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LuluMay On September - 5 - 2009

20080828__US-NEWS-CVN-DEMOCRATS-91-MC~p1I was at the speech Obama gave in Denver when he accepted the Dem nom. There was a moment in the speech when he said VERY loudly & FIRMLY: “ENOUGH!”. It stunned the crowd of 91k. We’d never heard him use that tone or that force. I don’t know how it read on TV but in person it was VERY powerful & the crowd went wild.

Let me tell you – when the man gets pissed he gets PISSED. It’s no joke.

That is what he needs to do at the Sept 9th speech. Actually, he should just go to the podium & yell:


Then he can turn around, leave & pass the HCR he WANTS.

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  1. KQuark says:

    Welcome aboard!

    I agree 100%. I was thinking he really needs to be firm and take over the healthcare debate. The ENOUGH speech would strike that perfect tone.

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