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Posted by atdnext On Nov - 27 - 2011 4 COMMENTS

Lately, there’s been plenty of talk on how President Obama can win reelection next year. Pundits wonder about how he can escape the same geographic dilemma that did in Al Gore’s and John Kerry’s respective campaigns. What most don’t seem to understand is that the answer is staring them right […]

Posted by atdnext On Nov - 18 - 2011 6 COMMENTS

We’ve heard plenty about what may have happened when Occupy Las Vegas moved Downtown yesterday. I wanted to share with you what I thought was the most poignant part, which was the part that did not receive all that much media attention. Take a look at the video above… And […]

Posted by atdnext On Nov - 8 - 2011 12 COMMENTS

It also helps that The White House has finally been succeeding in honing in on a strong economic message. Obama has had to figure out how to get past the obstructionist Congress to deliver his message directly to the American people. He’s had to deliver his own message while also allowing Americans to realize who his Republican opponents really are.

Posted by atdnext On Sep - 25 - 2011 21 COMMENTS

Last week, I was here in Las Vegas to celebrate the end of DADT. Once (and hopefully future) Congresswoman Dina Titus discussed what happened in the last session of Congress to make this happen, and representatives from Harry Reid‘s office and Shelley Berkley’s office were also on hand to share […]

Posted by atdnext On Sep - 20 - 2011 7 COMMENTS

This was the scene outside Dean Heller’s Las Vegas office today. While Senator Dean Heller (R-“Tea Party”) continues to oppose anything he considers “not good enough“, meaning not painful enough for working class Nevadans, our country faces deep problems. This isn’t the first time Heller has felt the heat from […]

Posted by ADONAI On Aug - 22 - 2011 18 COMMENTS

When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat. George Carlin This is a short story set in America in the year 2030. President for life, Rick Perry has established Christian law in the country and rules […]

Posted by whatsthatsound On Jul - 18 - 2011 55 COMMENTS

Where the dogs go on with their doggy life and the torturer’s horse Scratches its innocent behind on a tree. – Auden St Francis of Assissi had, to be sure, an odd relationship with his body. As a strict ascetic, he considered it of utmost importance not to give in […]

Posted by 2ndClassCitizenPundit On Jul - 16 - 2011 10 COMMENTS

What happens when a homeless couple shows up at a homeless shelter? The policies and procedures will punish them for their audacity, and rightfully so.

Posted by pop gondola On Jun - 12 - 2011 9 COMMENTS

          No Welcome in Hell Burn Till skin is crisp I want you to know my soul Under your feet As you march I want cacophonous wails And speed of fright A skull ripped from a seam I want you to hear Munch’s silent scream Angry […]

Posted by Caru On May - 5 - 2011 44 COMMENTS

A little nugget of Anglo-Irish history.

Posted by SequimBob2 On Mar - 24 - 2011 9 COMMENTS

WARNING: This post is rated SSA for Serious Snark Alert. Its content may not be suitable for those of a right-wing persuasion or even those seeking a balanced political discussion. If somewhat over-the-edge-unbalanced musings are your thing, please read on. When you think about it, today’s political theater could easily be […]

Posted by SequimBob2 On Mar - 20 - 2011 3 COMMENTS

Where do you find great characters? Simple answer: Everywhere. I met Sergei at a fast food restaurant in the Salt Lake City airport. If you have spent as much time in airports as I have, you soon learn that this is where you will find the least friendly and least […]

Posted by SequimBob2 On Mar - 16 - 2011 17 COMMENTS

When asked why he robbed banks, the famous bank robber, Willie Sutton replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” If asked to explain why I like books, the answer would be equally simple. “Because that’s where the characters are.” I do not think I am unusual in my motivation. People […]

Posted by whatsthatsound On Feb - 15 - 2011 81 COMMENTS

Well, I missed Valentine’s Day by a bit, but here is some poetry and artwork of mine on the theme of eternal love. More specifically, both song and image were inspired by an archeological discovery a few years back in Italy, wonderfully ironically not far from the village where Romeo […]

Posted by whatsthatsound On Feb - 10 - 2011 53 COMMENTS

About the name. It has nothing to do with the color of her nose, her mouth, her feet, or her eyes (which happen to be a deep burgundy, in the right light). Nor is it intended to evoke images of diner waitresses or wartime riveters. It isn’t even meant as […]

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