Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then!AdLib4 hours ago

Hey TW!AdLib3 hours ago

Hey Ad how was you daughter’s softball game?twilson1173 hours ago

We just flew in today, she has registration and a players day tomorrow then games start Sunday.AdLib3 hours ago

How are things with you?AdLib3 hours ago

Sounds like a lot of fun hope she and her team go all the way.twilson1173 hours ago

Things are fine here. Hopefully computer won’t flak out.twilson1173 hours ago

It’s her last national tournament in travel ball so I hope she has a blast and they do great.AdLib3 hours ago

Hope your computer had a good day.AdLib3 hours ago

Hey Khirad!AdLib3 hours ago

Hey Khiradtwilson1173 hours ago

I’m gonna make a cuppa and grab a smoke, I’ll be backKhirad3 hours ago

How are the Cyber Ninjas doing out there? Any chance the fraudit will be done before the next presidential election?AdLib3 hours ago

I’ll check on the Cyber Ninjas even though I’m in Pima County.Khirad3 hours ago

Ad does Bentley have a softball teamtwilson1173 hours ago

The Cyber Ninjas are actually just one nutjob who’s just hired a bunch of nutjobs to ogle ballots.AdLib3 hours ago

TW – Yep, they recruited her to play for them.AdLib3 hours ago

Ad those Cyber Nitwits are just dragging this out and trolling for money from other Trump** dummies.twilson1173 hours ago

Ad that’s good she should have a great time.twilson1173 hours ago

TW – Yep, it’s a fraud like Trump raising $75 million this year by swearing he needed the money to pursue election fraud but it just went into his pocket.AdLib3 hours ago

Yeah so far has spent the money on his needs because of the way the Pac is set up he can.twilson1173 hours ago

TW – Yes, I think so. She was a bit sought after by colleges so Bentley’s coach feels fortunate about her going there and playing there and we feel just as fortunate.AdLib3 hours ago

Hey PPO!AdLib3 hours ago

Hey PPO how you doing?twilson1173 hours ago

Hi, All. Am I reading that your daughter is on the US Softball team, Ad? Congrats!pinkpantheroz3 hours ago

Ad well she will have a full scheduletwilson1173 hours ago

PPO – Nope, not yet. She’s too young, but she’s playing in the USA Softball national tournament this week.AdLib3 hours ago

She just graduated High School, going to Bentley University this Fall.AdLib3 hours ago

Oh, OK. Good luck to her anyway! I thought we had a contenda there!pinkpantheroz3 hours ago

heyAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

Defintely, TW but it should be a wonderful college experience.AdLib3 hours ago

PPO – She is indeed a contender.AdLib3 hours ago

Hey Angelatwilson1173 hours ago

Hey Angela!AdLib3 hours ago

One of the young girls in my Yacht Club is sailing for Australiapinkpantheroz3 hours ago

Ad, PPO, TW…and Khirad, have not met you before I do not think…but hey anywayAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

Hi, Angelapinkpantheroz3 hours ago

I spoke at my County School Board this week.Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

So…will Tom Barrack’s arrest be the real event that brings Trump down?AdLib3 hours ago

Angela, how’d it go?AdLib3 hours ago

Apparently, some members of the public had made disparaging remarks about trans people, and trans youth specifically…so i thought it would be a good idea for the other side to get heard.Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

well, I can embed video, it’s 3 minutes.Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

Ad hope it will but just heard is out on 250 million bail and flying to NY on his own plane, what do you think the over and under is for a sudden detour to a nonextradition countrytwilson1173 hours ago

Watching it now, Angela.AdLib3 hours ago

TW – But he does have a GPS anklet on and geographical limitations.AdLib3 hours ago

I hear the MAGAs wend crazy until they realised the spelling wasn’t Barack!pinkpantheroz3 hours ago

I’ve never been in a fight. My mouth has gotten close to it, but I’m 6’2” and a little crazy. I’m not saying anyone should do this, but I want to punch and drop Jim Jordan to the floor.Khirad3 hours ago

Ad yes he does, but folks with that kind of money can find someone to disable it. He should have been on con-air.twilson1173 hours ago

Jim Jordan has a very punchable faceAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

Very powerful, Angela and I am pleased you received such loud and affirming applause. Well deserved and very effective.AdLib3 hours ago

Thanks, AdAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

SO…did anyone watch that 100-minute montage yet??Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

Angela just finished watching the clip, powerfultwilson1173 hours ago

Thank you, TWAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

Someone had to speak up. I figured it might as well be me. Too many parents at the last meeting were making disparaging comments about trans youth/students.Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

Khirad – My list of Republicans who need a punch in the snout has grown way too long.AdLib3 hours ago

I was recruited to speak there, by a former candidate to the School Board who alerted me to what had gone on at the June meeting…which I was basically responding toAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

Doesn’t work to punch McConnell in the snout, he just pulls his head back inside his shell, LOLAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

A year ago I bought tickets to Rammstein in Los Angeles. And it was going so perfectly. But no, freedumb on vaccines…. You selfish assholes. I only wish you would just inject bleach.Khirad3 hours ago

Well, Trump did suggest that.Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

Lulz Angela. Just give him some lettuce.Khirad3 hours ago

Think he’d pop his head out for some lettuce?Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

Yes good ole Mortimer McConnelltwilson1173 hours ago

I don’t think we are talking about the sort of lettuce you’d find in a salad…Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

BTW, what about the MSM confirming the BS story from Repubs that they’re just victims of Pelosi in trying to have a bipartisan investigation. The Repubs voted against a commission on 1/6! Then nominated guys that are covering it up and likely helped launch the insurrection? The MSM will kill the nation for ratings and income, this was inexcuseable. This narrative is as evil as the insurrection and Repub denialism.AdLib3 hours ago

My personal fave to hate on their side at this point, as if anyone could blame me for this…is MTGAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

Indeed. If the GOP whines about there being no “bipartisan” investigation, point out they had that chance and voted it down. Then tried to sabotage Pelosi’s Committee.Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

