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AdLib3 hours ago

Hey CL! How are you feeling?

AdLib2 hours ago

Evening all – surgery went GREAT, but I still can’t see well. Got to get new glasses. Two steps forward, one back. So it may be a couple more weeks before I can keep up. HEY Ad – sorry I’m STILL not fully functional! Hugs to all.


2 hours ago


2 hours ago

So new glasses could solve this?

AdLib2 hours ago

I completely understand! You relax this weekend and try not to look at anything.

AdLib2 hours ago

They should. They improved my vision, but the glasses are for the OLD vision, and it all has to adjusted. I’m exhausted but optimistic. I just still get very tired reading. Computer is the worst. So soon. I hope!


2 hours ago

My hope as well! Take care of yourself and have a wonderful weekend!

AdLib2 hours ago

Eyes wide shut. Will miss you all, but I am STILL reading w a magnifying glass, and it’s exhausting as well as not entirely satisfactory. See – literally – y’all as soon as I can.


2 hours ago

You too!


2 hours ago

Hey TW!

AdLib41 minutes ago

You there?

AdLib40 minutes ago

Hey Ad


40 minutes ago

If the Repub House forces a shutdown, does that mean the Repub House is shut down?

AdLib40 minutes ago

Here just reading the conv with you and CL hoping she will be okay sounded like the operation went ok but still needs new glasses.


39 minutes ago

The Repugs are in deep crap. Especially Kevin


38 minutes ago

Exactly. So hopefully, she’ll have her glasses in two weeks and be back here for Vox!

AdLib38 minutes ago

Yes let’s hope so for her it will be good to have her back.


37 minutes ago

Yes, the Repubs are about to self-immolate through this shutdown. They can’t even pass bills that are just empty and impossible messaging bills, so what happens when reality slaps them in the face that they can’t have the extremism they want?

AdLib37 minutes ago

If this isn’t the worse it’s ever been for the Repugs I don’t know what its. They are just total mess.


35 minutes ago

I mean, there is a zero chance of The Senate and Biden passing any of their extremist demands. Zero. So my guess is that it will be a war of attrition, as the shutdown pisses off the majority of the country against the Repubs in The House and they have nowhere to go but to back down. Based on how deluded they are, that could take a long time and poison the country against Repubs and MAGAs…not to mention really hurting millions of Americans.

AdLib34 minutes ago

And as a shutdown starts in October…so do the first trials in GA against the Trump lawyers who wanted a speedy trial! It will be a 1-2 punch for Repubs!

AdLib33 minutes ago

Repubs will cement themselves as the feckless, criminal cult they are. With all the Trump trials following, I don’t see how they ever recover, Dems need to rub their noses in their failures and criminality from now until next Nov.

AdLib32 minutes ago

There is no question in my mind that things are going to go very, very bad for Kevin next week. In the mean time the country is going to suffer because of a bunch of petulant repugs idiots


31 minutes ago

Yes, there will be many people who are harmed thanks to these RW Maga lunatics who couldn’t care less and are just about self-promotion and grabbing power. In the end, I think they will become more despised by both Repubs in The House and the American public. They say Gaetz is trying to use this to promote himself to run for governor in FL when DeSantis times out in 2026. I don’t know that Gaetz lasts that long.

AdLib29 minutes ago

And while our predictions on when Keving would be thrown out of the Speaker’s chair might have been a bit optimistic, he’s either a goner or a neutered joke once the smoke clears.

AdLib27 minutes ago

I saw that about Gaetz what a total piece of crap he is. I also read where MTG wants to declare war on Mexico these people are beyond nuts.


26 minutes ago

Yes, saw that, she wants the US to declare war on Mexican cartels? The U.S. government doesn’t have the power to declare war on foreign groups of people, especially in allied countries. It’s just crazy.

AdLib25 minutes ago

And Gaetz is so drunk on his own celebrity like MTG, they just crave the spotlight and will say or do anything to keep it on them.

AdLib24 minutes ago

Rudy is drowning debt missed his payments to Shane Moss his lawyer is suing him from unpaid legal fees, and now we here he grouped Hutchinson on Jan 6th. You can’t make this stuff up.


