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Posted by whatsthatsound On Oct - 12 - 2010 78 COMMENTS
Creation parody

      Okay, I suppose it’s possible that the reason I am not as happy, rich, famous and world renowned as I could be is that I didn’t read “The Secret”, the blockbuster bestseller that proved the effectiveness of “The Law of Attraction” for one Rhonda Byne, the author […]

Posted by SueInCa On Oct - 9 - 2010 48 COMMENTS

I am writing this post to fulfill a promise I made to Kes awhile ago, but I think it will be interesting to a few.  Sometime back in the early 1980’s I was sitting in my office chatting with an employee when I got a Code 10 call.  A code 10 […]

Posted by whatsthatsound On Sep - 18 - 2010 90 COMMENTS

Here we are now, entertain us! – Nirvana, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Just look at Bob and Judy, they’re happy as can be inventing situations, putting them on TV – Talking Heads, “Found A Job” About six weeks ago, the world was introduced to its newest superstars. 33 Chilean miners, […]

Posted by whatsthatsound On Jun - 27 - 2010 37 COMMENTS

We are stardust, we are golden we are billion year old carbon and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden – Jonie Mitchell, “Woodstock” Ferrets are more determined than they are bright. Case in point being my own pet ferret, Rosie. Rosie explores nooks and crannies with the […]

Posted by bito On Jun - 19 - 2010 27 COMMENTS

Happy Fathers Day, Dad. The day is here.  What memories do you have of this day?  Do you remember a kindness that you and your father shared?  A secret you cherished, one your siblings did not know?  An ice cream cone he bought you?  Playing catch?  Your Dad meeting your […]

Posted by kesmarn On Jun - 18 - 2010 60 COMMENTS

Oh, I’m a good old rebel, Now that’s just what I am, And for this yankee nation, I do not give a damn. I’m glad I fought agin ‘er I only wish we won. I ain’t asked any pardon for anything I’ve done. I hates the yankee nation and everything […]

Categories: Social Science
Posted by Questinia On May - 21 - 2010 110 COMMENTS

The Huffington Post has gone Vegas. It has instituted a clever way to have commenters engage in what can only be seen as a form of slot machine gambling.  I noticed this  after learning HP had started some kind of  “badges” system.  I visited the site and saw a curious […]

Posted by SueInCa On Apr - 12 - 2010 30 COMMENTS

During and right after the mortgage crisis some were talking about the commercial crash and how that would soon hit.  At the time I thought, in a tunnel vision sort of way, Commercial Real Estate, which could be partially true but that would not even be considered the medium banana.  To get […]

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 13 - 2010 105 COMMENTS

Texas has just officially doomed generations of their children to ignorance and being oddities in their grasp of history and reality…because neither of those items supported the political views of conservatives and Republicans. I normally keep my quotes to a minimum but there is so much outrageousness here, I couldn’t […]

Posted by Chernynkaya On Feb - 12 - 2010 47 COMMENTS

The Southern Poverty Law Center counted 926 active hate groups in the U.S. in 2008—that’s a 54% rise since 2000.  And those are only groups, lone wolves—no one knows how many. Statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation report the incidence of hate crimes showed an eight percent increase between […]

Posted by whatsthatsound On Feb - 4 - 2010 191 COMMENTS

    I am bothered by movies, such as “Saw” and “Hostel”, that, to me, serve no purpose other than to depict the extremes of human pain and cruelty. I confess to having never watched a film from either of those series, nor have I watched a Hannibal Lector movie, […]

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