I’ve seen Lauren Boebert as a waitress at her Shooters bar, and her mugshots for court no-shows. I’m gonna leave it there, but I imagine a ball in her mouth.Khirad3 hours ago

Angela – And the MSM helped with the heavy lifting of making MTG and Boebert media stars despite how moronic and useless they are in Congress.AdLib3 hours ago

McCarthy can have his own committee…but without enabling legislation, it will have no subpoena power, no budget, no meeting rooms…LOLAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

I wonder if the two worst Congressmen in the history of this nation will both have been named McCarthyAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

Khirad – Comparing Boebert to having the brain of a dog is an insult to dogs everywhere.AdLib3 hours ago

Agree, Ad!! And I am The Crazy Dog Lady, I take insults to dogs very seriously.Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

LOLAngela Bridgman3 hours ago

I’ve said this before, but I look up the districts where all the worst offenders are from and they are in bumfucksville. Except for McCarthyKhirad3 hours ago

The Repugs are just dumb and stupid have she’s outplayed every step of the way. McCarthy blew it when he didn’t accept what she gave him regarding the commission which was everything he requested.twilson1173 hours ago

He Murphtwilson1173 hours ago

If Pelosi commands people to attend, and they don’t, can they be sanctioned or jailed for contempt?pinkpantheroz3 hours ago

I was going more Lynch with Boebert.Khirad3 hours ago

AHA…a meeting of the great minds! At last, an oasis in the intellectual desert that is Misery, uh, Missouri.MurphTheSurf33 hours ago

Murph! How goes the new coop?pinkpantheroz3 hours ago

All McCarthy had to do was to not put Jim Squared on that panel.Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

Angela – McCarthy is just going to start up a propaganda campaign thinly veiled as a committee, he has no actual or legal ability to set up his own legit committee.AdLib3 hours ago

I know that, Ad.Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

Republicans: We investigated ourselves and found nothing. (we knew where not to look!!)Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

I saw Tueberville give a speech that Forbes was pushing. The guy that can’t name the three branches.Khirad3 hours ago

Reporting to you from one of the BIG THREE PLAGUE STATES!MurphTheSurf33 hours ago

Tuberville is a fucking moron.Angela Bridgman3 hours ago

Angela I believe that was his plan all along. Nancy called his bluff now he is in the corner sucking his thumb.twilson1173 hours ago

Alabama’s Governor actually gets a hat tip from me today.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

You coulda floored me when Kay Ivey finally put the fucking blame on the unvaccinated!!Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

I know, along with Liz Cheney and Sean Hannity I’m throwing up being proud of themKhirad2 hours ago

Hey, Murph!! Hope you’re staying safe in Dumbfuckistan’s state of Misery.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

Murph I understand Mo is leading the way. Are people there realizing what they’ve done to themselves our still in denial?twilson1172 hours ago

PPO…The Association (not constituted as a co-op so far) is going quite well…..less active than a co-op can be but still truckin on down the road.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Good on you!pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Murph did not see my clip of me speaking at the School Board meeting.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

We know Ted Cruz, but DeSantis is also Ivy League? THAT is what is so cynically disgustingKhirad2 hours ago

Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

Angela and Khirad – McCarthy isn’t a nutjob in the same way MTG, Boebert, etc. are, he is a slimy suck up who would sell his mother to white slavers if he could profit from it. He’s not a genius but his mental issue is his lust for attention and power. And of course, those who would sell out anything or anything for power is the last one who should ever have it.AdLib2 hours ago

No, Khirad. Get it right. Florida’s Governor is named DeSatanistAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Angela and TW…..what is so interesting is that the moronic behavior continues unabated…a people not affected by the facts…..MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

indeed, Ad…good callAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

No McCarthy is all too easy to read.Khirad2 hours ago

Ad and your description of McCarthy displays his roots in Boehnerism….MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Hey Murph! Yep, MO, TX and FL represent 40% of all US Covid cases.AdLib2 hours ago

As a Satanist sympathizer I take umbrage to that.Khirad2 hours ago

Angela…good job at the mic.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

yep. And I always pronounced his name B-O-N-E-R nor BAY-NERAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Ad McCarthy is trying desperately to be a mini Trump**twilson1172 hours ago

Thanks, MurphAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

In German Boehner would have been böhner – but that’s besides the point.Khirad2 hours ago

PPO how are things going in your neck of the woods are folks fully vaccinated?twilson1172 hours ago

Danke shaynKhirad2 hours ago

No matter, he was gaffe=prone, hence my calling him “boner”Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

Murph – Boehner had more substance than McCarthy, there is absolutely nothing behind McCarthy’s empty eyes, just lust for power. And you know what happens to the dog that catches up to the car he’s chasing, McCarthy will be smashed by his own hubris.AdLib2 hours ago

Yep. Tru that. But Boehner WAS still prone to sticking his foot in his mouthAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

I hate rehabilitating anyone but boner is another who I think wasn’t 100% evil. I mean he’s for weed.Khirad2 hours ago

Seriously….the association has been tapped to participate in an immunization stumping effort…..making calls, handing out leaflets at stores……along with a bunch of other civic groups…..response has been generally tepid….you get such abuse from the fools when you stand up for the truth.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Ad someone needs to tell McNitwit even if the Repugs take the house he won’t be elected as speaker.twilson1172 hours ago

And how about that, federal legalization of cannabis.Khirad2 hours ago

TW, sadly, no. Our federal GOP clones are favoring NSW for the best of the vaccines. I doubt we’re 20% done yet. Outrageous. Fergie and I have been hermits for 18 months now.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Ad…I agree with your assessment of McCarthy vs. Boehner.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Murph – Did you see the video of the TX Trumper who was still in a hospital bed after a terrible bout with Covid and said he would go through it all again because not taking the vaccine is freedom?AdLib2 hours ago

Now, I happen to support legalization of cannabis…but i bet my reasons are very different from yours Khirad.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

TW…why will McCarthy not be tapped for speaker?MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Ad….I did see the video….I say, take him off his oxygen!MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

I never thought I’d see gay marriage let alone legalized weed. Also, why not include teeth, eyes and ears in healthcare? That always just made my head hurt.Khirad2 hours ago

