The Weekend Music Thread-Come Rain or Come Shine

Welcome Planet folks to yet another Weekend Music Thread. I offer a hardy and warm welcome to any newcomers that may find their way here this weekend. I suspect, that if you’re here, you must be music lovers, so sit back and enjoy the picks of others, or post your favorite picks yourself.

With this crazy Spring we’re having, there has been lots of rain and lots of sunshine. As life itself often goes, there’s lots of sunny times and lots of rainy days.
My wish is that no matter the weather, we can have joy and success in our lives. Come rain or come shine, we will continue to move ahead and remain decent, caring folks. So pick your favorites and have some fun doing so, or just sit back and enjoy, and don’t forget to smile while you’re at it! ;)

  1. As some of you may have guessed, I live for music…it’s so much of my being, of my soul, and has been for over half a century.

    Music can still move me to tears, especially live performances. In any case, some music just cries out to my soul. I have two versions of this piece, one for the beauty of a Carlos Santana (who I had the honor of having a half-hour conversation with at a restaurant here in Chicago while he was waiting for the rest of his party) arrangement, the other for a son honoring his father’s musical legacy: