For me there is nothing more tedious than a jingoistic expression of pride in America.    The less often one needs to say that America is the greatest nation ever, the more likely it is to be true.

Now I need to figure out how to insert a photo…..

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KQµårk 死神

This is one subject I would love to debate with conservatives as long as we can get some on board that are not trolls.

KQµårk 死神

BINGO! You hit one of my major pet peeves. American Exceptionalism is an excuse used by people to NOT live up to our principles. Anyone who can say we are an exceptional given our history of slavery, genocide and warmongering is completely full of shit.

When we are humble and live up to our principles we show glimmers of greatness like landing man on the moon and elect the first non-white person in the Western world. I believe we deserve the credit when we do act up to our principles. But we are a very imperfect nation just like any other nation I might add.


It’s like the guys who always brag about getting laid, they’re always the ones who get it the least.

It’s insecurity and inauthentic to have to insist on something that should be self-apparent.


This is a problem that I have with some in America too although it was once the truth, it no longer is.

Good luck with the photo business, it took an arm and a leg to get one to show, then I managed 2, don’t ask me how?

A man is invited to a fancy dress party, he has no idea what to wear. After a few hours checking and desolate, he opens a dresser draw and finds an old pack of condoms, he takes off all his clothes, puts a condom on his nose and goes to the party. The hostess opens the door, shocked but good mannered she asks, “Oh my and what did you came as?”

Naked guy replies, “Fuck knows, cos I don’t know.”

KQµårk 死神

I hate to admit that even Democrats have been part of the problem in the past. It was LBJ that got us involved in Vietnam which was an unmitigated disaster. It was Clinton that helped lead to the financial crisis by deregulating banks, signed draconian welfare reform into law, escalated the stupid drug war and started the process of extraordinary renditions. It was the Dems that never sought to impeach Bush for war crimes after many of the same congresspeople allowed Republicans to steamroll the impeachment of Clinton for a BJ.

Even great presidents like FDR made mistakes and put Japanese Americans in interment camps during WWII.

Like I said in an earlier post we have done great things other nations have not done as a culture but we have made our share of mistakes as well.