They will probably name Donald Trump as Speaker. They can do that. No requirement that the Speaker be a memberAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

And then that son of a bitch would be ithird in line of succession.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

TW – If the Repubs win back The House, I think it will be outright war to elect Trump speaker while McCarthy is torn about opposing Trump as Speaker.AdLib2 hours ago

I love NOT talking about T**** but apparently he actually believes his lies. That’s almost more pathetic.Khirad2 hours ago

Ad, Murph, I also saw that. Compare it to the sad one where dying people are begging for the vaccine too late to save thempinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Kairad, that is the definition of a pathological liar…one who believes his own lies.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

PPO…..Australia’s turn down the road that leads to the darkside has and continues to stun me. BTW….do you have any thoughts on the Irwin’s Australia Zoo? I am considering donating to their hospital.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Angela – George CostanzaKhirad2 hours ago

A pathological liar will pass a lie detector test with flying colors while lying his ass off because he believes his own liesAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Costanza was a harmless teddy bear.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

Lie Detectors are as scientific as phrenologyKhirad2 hours ago

Murph – I agree with the proposition that these people should be at the bottom of the list for getting hospital beds because they intentionally set themselves up to get Covid.AdLib2 hours ago

Murph I think he’s screwed up a lot and there are a lot of Brutus like individuals who believe they will do a better job, not to mention I don’t believe he has real control of his caucustwilson1172 hours ago

Murph – don’t follow much about the Irwin zoo hospital. I donate to the RSPCA .pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Khirad – I think the reconciliation bill includes expanding Medicare to cover vision, dental and hearing.AdLib2 hours ago


TW…sharp analysis…he is the lead shark for the moment but the rest are hungry, very hungry and will gladly take him down.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

I do NOT want T***** assassinated, even though if he keels over from a heart attack it will be a ‘conspiracy’ – but I only think Trumpism dies when he does.Khirad2 hours ago

Ad I saw that fool as well saying after spending all that time in the hospital saying he wouldn’t take the vaccine. You can’t fix stupid.twilson1172 hours ago

Definitely not, Khirad, you can’t kill a martyr. We need Colonel Sanders to do the job for usAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Angela – But the thing is, Trump will likely be in the midst of being prosecuted or going to prison by then, makes being Speaker a much harder go.AdLib2 hours ago

Ad, I’m still not vaccinated. Because of my depressed immune system and aneurisms in my legs, I.m too scared to chance the AstraZenica. So desperately hanging on in hopes we can get Pfizer soon, most of which has been given to Sydney.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

I have a great doctor under medicaid, but I also wear glasses and I’m still waiting to go to Mexico for my teeth. This is a BFD if we can do it.Khirad2 hours ago

PPO…I am connected to the ASPCA and they are promoting the hospital’s work as unique and ground breaking. I have started watching their show. The work they did for the animal population on Kangaroo Island after the fire storms was truly impressive.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Angela…and Ronald McDonald!MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

yepAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Do you mind – where are you PP?Khirad2 hours ago

I personally am looking forward to the two free years of community college, because I will take that offerAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Khirad, Trump** is just the catalyst for this current flavor of Repugs to move toward authoritarianism. There are other people in the party who will do much greater harm if they go to be President.twilson1172 hours ago

I’ll take the college too.Khirad2 hours ago

Murph, in that case, by all means help them out. I was unaware of that aspect of their work go for it, friend!pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

I will go back to school…to do what I would have chosen to do when I was young, if I’d known about it…POLICE FORENSICSAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Khirad – Trump knows he’s lying, his game and the one Repubs are playing is just that, it’s how con men work. They are just about winning the con and they simply don’t care what they’re saying is a lie, it’s just a means to an end.AdLib2 hours ago

Khirad, I live in an inner suburb of Melbourne.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

After Stalin died, even Kruschev moderated…Khirad2 hours ago

Khirad..in my state the legislature decided to ignore a referendum which passed handily expanding Medicaid….and cut funding on top of it.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

I would love to work in police forensics. It suits my personality to solve puzzles and stuff….I like meticulous detail workAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Not even in Melbourne? WTF?Khirad2 hours ago

Remember how the recently released recording has Trump praising “disinformation”. That is the whole story, he knows it’s all a lie but his only focus is if he can brainwash enough people to help him get what he wants. It ends there for him, that’s it.AdLib2 hours ago

My problem was laziness and fear of needles. I could not do forensics. I pass out at the sight of blood.Khirad2 hours ago

My current State Rep – is at Wake Tech now as a teacher…and he knows I want to learn forensics.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

Muprh I saw MO won its case on the Medicaid expansion. But have the ask will the republicans in your state house still try to stop it?twilson1172 hours ago

Other than a chef, I was interested in being a paralegal.Khirad2 hours ago

Khirad. It is all politics. NSW (Sydney) is Conservative, as is the Federal Gummint. Victoria is Democratic. Jabs for the lads!pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Khirad I currently work in medicine, albeit in an administrative capacity. But I have seen my share of blood, it don’t freak me out no moreAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

PPO….I am looking into further but so far I am finding much to praise. The family impresses me but the medical staff knocks me on my butt.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

I actually did go to school briefly for paralegal and political science, but dropped out over the stupid bathroom issue.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

There’s a fancy word for passing out at blood and it is speculated that in war I would seem dead, evolutionarily. I like that better than being a wuss.Khirad2 hours ago

Murph, Steve was your genuine showman, but he was a thorough professional with professional staff behind him.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

TW…the state supreme has ruled that the referendum is binding…the state legislature is now going the federal route….to get to SCOTUS…AND…the legislature has now made it far more difficult for citizens to get referenda on the ballot…all efforts must now go through them.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

yes, Khirad…it is called vasovagal syncopeAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

I need to check back in on my Aussie politics.Khirad2 hours ago

Khirad – I agree, Trump’s death wouldn’t be a good thing, a cult leader must not be allowed to be martyred, he must lose face and be exposed as a fraud and destroyed that way publicly. Trump’s many prosecutions will be what destroys him and the momentum of Trumpism. His death would probably make him seen even more like Racist Jesus.AdLib2 hours ago

