The Weekend Music Thread-A Tribute To Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a truly remarkable man. Remarkable was his inner strength, remarkable was his humility, remarkable were his struggles and remarkable were his triumphs. Imprisoned for 27 years by a racist regime, for the crime of trying to unite the races and bring dignity and equality and freedom to an oppressed people. Twenty seven long hard years as a prisoner did not take away his dignity or compassion for others. This remarkable man would not be cowed by racists and their racist government. This man did more than anybody I know of, to rid his country of the chains of apartheid.

This tribute offers many, many choices of songs that speak to this man’s greatness, peace, equality, freedom and dignity. A true peaceful warrior that is too rare in any age or society.

Richie Havens – Freedom

Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers To Cross

It’s Alright Ma (Im Only Bleeding)

Cassandra Wilson – Redemption Song

Gil Scott -Heron, Work For Peace