Weekend Music Thread – Hit the Road Mitt

The election is just three days away and a preponderance of polls and early voting makes it more likely than not that President Obama will win re-election. Assuming that turns out to be the case, there are just three more days of having to look at and hear from Mitt Romney so this weekend’s music theme is a farewell to harms…and lies and plutocracy…goodbye Mitt, we hardly knew ya…but then that’s unavoidable with you.

So, offer up your songs of adieu to Mitt, whatever farewells speak for you in bidding him a nice trip and an early Fall.

Hit the Road Jack – Ray Charles

Goodbye to You – Scandal

The End – The Doors

Beat It – Michael Jackson

End of the Line – Traveling Wilburys

Good Riddance – Green Day

  1. Okay, this is not for Romney but for President Obama and VP Biden and all the other Democrats running their races across the country. Keep those leads!! And, to those Repugs, this songs for you!