Angele, that’s the term.Khirad2 hours ago

I know. Told ya I work in medicineAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

I had to learn all the terminology and context and disease processes in ordr to do my current jobAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

I love the law so, I know me some latin, though syncope is of course Greek.Khirad2 hours ago

PPO….your opinion of Steve means a lot to me. The son, Robert, appears to be a very serious lad……did high school on line and graduated very early and is now pursuing his education in animal physiology.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

I am a medical coder…started out as a transcriptionist, then changed to coding insteadAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Yep. Most medical terms come from Latin, but Syncope is Greek. As is Diabetes MellitusAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

PPO – Yes, I know the terrible situation the government has put so many in Australia in, screwing up the Pfizer deal. I wouldn’t be anxious to get the AstraZenica vaccine, a tough choice for healthy people let alone those already with immune issues.AdLib2 hours ago

Curiously enough, I love Caitlin Doughty who is a mortician YouTuberKhirad2 hours ago

Ad…I do not think that Trump can be brought low in the minds and hearts of his faithful acolytes but their numbers are far less than the larger crowd still supporting him..MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

That is weird, seeing as you can’t stand the sight of bloodAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Muprh dontwilson1172 hours ago

Murph don’t they still have to proceed to even though they are going the federal court route?twilson1172 hours ago

Ad…too many people actually live vicarriously through Trump…their eyes will never be opened.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

“Classical Langs” – not at all very chauvenistically Occidental.Khirad2 hours ago

Let’s also not lose sight of the fact that the GOP is shrinking so even though Trump is seen more as the God of Hate to those remaining in the GOP, the more pols who run as Trump Repubs, I think the more losses they will have.AdLib2 hours ago

TW….they will get some federal judge to rule in favor of a hold on action…there are SO MANY Trump judges.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Angela – I use to self-harm – I’m full of contradictions. It’s all psychological. I always got A’s in psychology – I spent half my life in therapyKhirad2 hours ago

I’m not so sure, Ad. I’d rather we not get complacent.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

Remember, it matters who shows up to vote!!Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

Does anyone think Trump will run in 2024? And do you think he would have a better chance of winning than in 2020?AdLib2 hours ago

Angela Trump** has given them the permission to be the a-holes they’ve always wanted to be.twilson1172 hours ago

And it matters who COUNTS THE VOTESAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Changing subjects for a sec. Did anyone notice that Queen’s song, ‘Teo Toriate’ was played during the Opening Ceremony? Beautiful!pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Angela….if they are allowed to vote, or even if they vote, to have their votes count.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Exactly, TW. They live vicariously thru Trump, because he is the a-hole they wish they could beAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

The only way he doesn’t run is if my Satanic spell works and he dies.Khirad2 hours ago

Khirad, most people who take Psych classes have their own demons…it isn’t uncommon. I have similar issues.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

It’s a cliche Angela.Khirad2 hours ago

I suffer from chronic acute depression of the agitated type. It is a lifelong condition.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

It may be a cliche, but there’s truth in itAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

I recently had a breakdown.Khirad2 hours ago

I’m doing better, btw. Taking my meds.Khirad2 hours ago

Good to hear you are doing betterAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Khirad, glad you’re working through it.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Ad I don’t think he will. In fact I believe he will be charge in NY and Georgia. I believe he is trying to raise as much money as he can from his pac and when he gets number he wants will come up with some excuse to not run.twilson1172 hours ago

PPO….I missed the whole thing…I am so turned off to the enter thing that the opening ceremony does nothing for me. I used to be a big fan but the Olympic Movement is so jaded now and its impact so often so negative to the countries that host….well, time to rethink and reconstruct the entire model.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

I like Basketball and didn’t even know the Phoenix Suns were in the finals. I’ve been out of it.Khirad2 hours ago

PPO I didn’t watch the opening.twilson1172 hours ago

I think he is raising money in order to pay himself and his family fat salaries to run the PAC.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

That was one thing I never did as a candidate…I never paiud myself a salary, even though I legally couldAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

It’s most odd Japan, of all nations, is horrible with vaccinationsKhirad2 hours ago

I know what you mean, Murph. It is hilarious that headlines here shouted ‘Brisbane wins 2032 Bid.!” they were the only bidder!pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

K….I am sorry for the burden you carry. I have shared in the struggles of two close friends. Please keep taking those meds….which each and every day is a statement of confidence in yourself.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

They should have outright cancelled the fucking Olympics for 2020Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

Murph – I wasn’t against meds, I just kinda forgot… for a year. And I got suicidal.Khirad2 hours ago

Angela…I agree…..but Money Talks and Walks.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

And it is not odd to me that Japan would be horrible on vaccinations, by the way…Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

TW – I agree, I don’t think Trump runs legitimately in 2024. It could be a head fake to claim political persecution in his criminal trials but it won’t be a real campaign. And Trump would lose hugely if he ran again as the Repub nom. Polls show even a growing number of Repubs don’t want him as president again. And by 2024, the amount of crimes he will have been charged and prosecuted for will make it even more distasteful for Repubs.AdLib2 hours ago

Glenn!! Hi there. How are you?pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

You have heard of the Tuskegee Expirioment, yes?? The Japanese did far worse in WW2Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

K….I understand….there are forces in our psyche that are so skilled at turning us on ourselves.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

HI GLENN!AdLib2 hours ago

Hey, GlennAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Japan, so clean, were putting on masks for decades – and what?Khirad2 hours ago

Can I just say that this is another wonderful and dynamic conversation at Vox! It’s hard for me to keep up with all the great comments!AdLib2 hours ago


Kalima could school us all, but I am aware of Japannese politics.Khirad2 hours ago

Hey Glenntwilson1172 hours ago

AD…I too am impressed….this is one smart crowd communication on one sharp platform…take a bow!MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

You ever hear of Unit 731, Khirad??Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

