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Posted by AdLib On Apr - 17 - 2014 26 COMMENTS
Parker from central Idaho aims his weapon from a bridge as protesters gather by the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville

It is hard to decide what is more horrible, that a major news network would rally for a mass shooting of law enforcement officers and citizens or that Right Wingers were literally giddy at the opportunity to “begin the revolution” by wanting to kill police in order to steal land and violate laws.

Posted by SallyT On Apr - 6 - 2014 1 COMMENT

Aren’t April Fool’s Jokes suppose to be followed with, “Just kidding! April Fools!”? Did someone forget to tell the Supreme Court? There is a deafening of ink to checkbook among the Billionaires getting in on the bargain basement sales of Congressmen. Well, at least the President’s ACA surpassed it’s goal in enrollment. The GOP is in shock but treatment is covered by Obamacare. Cartoons on these subjects and more. ENJOY!!

Posted by AdLib On Feb - 19 - 2014 15 COMMENTS
Banksy's "The Banality of the Banality of Evil"

Those who have propagated bigotry and hatred for profit like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have so saturated society with it, that people who join that horrible chorus feel that they are just doing the normal thing.

Posted by AdLib On Jan - 20 - 2014 29 COMMENTS

The courage and commitment to conscience Martin Luther King demonstrated resonates forward through us as a people and our nation’s history.

Posted by AdLib On Jan - 6 - 2014 45 COMMENTS
freezing weather

Human beings are incredibly adaptable which has been a boon but this is one of those times we shouldn’t be simply acclimating to the destruction Climate Change is bringing, we need to become active in slowing it down and trying to reverse it.

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 17 - 2013 38 COMMENTS
we are worth more

What if there was one vote that could be held, one campaign that could be focused on to pass one law that if passed, could help with many of our most serious problems? There is…

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Dec - 14 - 2013 32 COMMENTS
And the skies are still weeping.

Yesterday’s shooting at a school in Colorado and the daily shootings at the nation’s schools, in our streets and in our homes should be instructing us and yet we continue to ignore the lesson.

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 11 - 2013 978 COMMENTS
Huffington Post Spy

This week, Huffington Post betrayed their membership and their tentative promise to respect the anonymity of their current members by now requiring ALL members to provide verification of their personal identity if they want to post at the site.

Posted by SallyT On Nov - 3 - 2013 21 COMMENTS

Are you all rested after you fell back an hour? Be glad it was only an hour and not the 100 years the Republicans have been trying to turn back time. An hour back and a year forward for me. It’s my Birthday Today! I’m back to where age is something to celebrate. Right up there with 16 and 21! Yes, every year after 60 is something to shout about. Well, in my book anyway. So I started the day an hour later with, “Keep your hands off my Social Security and Medicare!” It will be a happy one if you take time to read the funnies, laugh and smile. I have some favorites! Hope you will, too. ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Oct - 13 - 2013 18 COMMENTS

In 14 hundred and 92, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 14 hundred and 93, Columbus sailed the deep blue sea. In 20 and 13, the Republicans drilled holes in the boat because they believe it can still float as long as the rest of us bail water. News for the GOP, your polls have sunk! ENJOY the funnies!

Posted by SallyT On Oct - 6 - 2013 14 COMMENTS

  Well, the government may be shutdown but not the funnies!  Get a full cup of coffee because there are a lot of them.  I have never had so many favorites.  I hope you can say the same after your tour.   ENJOY!!   This is first on the list […]

Posted by SallyT On Sep - 29 - 2013 3 COMMENTS

I hope you haven’t had breakfast, yet. Because there is enough green eggs and ham to go around! Only Cruz and the Tea Party could miss the true meaning of Dr. Seuss’ story…….try it, you might like it! You are sure to find something you’ll like in the funnies. ENJOY!

Posted by SallyT On Sep - 22 - 2013 6 COMMENTS

We don’t want to go to war, we do not want to invade or interfere in another country’s civil war, and we need proof that chemical weapons were used and by whom. At home, we can get a gun, kill, and no one needs a background check in owning weapons of mass destruction. See the irony in this? Well, the funnies are full of opinions. ENJOY!

Posted by SallyT On Sep - 15 - 2013 2 COMMENTS

I think I have heard the President walking around the White House singing a song by Clash, “Should I Stay or Should I go?” We all wait to find the answer on Syria but the cartoonist have some ideas. Lots from around the world. And, as for the GOP they are “Blowing in the Wind” Or Blowing Wind. Anyway, they don’t know if they should scratch their watches or whined their butts. To all of you here, Peace and ENJOY!

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