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Posted by AdLib On Sep - 9 - 2009 6 COMMENTS

President Obama’s speech tonight was just the prescription Health Care Reform needed and made me remember how he inspired me during the election. And Republican Rep. Joe Wilson who screamed, “YOU LIE!” in the midst of the speech was just the overdose the GOP needed to go into a coma. […]

Posted by Kalima On Sep - 8 - 2009 32 COMMENTS

Soon your President will give his speech to your schools, frightening really. The skies will turn dark, the sea will part and lighting bolts will crash to earth, be prepared. He is going to say how important education is for your future generations, how can he say that, how dare […]

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Posted by AdLib On Sep - 6 - 2009 25 COMMENTS

Yipe! An article on the AP this morning should cause any supporter of a  public plan and those anticipating that Pres. Obama would come out strong for it in his speech to Congress, some pause and concern: White House: public health care plan is negotiable By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press […]

Posted by nellie On Sep - 6 - 2009 10 COMMENTS

The current backlash against President Obama, brought on by the attempt to pass health care reform, has obscured the legislative record of the past eight months. I took it upon myself to do a little research into the bills produced by congress and passed by the president since his inauguration, […]

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Posted by AdLib On Sep - 5 - 2009 17 COMMENTS

“Is our children learning?”  This famous grammatically challenged question posed by ex-President Bush, the child who was left behind, has been granted renewed significance thanks to President Obama’s unprecedented impertinence to think, as President, he can talk to our children. Well, unprecedented if you don’t count Bush and Reagan, FDR, […]

Posted by LuluMay On Sep - 5 - 2009 7 COMMENTS

With so much talk of people ready to renounce their support of President Obama if his speech next Wednesday, September 9th, does not satisfy, I’ve decided to post a piece I wrote upon my return from Denver last August. If your support for Obama is wavering, I hope it reminds […]

Categories: Featured, News & Politics
Posted by LuluMay On Sep - 5 - 2009 5 COMMENTS

IMHO the only mistake Obama has made thus far is thinking that Rethugs would play well with others. He HAD to give them a go at it; that is what his campaign is about. Ok, so now he saw how well that went over; he tried to let them do […]

Categories: Featured, News & Politics
Posted by LuluMay On Sep - 5 - 2009 2 COMMENTS

Asking kids to write a letter about how they can help the President means this: The President = the country = the communities in the country = the people who live in those communities = the families who are made up of those people = the kids who are part […]

Categories: News & Politics
Posted by LuluMay On Sep - 5 - 2009 1 COMMENT

I was at the speech Obama gave in Denver when he accepted the Dem nom. There was a moment in the speech when he said VERY loudly & FIRMLY: “ENOUGH!”. It stunned the crowd of 91k. We’d never heard him use that tone or that force. I don’t know how […]

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Posted by tyler-durden On Sep - 4 - 2009 17 COMMENTS

The sooner we as Americans realize that we are on the same team, seeking the same goals of LIFE, LIBERTY, AND A LITTLE HAPPINESS, the sooner we can identify the true obstacles and overcome them.

Categories: Featured, News & Politics
Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Sep - 3 - 2009 21 COMMENTS

I have to admit from what I see going on at the State Department I was wrong to think Hillary Clinton was the best choice as SOS. OK to let myself off the hook a bit I did support her as the #1 candidate with one caveat. I did say […]

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 3 - 2009 10 COMMENTS

Yesterday, the top headline screaming in 40 point electric red font on the most popular progressive political blog focused on one of the most important issues facing the nation, namely, Diane Sawyer taking over for Charlie Gibson. Later that day, it was bumped as the lead story to share the […]

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 2 - 2009 22 COMMENTS

Okay folks, this is do or die for President Obama in my mind. Will he come out swinging like Obama the candidate or mushing around in the middle as Obama the President has far too often. His first real speech on passing the Health Care Reform bill. I want to […]

Posted by tyler-durden On Sep - 2 - 2009 2 COMMENTS

GOD WANTED HIM TO COMMIT ADULTERY? Well, this WOULD verify that God truly DOES work in mysterious ways.

Categories: Featured, News & Politics
Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Aug - 30 - 2009 85 COMMENTS

Well Dick your lawless administration offended anyone in this nation that believes in the rule of law. Fucquis Chenem DiquatTM Former Vice President Dick Cheney, claimed president Obama was allowing Attorney General Holder to investigate allegations of torture for partisan political reasons and restating that the president’s policies are making […]

Posted by AdLib On Aug - 29 - 2009 27 COMMENTS

Bill Moyers is possibly the last of the breed of journalists who carry the trust and respect of the people. If you didn’t see it last night, he used his show to host a screening of the film, based on the book, “Money Driven Medicine”.  As much as I’ve tried […]

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