it’s no fun.

      • Kalima says:

        Well how odd, here too or rather Kris is an abbreviation of mine.

        Kris meets Kris!

        Actually I have to laugh when KarateKid signs KK because those are my initials.

      • nellie says:

        May I butt in just to say Joan Baez, Joan Fontaine, Joan Cusak, Joan of Arc. Cool people are named Joan. My favorite teacher was named Joan — she looked like Cher and rode a motorcycle to school every day. Sometimes she’d drive in with her Afghanhound, Veruska.

  5. KevenSeven says:

    OK, I have shut down Huff an will not go back until Sat. (I was late getting home and wanted to see if there were any others that I wanted to invite).

    I have a good feeling about tomorrow. I think most of y’all are going to boycott Huff, and that makes an old man happy. If we maintain this development curve, three weeks from now we will have shot a hole right thru the middle of Huff.

    Enjoy Friday at the Planet, and I hope to have a column for you that you will find interesting. Off to sleep for me, good night.

  6. MikaS says:

    Hi guys! Anyone still awake?

  7. SeeknDestroy says:

    I have several new sites to check out, as I have bookmarked all of them.
    Thanks again folks, I appreciate your help.

    BTW, This place rocks…Brilliant…

  8. AuntieChrist says:

    ” width=”540″ height=”360″ alt=”ACO1″ />

  9. SeeknDestroy says:

    Hello all.
    I’d like some suggestions for political and news sites.
    I already visit sites like Firedoglake, Boing Boing, AMERICAblog, Thruthdig,Crooks and Liars, and Think Progress.
    I sometimes check out AP, and Reuters.
    Any suggestions would be very helpful.
    Thank you.

  10. Kalima says:

    Don’t forget, the official boycott starts in less than 15 minutes PST at 9 pm.

  11. PepeLepew says:

    You know, I noticed something. Last week was a lot of bashing Arianna and HuffPost in general. This week is a lot of bashing the trolls who have infected those forums. It must all be part of the catharsis.

  12. KarateKid says:

    OK, been working on the invites. MikaS, BigAl72, Tanzanite Diamonds, JM Brodie.

    Has anyone invited mcantwell, probo, ZB ? Has Sharp Dressd man been here? How about OffTopic1 (I know his current sock but it’s not as easy to type cpfft something)?

    MikaS has told me she’ll come here tomorrow.

    • PatsyT says:

      Does anyone know where AtomicSplash has been?

      • FeloniousMonk says:

        Did you miss that he was banned? I know others here know the full story. He was part of the purge the last couple of weeks of the “troublemakers”.

        I also saw today that YahWeh is back with a new sock. I didn’t figure out why he was busted.

        • SeeknDestroy says:

          Yehweh posts like he’s bipolar. He can be hysterical one minute, and quite offensive the next. He also curses constantly and calls people “retards”. I’m far from PC, but he gets away with murder, and I get raptured for saying..’per usual,the GOP have little to nothing.Typical”….
          Go figure…

          • PepeLepew says:

            I can’t help it. I sorta like him. He *is* funny.
            He’s really rigid about single-payer, though. Criticizes Obama pretty harshly as a failure because there’s no single-payer. I agree with his general sentiment, but not with his criticism. I’m grown up enough to know politics isn’t that black and white; it isn’t that simple. Single-payer wasn’t in the cards. The votes weren’t there in Congress.

            • SeeknDestroy says:

              I wish I didn’t kinda like him.
              Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. He is very funny, then he bashes someone I like.

        • PatsyT says:

          Atomic banned?
          I get busy with my kids
          so I have missed quite a few things.
          Say, how can I get a pic in the Avi?
          Wouldn’t it be cool if they could be animated?

          • KevenSeven says:

            Yes, Atomic was banned. And I was banned for demanding that he be reinstated.

            • PatsyT says:

              Well I tend to be low key over there, most of the time, but I was banned for 24hrs for being on the same page as Hume and Probo going after that plastic baby. I had made a few remarks but they really went for it and it really was very funny before it got the scrub. That baby coyote thing is toxic.

            • PepeLepew says:

              I was once banned — I kid you not — for an hour because I said I was having “queso soup” for lunch. I think AC narced on me, claiming I was being racist.

            • SeeknDestroy says:


    • KQuark says:

      MikaS has an account but you can remind her.

    • deygirl says:

      begabug, chasethis, onefluoverthecuckoosnest, ponderous?

      It would be a hoot to get paul peete.

    • escribacat says:

      OffTopic was posting here last week I think. I recently invited BeachChick and onwardsandupwards and I think chasethis.

      • KarateKid says:

        Sharp Dressed Man knows of the site; told me he would come here sometime. Told Disuberance, he told me he’s been here.

        Carrie Antigua? Has anyone invited her?

    • PepeLepew says:

      Big Al!
      Sharp Dressed Man is great. He (?) and I spend a lot of time tag-teaming on the social issues threads. I think we both tend to run away from the banking and Afghanistan threads.

  13. BigDogMom says:

    Well kids, that’s it for me tonight..goodnight, have a pleasant evening or day, wherever you are in this good world..peace.

  14. FeloniousMonk says:

    AC was on HP yesterday commenting in the Deeds election article.

    Maybe she’s too busy lurking here watching us impinge her “honor” to be on HP that much.

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