To celebrate both this historic moment and send off Senator Harris and Joe Biden on their campaign to win this election (and save our postal service and democracy), the theme for this weekend's music thread is about running, walking, jumping, chasing or pursuing something.
This weekend's music thread is dedicated to our wonderful postal workers and stopping this assault on America. Songs about letters, writing, communicating, talking, listening, and getting the word out one way or another is what we're carrying door-to-door this weekend.
This weekend our theme is for songs about up and down, stopping, going and even Trump has done to the economy and our democracy...and is finally catching up to him in 94 days.
As a way to remember Trump's inability to remember (or be competent), this weekend's music thread has five themes, each being one of the five words he struggled to repeat: Person, woman, man, camera, tv. For extra credit, try and post one song connected to each word.
You're invited to join us for our weekly live chat tonight (and every Friday night), Vox Populi! It starts at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then!
This weekend's music thread is dedicated to an irreplaceable and historic hero of justice, equality and humanity by the name of The Honorable John Lewis. Songs about civil rights, protest, equality, peace, and unity are all invited and welcome.




How Dems Should Respond to Mitch McConnell’s SCOTUS Hypocrisy

Democrats should threaten to pack the court. And, if McConnell pushes through a new justice and then Joe Biden wins, they should follow through.

Weekend Music Thread – American Woman

This weekend, we dedicate our music thread to a very historic and irreplaceable American Woman, The Notorious RBG. Share whatever songs you choose in a tribute to her, whether about women, justice, heroes, etc.

Weekend Music Thread – Fire

This weekend's music thread is intended to keep a focus on the plight of millions of Americans who are at immediate threat due to these horrendous Climate Change fires. Songs about fire, water and air are the theme for this weekend's music thread.