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AdLib On November - 12 - 2011

This weekend’s music thread is a tribute to all of our wonderful and loving pets and all other animals we live together with on this planet.

Calling someone an “animal” is seen as an insult but there are some animals that are far better people than many human beings out there.

The songs you choose could be about pets, animals or could just be songs that express how you feel about that special furry or feathery family member of yours.

These first three songs go out to my best friend and her ever-wagging tail:

You’re My Best Friend – Queen

Seamus – Pink Floyd

Old King – Neil Young

Apeman – The Kinks

Bungle in the Jungle – Jethro Tull

Stray Cat Strut – The Stray Cats

Send your pet a little love or play a little music to soothe the savage beasts.

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Written by AdLib

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