Did you see that Biden stated in the CNN Town Hall that he opposes killing the filibuster and just used happy talk as an alternative. It ain’t gonna happen.AdLib2 hours ago

I saw Angela Merkal with Biden . Holy crap what a difference. They actually respect him.Khirad2 hours ago

If we killed the filibuster, we could come to regret it….if we ever lost power.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

I’ve already emailed Sinema four times. I get Manchin – I do not get her.Khirad2 hours ago

We could see every progressive everything wiped out just like thatAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Ad yes he has turned off the legit repubs and starting to turn off others as well, it’s just the nut jobs who are supporting him.twilson1172 hours ago

I never thought Mark Kelly would be more liberal than SinemaKhirad2 hours ago

Ad….I think Biden is stalling, baiting and switching, running a shell game…..I think he is working to be positioned to “very reluctantly and out of necessity” support what the Congress does.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

I think Biden is pulling Obama crap. PLaying nicey with the GOP for too damn long.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

You do NOT play nicey with people who don’t fucking know how to play niceAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Angela….the GOP will kill the filibuster the next time they take the Senate…they have already amended it to ensure their control of the federal judiciary.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Unit 731, yeah. That’s a bit unfair though.Khirad2 hours ago

The point being, many Japanese have real reason to fear their government doing that again. That is probably why vaxx is so low thereAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Angela – I disagree. The Founders believed in majority rule, the filibuster is a tool not in The Constitution. A minority shouldn’t control a majority, that’s not democracy. If it turns against Dems in the future, at least the next election could change things back. But not when there’s a filibuster.AdLib2 hours ago

And then we have chaos.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

Well, folks, time for me to say sayonara for the week. See you all next week.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Murph Biden is a creature of the Senate. As to the FB, the recommendation of a carve out is best solution for now.twilson1172 hours ago

Every 4-8 years everyone’s rights and all the laws are changedAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

PPO stay safe.twilson1172 hours ago

Angela – interesting point, also their eternally right wing revolving door Diet.Khirad2 hours ago

I agree with a carve-out, not an outright abolishing of the filibusterAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

thnaks, twpinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Carve-out is a great compromise.Khirad2 hours ago

G’day!Khirad2 hours ago

I’d like to see a carve-out for The equality Act but it won’t fucking happen.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

We will never have true equality codified into law in AmericaAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

America loves to have someone to hateAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Anybody watching Haiti and Cuba? [throws it out there]Khirad2 hours ago

Cuba is one fucked up situationAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

We literally are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. I see no win in CubaAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

There was a right wing commentator against Japan hosting the Olympics because of the Uighurs. …just unpack that.Khirad2 hours ago

Murph – I think Biden is more focused on getting a bipartisan infrastructure bill passed and thinks it would poison the water if the filibuster was killed. I also think he believes it will bring the country together if he can accomplish more bipartisanship. But I think he is totally misguided. Americans don’t care if something important gets done on a partisan or bipartisan basis. The Repubs have won elections taking the opposite POV. And if Biden thinks, as he does, that voter suppression and destroying democracy can be out-organized, he is so wrong and forcing us into an era that could end our democracy. On the other hand, passing S1 would fix democracy and likely keep Repubs out of power for a generation.AdLib2 hours ago

WTF? Right wingers could give two shits about the UighursAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Good evening all. I don’t want to interrupt this dynamic conversation for long, but just wanted to let you all know I read all your well wishes last week on Vox and I wanted to thank you for your kind words. I am so fortunate to be be part of this group. Thank you Murph.glenn2 hours ago

But 60 more years of embargo!Khirad2 hours ago

You are not interrupting, glennAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Jump on in, the water’s fineAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Ad….I think that he is taking his current stance until the Infrastructure bill lands and then he moves on from there to protect the vote.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

I love how even Marsha Blackburn was concerned about Muslims – because Communists trump Muslims – never mind it’s in China – Not JapanKhirad2 hours ago

No shit, right?Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

which goes to my first point, right-wingers don’t give a shit about the Uighurs. They don’t even know what country they are in, LOLAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Angela, I’d just add that “Like most countries, America loves having someone to hate. It is sadly a natural weakness of all human beings, having their fears twisted into hatred as a way to control the masses.AdLib2 hours ago

Khirad, the Uighurs are being persecuted in China, not saying their aren’t any in Japan but China is the country throwing them in the camps. Just like a right wing idiot to get the country wrong.twilson1172 hours ago

Well, perhaps that is so, Ad. I just know I have been treated better in every single country I have visited…than I have been in AmericaAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

There’s no Xinjian in JapanKhirad2 hours ago

Thanks, Angela. Haven’t been keeping up with politics much so I’ll just observe.glenn2 hours ago

I have visted Mexico, Canada, Japan and Thailand. All treated me betterAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Uighers are Central Asian.Khirad2 hours ago

Glenn…hope you are still here….watching from the sidelines…as well you should…rest, rest, and more rest.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Thailand was the absolute fucking best. Nothing =but kindness thereAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

I don’t believe in shithole countries, but Haiti has been fucked since it threw out the French and the French put them in debt from the beginning and the Dominicans on the other side of Hispania were racist.Khirad2 hours ago

Still here, Murph. Carry on.glenn2 hours ago

glenn – I know I’ve said it before but you are irreplaceable on Vox, as all the folks here are. Look at tonight’s conversation, everyone has their unique voice and views but every last comment is smart and reasoned. Where else do you see that?AdLib2 hours ago

Glenn…so good to hear your “voice”.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Not now, but I can read and write a little Thai. It uses an abugida like Devanagari so I picked it up fairly fast at one point.Khirad2 hours ago

Murph – I hope that’s the case, once infrastructure is done, Manchin and Sinema are steamrolled by Biden to end or greatly diminish the filibuster.AdLib2 hours ago

K…your summary of the Haiti nightmare is spot on….brilliant…this historian is impressed….truth filled and compact.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Ad I agree with your analysis on Biden and the infrastructure bill, he wants that bad and let’s be real, if it gets through it will be a major win for him. I understand how folks want voting rights but I believe if the infrastructure bill passed he has a good chance of getting voting rights moving forward. I have some different views around the voting rights act but will hold my thoughts on that until I finish reading the recent SC decision that Alito wrote.twilson1172 hours ago

