Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib a day ago

Unfortunately, the flight that was supposed to get me back in town with plenty of time to host Vox has been delayed and I will be suspended between Heaven and Hell (passing over Texas, that is) when Vox starts. So I invite my fellow Voxers to host tonight together and pick up any empty beer and wine bottles that may accumulate. Wish I was here but have a wonderful Vox! AdLib 17 hours ago

Having a wee crisis today, so apologies. See you all next week. Nothing life threatening, just mentally messy. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Hey PPO how you doing? twilson117 15 hours ago

Oh, so sorry to miss PPO!!! choicelady 15 hours ago

Hi Ad and TW- good to see YOU. choicelady 15 hours ago

Hey CL Ad is not here, he is on his way home from Ok twilson117 15 hours ago

I guess that leaves US, TW. At least until someone else comes along. Poor Ad – stuck over Texas in this day and age. choicelady 15 hours ago

THAT will teach him. NOBODY goes to OK and survives. I know this from having gone to OK and almost died there. choicelady 15 hours ago

His daughter was playing in a softball championship his flight was delayed and is in the air on the way home. twilson117 15 hours ago

I know about his daughter’s softball. Where that happens, there he goes. Doesn’t rule out my view on OK. choicelady 15 hours ago

Never been to the state but my granddaugther lives there in a small town that is close to Ft. Smith twilson117 15 hours ago

It’s Panama OK. twilson117 15 hours ago

I visited a friend who was there hiding out from the skinheads. She got found. I was with her when it happened. OMG. Worst three days of my life. choicelady 15 hours ago

His daughter is primo in softball, so I guess you go where it is. She is a lovely young woman whom I like very much as I do Ad. I will just roll my eyes at the OK part of it. choicelady 15 hours ago

He told me she was scotted for the college team she will be attending here in MA twilson117 15 hours ago

Your avatar says you’re in Shrewsbury. Only town by that name I know is in MA. Yes, she is on a scholarship to a good college near where I used to live in Lawrence. I’m really happy for her. choicelady 15 hours ago

She is a genuinely nice human being. Don’t see that a lot in teens these days. choicelady 15 hours ago

Yes I live in Shrewsbury use to live in Northboro but wife and I downsize and ended up here in Shrewsbury. twilson117 15 hours ago

I love MA. If I could, I’d move back. But hubs grew up in CA and doesn’t know from snow. choicelady 15 hours ago

My brother is in Rutland. Used to teach at Assumption. He’s retired now, but they love it there, so they stay. choicelady 15 hours ago

Sounds like you know MA pretty well. twilson117 15 hours ago

Pretty well. Did a lot of industrial heritage preservation work there. Mostly textile mills ready for adaptive reuse. I lived in RI also, and I am a great fan of New England in general. choicelady 15 hours ago

How did you get to know Murph? choicelady 15 hours ago

Your brother taught at Assumption in Worcester? twilson117 15 hours ago

Yes. He’s not Catholic, his wife is Jewish, and it was occasionally a bumpy ride. But overall he liked it, and they have a really nice place outside of Rutland. choicelady 15 hours ago

I went to Clark at night where I got my undergrad. twilson117 15 hours ago

Good school! Lots of really good educational institutions in MA and around Worcester. choicelady 15 hours ago

My only real knowledge of Shrewsbury was Vinnie Testaverde’s restaurant that I absolutely adored. It think it’s gone now. choicelady 14 hours ago

Yes, did Masters at Lesley after that. I know of Testaverde’s but never been there. twilson117 14 hours ago

How long were you in MA? twilson117 14 hours ago

Well – you missed a goodie. I think it’s gone or belongs to some new owner. It was really, really good. I ate there last time the night before my mother died. She was a Mass General in Worcester. So it was poignant for me. choicelady 14 hours ago

I lived there a couple of times – once on Beacon Hill when it was still affordable, then in Lawrence for a year. Then I got married and moved to RI. But my brother and his family have been in Rutland since 1978. choicelady 14 hours ago

Wife and I move here about 6 months after we got married. I’m orginially from Syracuse NY twilson117 14 hours ago

I had to get out of Syracuse.

twilson117 14 hours ago

Oh – I know Syracuse a bit. Had several of my parents’ friends who lived there. I moved from MA to Buffalo, NY where I lived for 16 years until I came back to CA in 2000.\ choicelady 14 hours ago

hello….. MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

Why did you need to flee Syracuse? Only bad thing I remember about it was on Rt. 5 going past the fat rendering plant – STINKO! choicelady 14 hours ago

MURPH!!! choicelady 14 hours ago

small crowd MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

We’ll have to trade some Syracuse stories. twilson117 14 hours ago

hi choice MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

Murph – Ad is on a plane somewhere over TX. Poor man. We’re holding our own. choicelady 14 hours ago

He Murph twilson117 14 hours ago

TW – will do! choicelady 14 hours ago

So was it always you at TW? MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

Murph – how are “things” in your neck of the woods? choicelady 14 hours ago