24 minutes ago

Giuliani’s appearance mirrors his soul, disgusting, decrepit and corrupt. And the judge will probably come down very hard with sanctions on Giuliani for not providing what the court ordered…which is also going to happen just before the judge decides how much he owes them for damages. Stick a fork in Rudy, he’s done.

AdLib21 minutes ago

Then there is Bobert who issued an apology for her actions and that was shallow. By the way I wrote a piece on her and it’s just waiting for you to check it out.


21 minutes ago

Sorry, I didn’t see the notification! I will publish it tomorrow! Yes, I think Boebert is also done. After her Betelgeuse moment, no one can take her seriously again especially voters in CO. It will be great to see her crushed and gone.

AdLib19 minutes ago

Bobert is done, there is no way she will get reelected. As to Gaetz and MTG they may be in trouble but we’ll have to wait and see on that. Greene is in a safe district but things could change.


17 minutes ago

A poll came out in NH showing Biden ahead of Trump by 12%! He only won by 7% in 2020. Biden will crush Trump.

AdLib17 minutes ago

Greene is in a safe Repub district but her approvals are in the teens. A halfway sane Repub would be so smart to primary her.

AdLib15 minutes ago

Look if the Repugs shut down the Gov next week, they are toast, burnt toast at that. The country won’t take what they are trying to sell.


15 minutes ago

As low of an opinion as I have of most in FL, I still don’t think Gaetz would win a Repub primary if he tried to run for Gov in FL and if he did, I think a solid Dem candidate could beat him strongly.

AdLib14 minutes ago

I think you’re right though I remember the last time, many in the public had short memories and put it aside when they went to vote the following year. I don’t have a lot of faith in the memories of US voters but if a shutdown is followed by many Repubs convicted along with Trump, I think it will all fortify the mindset of Repubs being awful and set up a Blue Tsunami next Nov.

AdLib12 minutes ago

I agree with you I believe Gaetz has zero chance of winning in FL, but I wouldn’t put it past Go-Go Boots DeSantis to demand a change to the FL Constitution to allow him to have a third term he has no chance of winning against Trump.


11 minutes ago

I agree, DeSantis is capable of that but I don’t know that a Constitutional change is that easy to do. Add to that, the Repubs in the FL Legislature that have been rolling over for him out of fear of how powerful he was in the party could turn against him after he’s exposed as being a loser in the presidential primary.

AdLib10 minutes ago

Yes the country has a short memory, but they do seem to remember the shutdowns and who was behind them. But as you point out a lot will depend on the Dems doing everything to keep that in front of them and I have a feeling they will be doing that.


10 minutes ago

Well the loser label will go a long way in stiffing the spine of some of the FL Repugs. and if there are a lot of Floridians who kick the bucket with this new strain of Covid well that might change things a little.


8 minutes ago

I recall most voters forgetting about the last Repub shutdown by election time the following year. But as I say, the sustained beating the GOP will take through all the Trump trials and convictions should leave Americans with an overall disgust for Repubs.

AdLib8 minutes ago

From what I’ve read, many Repubs in the FL Legislature felt helpless to rubber stamp DeSantis’ extremism but became resentful. One story said they could turn on him after seeing the would-be emperor has no clothes.

AdLib5 minutes ago

You’re doubt correct about memory loss by election time but, when they see their dear leader get his head handed to him on any of the charges he faces it just may give them a bit of a pause.


5 minutes ago

No one loves a loser but in the Alpha Dog obsessed GOP, losers get eaten. I think DeSantis will be seen as a loser and lame duck, those in the FL Leg who’ve felt manhandled by him will strike back I think.

AdLib3 minutes ago

I think you’re right about that.


2 minutes ago

And DeSantis will be a walking reminder for how lame and unpopular extremist Repubs are, he could help turn off enough Repub voters to let a Dem beat Rick Scott.

AdLib2 minutes ago

So I guess it’s just you and me on Vox tonight. Nearly 8pm, want to chat instead?

AdLiba minute ago

Yes I will give you a call in bit just need to check on something real quick.


a few seconds ago

Sounds good1

AdLiba few seconds ago

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