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Posted by AdLib On Jan - 23 - 2011 35 COMMENTS

The Koch cabal is meeting this weekend in Palm Springs to plot their next steps to buy and control our democracy. Join an alliance of Progressives and moderates in exposing and protesting their destructive agenda.

Posted by AdLib On Jan - 17 - 2011 36 COMMENTS

On this day of tribute to Rev. Martin Luther King, a consideration of how a new campaign for social and economic justice is greatly needed today.

Posted by Khirad On Jan - 15 - 2011 86 COMMENTS

The so-called Jasmine Revolution went unnoticed by the Western media for weeks. Before I could write about it, the government fell! This should help fill in the gaps of what our MSM was MIA on.

You are invited, nay encouraged, to post your own links as this was hastily written on my part. Even more so if the story develops further.

Posted by bito On Nov - 11 - 2010 10 COMMENTS
Tax Revenue Decline

What is meant by “The Will of the People” that we hear daily from the noise machines? And what “people” are they listening too? 98% or 2%?

Posted by Khirad On Nov - 8 - 2010 16 COMMENTS

I went to the All Souls Procession Sunday night. True, Día de los Muertos was last week, but hey, Tucson operates on its own time. It is no small irony that the liveliest I’ve ever seen downtown Tucson is when everyone is dressed like they’re dead. Due to my flash […]

Posted by Marion On Nov - 6 - 2010 91 COMMENTS

A 51 year-old celebrity talking head, who earned upwards of $8 million dollars per year knowingly breached a clause in his contract and got handed his ass on a plate.

Posted by Marion On Oct - 21 - 2010 6 COMMENTS
joan walsh

I’m sorry to say that Joan Walsh and I are no longer friends, and that’s upset me.  No more gossipy girls’ lunches or hour-long telephone calls, no more whispery confidences about who’s doing what with whom, no more laments over the San Francisco Giants or the Washington Redskins … but […]

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 27 - 2010 215 COMMENTS
Tea Party Pledge Club2

Last Thursday, The GOP released their “Pledge” to America and the only positive thing one can say about them after seeing what’s in it is that Republicans finally have shown they believe in recycling. Their “pledge” was very general, promising cotton candy clouds and chocolate rain drops (via the same […]

Posted by bito On Sep - 11 - 2010 188 COMMENTS

Midterm election articles

Posted by javaz On Sep - 2 - 2010 24 COMMENTS

One of Arizona’s most famous son’s is Barry Goldwater, a five term Senator known as “Mr. Conservative”. Republican Senator Goldwater launched a bid for President of the United States against Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, and Goldwater was portrayed as reactionary, too right-wing and bat-shit crazy for his fights against […]

Posted by AdLib On Aug - 24 - 2010 132 COMMENTS

During last Friday’s Vox Populi, we were discussing how the GOP/Tea Party, assisted hugely by Fox, the MSM and corporations, has foisted this fraudulent series of racist and hateful “issues” on the nation and into our politics. Pres. Obama, being a thoughtful man of reason, responds earnestly to accusations about […]

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 22 - 2010 134 COMMENTS

Heading out to searing Las Vegas for Netroots Nation and am hoping to provide updates of my adventures in this gathering of godless, communist, socialist, white-hating enemies of America. BTW, should I hit on 16? Hope I don’t disappoint, so much going on I may have only fleeting moments to […]

Categories: Activism, Democratic Party
Posted by AdLib On Jul - 19 - 2010 99 COMMENTS

This Thursday, the premiere annual Progressive convention, Netroots Nation begins. I’m pleased to say that I will be attending, representin’ PlanetPOV and our community. All the top Progressive sites, organizations and blogs will be there, many seminars, panels and events, culminating in the closing night keynote speech by Sen. Al […]

Categories: Activism, Featured, PlanetPOV
Posted by dgraz On Apr - 30 - 2010 3 COMMENTS

? This spring, the Move to Amend is on the move. Read on for the latest resources, actions, and upcoming events . . . New resources: * Our Field, Action, and Education Committee is working on a set of questions for candidates, to help you decide where current and potential […]

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 26 - 2010 51 COMMENTS

Pres. Obama and  Congress have now turned to focus on passing financial reforms that are long overdue. Fox News and the Republicans tried trotting out the same Goebbels/Rove playbook on this one but it’s really hard to convince people that corporations are the victim when they are being fired and […]

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