Friday Music Thread— April Fool.

Fools Day Friday has me feeling eclectic and a bit like fooling around with today’s theme.  So many styles and variations to listen to and you just listens to only one?

What is your favorite set of styles? Jazz, Rock, Blues, Chamber, Roots….. Your pick.

Rolling Stones2120 South Michigan Avenue

Now this is completely foolish.
Ricky Nelson Sings Fools Rush In


Zagreb Chamber Music Festival: Smetana Piano Trio – 1st mov.


Pick a set and have a happy Friendly-Foolish-Friday.

  1. I’ll put this up here.

    A couple of the most famous drum salutes in pipe drumming

    Alex Duthart -- the legend (the myth goes that on Johnny Carson, Buddy Rich brought up his name out of nowhere as a drummer better than him -- who could do things on one drum he couldn’t with his whole kit)

    Shotts and Dykehead Caledonian Pipe Band (with Jim Kilpatrick) -- it gets really good a few minutes in.

    Interestingly enough, Truth, the rudiments for pipe drumming come from Basel drumming -- including the famous “Swiss windmills”.

    While these guys are renegades from the Fasnacht tradition, they come from it and are quite the item -- their sticks are on fire… no, literally!

    I’ll get to tabla legends some other time. ;-)

    Here’s one.

    Buddy Rich and Allah Rakha -- Rangeela

    • Here’s some more drumming for you, Khirad:

      These drums are played at the “Basler Fasnacht”, the 3-day carnival of my home town. There are lots of performances before and after the Fasnacht, and here is one of them:

      and some more:

      And there is some totally different drumming, The Japanese “Kodo”:

      And in another change of culture, yet we’re still talking percussion: Zakir Hussain and Erik Harland:

      ***Edit: Here’s yet another Jim Kilpatrik. That guy is just unbelievable!