Angela – Not disputing your personal experience but it’s hard to name a country where fear and hatred isn’t manipulated to empower some and oppress others.AdLib2 hours ago

maybe. But damn it I am tired of being the hated-on groupAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Ad..surely Biden knows that the GOP intends for him to be a half term president and will engage in fundamental corruption to get that….so he is not going to play fair….and he shouldn’t. I believe that he counseled Obama to accept that he would get no GOP support and to push through fast…but that was not Obama’s hope….CHANGE HAS COME TO AMERICA….well, not so much.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Glenn good to see you hear hope you’re feeling a bit better.twilson1172 hours ago

Ad…for you….Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

I’ve got so much swirling in my mind. Just remember that the National Socialist Workers Party was Socialist [never mind Thälmann and Otto Wels] just as the German Democratic Republic wasn’t a Soviet puppet state. – I was going off on people just using names without knowing history. Whelp, gotta hide the bamboo ballots. See you all!Khirad2 hours ago

TW – I don’t know that this is Biden’s plan, I just hope it is. This acting in plain sight by Repubs to destroy our democracy is depressing. Biden may want the infrastructure done first, I hope that’s why he’s pushing against those trying to pass voting rights by ending the filibuster but then again, Biden is an old school senator who reveres tradition. Dems have shot themselves in the foot again and again by trying to protect precedent over democracy and Americans.AdLib2 hours ago

Murph—thanks and Twilson—thank you. Slowly healingglenn2 hours ago

what’s new there?? Seems like we always fucking shoot ourselves in the footAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

When we have power we need to TAKE IT…like the GOP doesAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Angela – You are absolutely right to hate being in a hated-on group. It’s disgusting that human beings in the 21st century are still such hateful, fearful Neanderthals.AdLib2 hours ago

I’m just tired of being everyone’s convenient little boogeyman. I am tried of being accused of vile things just because of what I am.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

I’m tired of never once being given the benefit of the doubt…the most nefarious of motives assumed of me just for being who I amAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Well, friends…time to say goodnight….I am going to be pamphleteering tomorrow….Get Your Shots!…girding my loins.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Bye, MurphAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Be well. stay safeAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Ad the infrastructure puts money in peoples pocket fast. Plus people can see what is going on and feel good about it. Also they will know who got it done for them. Let say this, when the Big Dig was going on here in MA there were an great deal of money flowing. Yes people complained about the inconvenience but the benefits out weighed the complaints.twilson1172 hours ago

Alright folks, time to call it a night. Once again, thank you for all your kind words. G’nightglenn2 hours ago

Take care Murphtwilson1172 hours ago

bye, glennAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Murph – I’m hoping you’re right. I don’t know, though. Dems have sabotaged themselves by deluding themselves that good deeds will overpower the tactics of the evil. That’s a comic book fantasy, in the real world you have to confront evil with all the power you have and stop it from taking root.AdLib2 hours ago

Take care Glenntwilson1172 hours ago

Night glenn! Great to see you!AdLib2 hours ago

‘Night Mutphglenn2 hours ago

Ad, the evil took root in the 1980’s and has been growing since. Most didn’t notice, because it didn’t touch their skin….yet.Angela Bridgman2 hours ago

At this point, the evil is like the Kudzu here in the SputhAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

SouthAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Ad…I think Biden and his cadre are shrewd pragmatists….and that will dictate their strategy…with that…good night to all.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Sometimes, pragmatism can bite you in the assAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Ad I have to bug out too.twilson1172 hours ago

bye, TWAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Looks like me and thee closing out again, AdAngela Bridgman2 hours ago

Bye Angelatwilson1172 hours ago

I been meaning to ask you, Ad…ow are you doing out there with all the fires??Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

TW – What you say is absolutely true, trillions in infrastructure will make a long term and profound economic impact, especially for the 99%. However, I think it is a mistake if Biden thinks accomplishing great deeds will work as a balance against the rigging of our democracy. It won’t, if Repub legislatures can overrule people’s votes, it doesn’t matter. IAdLiban hour ago

If it gets to THAT level, Ad, I think we really WILL see another Civil WarAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

We’re doing fine, we’re in LA and the fires are in the more mountainous areas but the smoke can be horrible and ashes can cover everything.AdLiban hour ago

Glad you are okay, anyway.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I thin kthe fires out there caused the moon to be orange tonight here in NCAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I think the MAGAts have no idea what would happen if they actually succeeded at stealing the presidency to install a dictator. If they ignited a real civil war, they would be burned to the ground as if Sherman was back.AdLiban hour ago

I can only hope you are right. But it would be hell on earthAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I know, I’ve seen the weather maps of all that smoke clouding up the east coast. How much more could the planet scream about Climate Change.AdLiban hour ago

indeed.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I told my mom the moon was orange here because of the wildfires out west, but she would not believe me till I showed it to her on GoogleAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

She did not believe that the smoke from that far away could cause the moon to be orange.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Yes, we need to do everything possible to prevent a real civil war. And all it would take is to end a racist, non-constitutional Senate procedure. It’s ridiculous that this is an actual “tough” decision Dems need to make.AdLiban hour ago

I’m not sure the filibuster is racist….even though it has been used by racists for racist ends…I do not think it is inherently racist.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I remember when a monstrous sandstorm overseas drifted over the US and affected weather systems. People think the Earth is too big for such things to happen but they do.AdLiban hour ago

It certainly is undemocratic, thoughAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Everything that happens, climatologically on the Earth…affects everything else that happens, climatologically on the EarthAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

The filibuster sat as an odd and rarely used procedure until the Jim Crow era. Then it was exploited for one reason, to deny civil rights to black people. Since then, it has been abused to again prevent the will of the majority of Americans. It is obscene. It needs to be killed.AdLiban hour ago

The problem is…what tool does the minority have then? The intent was never for the majority to be able to ride roughshod over the minorityAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

