White folks who remarkably continue to claim (or ignore) racism isn’t alive and well, that circumstances have markedly improved for black folks are either delusional or purposefully in denial or are lifelong gopers, or lifelong racists!  Case in point….the...
On my last full day in D.C. I had to catch the National Museum of Art. Again. This is part two of my last full day. So join me in cramming a full-day activity into a few hours. Feel the panicked rush to try to take it all in one last time. Did I mention there's nudity?
Here are three New Year's lists to begin the New Year with (hopefully) a smile.
I'm winding down, so some pictures from around the National Mall and Downtown Washington. Not many to go!
As reported in many publications all new and returning Democratic Senators have signed a letter pledging to have filibuster reform. Is it time to make a change, the first since 1975? What is the Planet's POV?
Need a quiet moment? Join me at the national house of prayer.
Three phases of my life (so far) as represented by the foods I ate.
A vexillophile's delight, join me up the hill for a bit of cardio and international diplomacy on Embassy Row.
During the holiday season, the Christmas manger scene is an important symbol for those who believe that the birth of Jesus was the birth of their Savior. It also has importance for those who are only culturally Christian but...
George and Martha Washington cordially invite you to their humble home. Enjoy some peanut soup, and then George's own porter recipe in the music parlor, whilst we listen to Nelly play a minuet on the harpsichord. Don't tarry!