One of the things I found out about years ago that too many people have not heard of today is how you can use your computer's idle CPU time to advance science. It all started when the SETI...

No Satisfaction

The Conference Board Research Group has released the results of their survey regarding job satisfaction and the results show that 45% of Americans are content with their jobs. The lowest rate of job satisfaction since the study began over...
The Higgs Boson aka the "God Particle" is the talk of the popular science community now because billions and billions of Euros were spend on the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) so that it might be discovered.  But maybe more...
One of the scientific discoveries that change our perception of reality the most in the twentieth century was quantum mechanics. Einstein's theory of special relativity was the first theory of science that was not intuitive but it was...




Weekend Music Thread – Long Distance Runaround

This weekend's music thread is about distance, songs about being close or far, getting from here to there, going away or coming back.

The Devil You Should Know Better

It is those that literally believe in a Devil that freak out even most Satanists. I’m not saying you can’t believe in that, but - it’s bizarre. Actual Devil worship has more to do with Christian Demonology and stuff like the Malleus Maleficarum.

Weekend Music Thread – Walk of Life

The bees are buzzing, the bunnies are hopping, it's Easter Weekend! To recognize this holiday about spirituality and the celebration of life, this weekend's music thread is for songs about life, nature, philosophy, and of course, love.