And it has definitely been exploited to enforce racism again and again, even if it has also been used for other reasons.AdLiban hour ago

I agree. I just said that I don’t think it is inherently racist…even if it has often been used by racists to achieve racist goalsAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Yes, it was indeed about majority rule. The Founders did not create the filibuster and history is very clear that they wanted majority rule. Not minority rule.AdLiban hour ago

They wanted the rights of the minority respected ALSOAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

The Founders would deplore the use of the filibuster.AdLiban hour ago

Nope.AdLiban hour ago

What tool do you suggest then, to protect the rights of minorities?Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Where is that in the constitution?AdLiban hour ago

The reason we have a representative republic rather than a democracy is that the founders did not want the majority to run roughshod over the minority, they wanted minority rights also respectedAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

There’s a difference between protecting the civil rights of Americans who are in a minority than protecting the right of a political minority in Congress to have as much or more power than the majority.AdLiban hour ago

The essence of democracy is majority rule, the making of binding decisions by a vote of more than one-half of all persons who participate in an election. However, constitutional democracy in our time requires majority rule with minority rights. Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, expressed this concept of democracy in 1801 in his First Inaugural Address.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Pure democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Good if you are a wolf. Not so good if you are a sheep.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

There are many reasons why we have a representative republic. First, some Founders were worried about the fitness of ordinary people to make decisions on complex issues. Second, the lack of transportation made it impossible for the U.S. government to operate as a true democracy, representatives were needed to be able to make decisions. But again, there is nothing in the Founders words that was about giving a political minority the ongoing power to prevent the political majority from operating.AdLiban hour ago

I agree. But how else would we prevent a small majority from completely stomping on a slightly smaller minority?Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

What if the majority agrees that blascks should once again be enslaved?Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

What if the majority agrees that LGBTQ should be put to death?Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

The minority must have a way to protect itselfAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

The key issue is to look at the true state of things. Our Congress can no longer and does no longer, as studies have shown, reflect the will of the majority of Americans, due to corruption including the abuse of the filibuster. On gun control, immigration, taxes and economic justice, etc., the majority of Americans can be 90% in favor of something and yet the minority has all the power to prevent it. That is not a functioning republic nor a democracy.AdLiban hour ago

I agree. and gerrymandering is a large part of the problemAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

So, also the influence of big money in politicsAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

The Constitution and the judicial branch would protect black people from being deemed slaves or LGBTQ folks being imprisoned or put to death.AdLiban hour ago

I am not so sure I trust that as a trans personAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I have long believed I will not die a natural death.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Congress has no power to take the civil rights of Americans away. So that is not an issue. Again, it’s important not to confuse Americans in a minority group with a political minority…which can and is made up of people who are part of a social majority.AdLiban hour ago

But I don’t have any civil rights codified into lawAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

“the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness shall not be denied without due process of law” – what IS “due process of law” – it is whatever they SAY is die process!!Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

due processAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Again, the purpose of a constitution and amendments is that they provide for and protect civil rights from political evil in the other branches. But if the judiciary is corrupted enough, yes, horrible violations of civil rights is possible. Hence, the importance of expanding the SCOTUS and the benefit of Biden appointing judges at a record pace.AdLiban hour ago

indeed. None of which is happeningAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I am terrified for the future in this country. I really truly believe I will not die a natural death.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I really truly believe that the very second they think they can get away with it….they will round up all us LGBTQ and disappear us…and NOBODY will stand in their way for fear of sharing our fateAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

That’s just one section, there are many protections against that kind of fascism in the constitution. But again, if the courts don’t protect the rights we’re granted in the constitution, then we are all in danger.AdLiban hour ago

exactlyAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

like I said…”due process” is whatever THEY decide “due process” is!!Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I really fear the proto-fascists in our country. They want bloodAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I understand your concern and it is grounded in reality. There are such bigoted, hateful people in parts of our government and Trump has given them permission to be fascists. But so far, the majority stands between them and the insanity they would bring.AdLiban hour ago

I fear that they would back down and let them take us….fearing that to stand in their way would be to risk sharing our fate. I really DO beloieve that NOBODY would stand up for us against that kind of horror….they would just be thankful it was not themAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I have no reason to trust my fellow countrymenAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Actually, due process, like all legal matters, are defined over the years by precedent. Legal precedent dictates so much and even Trump appointed judges in 2020 didn’t allow his lawsuits that defied legal precedents and standards.AdLiban hour ago

All that goes out the window if we end up with a fascist dictator. And that is my fearAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I really see us as The Weimar Republic, circa 1920 right nowAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

THEY didn’t think it could happen there eitherAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

What you’re saying is possible, it has happened in other countries in the past and present. So the concern is absolutely grounded but I saw judges stand united in 2020 against a fascist overthrow of this country’s constitution, we now know the military stood prepared to stop the destruction of our democracy and its laws. The majority is not stepping aside, even when Trump was president. So it gives me a little more confidence that a madman or a fascist Congress would be stopped.AdLiban hour ago

I mean, I know I am an eight hour drive from Embassy Row, assuming I could get there safelyAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

But would they be stopped in time to save our lives?Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I am quite serious. I truly believe that I will not die a natural death. I will die suffering, to satisy the hatred of a howling asshole. I really believe thatAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Again, the military was preparing to go to war against Trump if he tried to become dictator. And the courts opposed him too. It’s not so easy and Trump proved that, to turn the US into a dictatorship. Not impossible but not easy.AdLiban hour ago

Trump was a fucking idiot. Next time we may not be so luckyAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

As it is now, they already do everything that they can…to make our already-difficult lives as impossible as it is possible to make them…in the process sucking all the joy and hope and happiness from our lives. And in that way, they kill us every single dayAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

This is why I speak up and speak out. Because nobody else willAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

And that’s also why I’ll be one of the first to goAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I understand and it’s awful that I can’t say that’s unfounded. There are deranged people out there, some in office, who would be willing to chase such evil as hard as they could. But so far, good people have stood in their way. And honestly, if we could pass the election protections, this deranged minority would have no chance to gain power in the future. The madness you fear is only possible if the lunatic fringe have a way to slither their way into power.AdLiban hour ago

