Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then!AdLib4 hours ago

Hey TW!AdLib3 hours ago

Hey Ad how was you daughter’s softball game?twilson1173 hours ago

We just flew in today, she has registration and a players day tomorrow then games start Sunday.AdLib3 hours ago

How are things with you?AdLib3 hours ago

Sounds like a lot of fun hope she and her team go all the way.twilson1173 hours ago

Things are fine here. Hopefully computer won’t flak out.twilson1173 hours ago

It’s her last national tournament in travel ball so I hope she has a blast and they do great.AdLib3 hours ago

Hope your computer had a good day.AdLib3 hours ago

Hey Khirad!AdLib3 hours ago

Hey Khiradtwilson1173 hours ago

I’m gonna make a cuppa and grab a smoke, I’ll be backKhirad3 hours ago

How are the Cyber Ninjas doing out there? Any chance the fraudit will be done before the next presidential election?AdLib3 hours ago

I’ll check on the Cyber Ninjas even though I’m in Pima County.Khirad3 hours ago

Ad does Bentley have a softball teamtwilson1173 hours ago

The Cyber Ninjas are actually just one nutjob who’s just hired a bunch of nutjobs to ogle ballots.AdLib3 hours ago

TW – Yep, they recruited her to play for them.AdLib3 hours ago

Ad those Cyber Nitwits are just dragging this out and trolling for money from other Trump** dummies.twilson1173 hours ago

Ad that’s good she should have a great time.twilson1173 hours ago

TW – Yep, it’s a fraud like Trump raising $75 million this year by swearing he needed the money to pursue election fraud but it just went into his pocket.AdLib3 hours ago

Yeah so far has spent the money on his needs because of the way the Pac is set up he can.twilson1173 hours ago

TW – Yes, I think so. She was a bit sought after by colleges so Bentley’s coach feels fortunate about her going there and playing there and we feel just as fortunate.AdLib3 hours ago

Hey PPO!AdLib3 hours ago

Hey PPO how you doing?twilson1173 hours ago

Hi, All. Am I reading that your daughter is on the US Softball team, Ad? Congrats!pinkpantheroz3 hours ago

Ad well she will have a full scheduletwilson1173 hours ago

PPO – Nope, not yet. She’s too young, but she’s playing in the USA Softball national tournament this week.AdLib3 hours ago

She just graduated High School, going to Bentley University this Fall.AdLib3 hours ago

Oh, OK. Good luck to her anyway! I thought we had a contenda there!pinkpantheroz3 hours ago

heyAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

Defintely, TW but it should be a wonderful college experience.AdLib3 hours ago

PPO – She is indeed a contender.AdLib3 hours ago

Hey Angelatwilson1173 hours ago

Hey Angela!AdLib3 hours ago

One of the young girls in my Yacht Club is sailing for Australiapinkpantheroz3 hours ago

Ad, PPO, TW…and Khirad, have not met you before I do not think…but hey anywayAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

Hi, Angelapinkpantheroz3 hours ago

I spoke at my County School Board this week.Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

So…will Tom Barrack’s arrest be the real event that brings Trump down?AdLib3 hours ago