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Posted by abby4ever On Jan - 2 - 2010 54 COMMENTS

What cheek.   A newbie,  in this case someone who’s been here less than a fortnight, publishing an article related to PlanetPOV’s standing and progress, as a new site.  It is a post from the heart, some observations of mine about this extraordinary place called Planet.  And it was prompted by Ad Lib’s  ‘2010–A Planet […]

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Posted by AdLib On Dec - 31 - 2009 204 COMMENTS

Happy New Year to the wonderful members and readers that have made 2009 an incredible year for PlanetPOV! The Planet officially opened in August 2009 with the 4 founding members, myself, KQuark, Kalima and KevenSeven. As of today, we have 199 members (anyone know of someone who could make it […]

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Posted by abby4ever On Dec - 30 - 2009 26 COMMENTS

…to wish all of you a joyous New year and to thank  you for the warm welcome you have given me here at Planet. abby

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 30 - 2009 25 COMMENTS

Hey all! It seems like a good time, as we head into the New Year to catch up on some blogging biz: 1. QUOTING ARTICLES You are welcome to quote any articles that you want to in your Articles. However, we do need to respect copyrights so please limit your […]

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Posted by Kalima On Dec - 30 - 2009 812 COMMENTS

Good morning everyone. We hope that this will be the place you come to when you wake up early before you leave for work. The place you visit when you wake up late or just a place to meet and chat in between breaks from serious topics and discussions. Feel […]

Posted by Emerald1943 On Dec - 29 - 2009 41 COMMENTS

I wanted to tell all of you here of the miracle, a miracle that I believe you all helped to bring about. Most of you are aware of my sister’s most critical illness, having been found unconscious on the floor at her home, three days before Christmas. She was admitted […]

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Posted by AdLib On Dec - 27 - 2009 215 COMMENTS

We’re reaching the end of our first calendar year in existence (we officially opened in August) and speaking for my fellow founders, what’s transpired here has exceeded our grandest expectations. It’s been remarkable, the growth of our membership and visits to the site, the humanity and insight of our membership […]

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Posted by Emerald1943 On Dec - 25 - 2009 25 COMMENTS

Christmas is a secular holiday for me. I guess it’s tradition that keeps me looking forward to it every year…the tree, the lights, and the smells of cinnamon and apple, turkey and trimmings coming from the kitchen, the candles and sweet spices, and the warm fuzzy feelings this time of […]

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Posted by AdLib On Dec - 25 - 2009 40 COMMENTS

So many classic Christmas songs to list in this thread though add to those the songs that speak of happiness, family and celebration to you too. I’ve posted a few of my favorites in earlier posts (my biggest faves for Xmas are Nat King Cole’s version of “Chestnuts Roasting on […]

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Posted by nellie On Dec - 25 - 2009 18 COMMENTS

I was uninspired blogging at HP Then I spied a link — “Planet POV” First I shrugged it off I’ve seen links before Then I thought — Just check it out It might be something more Blogosphere, Planet’s here! Blogging all the way! Oh what fun It is to write […]

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Posted by AdLib On Dec - 24 - 2009 1,823 COMMENTS

Welcome to the Help Desk! Please post a comment below if you need any assistance. We do ask that before you post, you review the FAQ since directions and details on how to use this site are posted there and should answer most questions immediately. You can click here to […]

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 23 - 2009 226 COMMENTS

WOW!!! The Planet has doubled in posts and comments in one month! Over 400 posts and 20,000 comments! Now, let us congratulate the ones whose honor it was to be the ones to make these landmarks in our community. The 400th post was made by… …PepeLePew! With the post, A […]

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Posted by AdLib On Dec - 18 - 2009 74 COMMENTS

Welcome to our Friday music thread! Our theme today are songs that you play to reflect, enhance or improve your mood. What are the songs that cheer you up? What music gets you revved up? What songs put you “in the mood”? What songs make you reflective? Serve ’em up, […]

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Posted by nellie On Dec - 18 - 2009 59 COMMENTS

A happy Friday to everyone! What a week! The health care bill, Copenhagen, and Tiger Woods. Guess which got the most coverage? Once again, The Planet is the place to be on Friday Night for music, our live chat event and an absence of Tiger’s wood. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) Today […]

Categories: PlanetPOV
Posted by Pepe Lepew On Dec - 18 - 2009 23 COMMENTS

The “Oldies But Goodies” Friday night at PPOV post last week got me recollecting about a neat thing that happened this summer. It was something that showed me how music can speak through the generations – when you least expect it to. I was downtown with my daughter and her […]

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 12 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Vox Populi – 12 -11-09 AdLib : THAT’S ALL FOR VOX POPULI BUT WE”RE MOVING OVER TO THE POST, PLEASE JOIN US THERE! HERE’S THE LINK AGAIN: «link» Bernard Marx : night all nellie : Night all! Bernard Marx : Bigotry IS stupid escribacat : Night john boy BigDogMom : […]

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