Censorship? Surely there are few things more revealing of a reactionary mindset, some would hasten to assure me. Why, censorship can be identified with all the cruelest dictatorships, the most oppressive regimes, the most hardcore religious fundamentalists, etc. This is indeed true.
McCarthy pulls out a sheet of paper he claims has the names of 205 people working in the State Department who are all Communists. He tells the audience that these names have all been brought to the attention of the Secretary of State and he knowingly refuses to do anything to address Communist activity in our own State Department.
News and opinion from around US-opolis for Saturday, March 26, 2011. Best Stories of the Week edition.
I am not here to discuss costs, nor the legality of the current actions taken by President Obama, however, I will discuss the moral argument towards the end of my post. I myself have not yet decided where I stand on this issue or no, I'm just presenting an argument.
News and opinion from around US-opolis for Thursday, March 24, 2011.
OK,  Congress is mad at the President. I get it. They're mad because he didn't ask them for their permission to join two other permanent members of the UN Security Council in effecting a no-fly zone over Libya in...
As nations, corporations, and media outlets go to war, you can now play along at home!
As I have been considering this "war" in Libya, I have been countering any number of arguments against the Admin's actions.    I would list them as such: 1)  The risk to our military.   Seriously.   Please.    If one wants to make...
In an online conversation this past weekend, someone reminded me of something I hadn't thought about in years - the Reagan Presidential campaign of 1980. Some of the most effective campaign commercials used by the Reagan team during that...
Another effect of Global Warming is Climate Change. Climate is defined as the set trends in weather patterns in an area over a long period of time. The increasing average surface temperature caused by global warming will have a ripple effect throughout this entire system, changing weather patterns drastically.