I really do fear that. BUt I do not let it stop me from speaking truthAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

And they DO right now, and we are doing nothing to stop itAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

And if it really came down to brass tacks…and they really were going to throw us into ovens, a lot of the “good people” would stand aside and let them….thanking their lucky stars it was not THEM being thrown into ovensAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Push come to shove, they will protect their own life over mine in a heartbeatAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I take you at your word. I believe you. Could the U.S. become Nazi Germany? Could Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ, etc. be put in concentration camps and executed again? Yes. Trump proved it and the MAGAts in the news every day remind us of that possibility. Acting on that worry, as you are, is what can help prevent it from happening.AdLiban hour ago

The thing is I don’t so much care that they would kill me. I care that they would make sure it was slow and painful and that I suffered. THAT is what I fearAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I mean…I am in no hurry to die…but none of us gets out of this deal alive anyway, right? I just fear the suffering they will inflict upon me in the process of killing me, to feed their sick fear and hatred.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

For the first time in my life, I am truly afraid in America…and if I could get out, I would.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

But I would suggest that Trump’s being the moron that he is made all of this possible. The bigoted morons out there were energized by seeing him as one of their own. A smoother, smarter fascist-hopeful might not inspire the kind of cultism that a moronic Trump did.AdLiban hour ago

I don’t know.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

All I now is I never had to be afraid in America before. Now I do. And I would get out of this country if I could.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I fight the fear every fucking day. It’s exhaustingAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Here’s the problem from my POV. The pendulum in this country has swung back and forth, between bigotry having power and equality. But if our democracy is sabotaged, the pendulum might not be able to swing back from bigotry no matter how big of a majority Dems have in voters. Without democracy, the scenario you fear seems far more likely.AdLiban hour ago

THAT is my fear.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Well, anyways….it is me and thee closing down again….and I probably ought to get some sleep. I am three hours ahead of you, LOLAngela Bridgman44 minutes ago

Good night, AdAngela Bridgman44 minutes ago

My argument to the proposition that Americans would just stand by if LGBTQ were being killed by our government is to point at what happened after George Floyd was killed by a member of the government. The national and worldwide protests that took over the country and world showed that people will not accept the intentional murder of minorities by government officials. The American people generally have a conscience, which is why a majority has voted for the Dems in almost all presidential elections decade after decade. And polls show the majority stands against such hatred.AdLib44 minutes ago

Apples to oranges.Angela Bridgman43 minutes ago

People don’t give a shit when LGBTQ are murdered.Angela Bridgman43 minutes ago

You ever see millions march for LGBTQ?? I haven’tAngela Bridgman43 minutes ago

Despising government murder of minorities for being minorities is a principle. The problem is that something like videotaping an incident is what’s needed as a trigger.AdLib42 minutes ago

And the problem we have right now is most trans are not murdered in ways easily videotaped.Angela Bridgman41 minutes ago

That’s not true, it may feel that way but most Americans aren’t deranged.AdLib41 minutes ago

I can’t know who is and who isn’t. How can I trust ANYONE?Angela Bridgman41 minutes ago

That’s difficult to answer. You never know who may be harboring hatreds.AdLib40 minutes ago

And I would argue 74 million Americans ARE derangedAngela Bridgman40 minutes ago

Yes but they are a minority.AdLib40 minutes ago

ARE THEY??Angela Bridgman40 minutes ago

Yep.AdLib40 minutes ago

It doesn’t feel that way to meAngela Bridgman40 minutes ago

Over 80 million voted for Biden.AdLib40 minutes ago

Maybe so.Angela Bridgman39 minutes ago

If Biden came right out before the election and said he would protect trans, Trump would probably have won.Angela Bridgman39 minutes ago

Can’t argue that, you have to deal with bigots who feel free to openly hate too often.AdLib39 minutes ago

ExactlyAngela Bridgman39 minutes ago

I live under siege all the time. It is exhausting to have to live this wayAngela Bridgman38 minutes ago

I know you feel that way but I disagree. Biden did campaign on reversing the ban on transgender people serving in the military and he still won.AdLib38 minutes ago

I suppose.Angela Bridgman38 minutes ago

I just do not see MILLIONS march for us….or even TOUSANDSAngela Bridgman37 minutes ago

I want THATAngela Bridgman37 minutes ago

I wnat them to march for ME like they do for the blacksAngela Bridgman37 minutes ago

That’s why I’m saying that your feelings are wholly justified because you’re subjected to these lunatics so often.AdLib37 minutes ago

I mean, fuck…who would CHOOSE the life I have…if you could choose?Angela Bridgman36 minutes ago

MAGAts claimed they were having a million person march and it was only like 13k.AdLib36 minutes ago

Still….my point is this…Angela Bridgman36 minutes ago

Exactly, the choice BS makes absolutely no sense, like most RW BS.AdLib36 minutes ago

RIGHT NOW….I see MILLIONS march for blacks. I do not see even THOUSANDS marching for trans or LGB.Angela Bridgman36 minutes ago

And they aren’t even throwing us in the ovens yet.Angela Bridgman35 minutes ago

What happens when they do? You really think people who would not stand up NOW…will fucking stand up THEN….when to do so will be to risk sharing our fate?Angela Bridgman35 minutes ago

You see my problem?Angela Bridgman35 minutes ago

It’s all about organization and having a unifying incident. It will happen for LGBTQ but sadly, it would probably have to follow a horrible event.AdLib35 minutes ago

This is why I want to see the MILLIONS marching for us NOWAngela Bridgman35 minutes ago

Pulse was pretty goddam hoprrible. And what happened?Angela Bridgman34 minutes ago

Within a week it was forgotten by all but usAngela Bridgman34 minutes ago

The millions of the George Floyd protests only happened because a black man was executed by a government official on video.AdLib34 minutes ago

Just for once i wish people would go fucking nuts when one of US is killed.Angela Bridgman33 minutes ago

But Pulse was not a government official executing LGBTQ people.AdLib33 minutes ago

They never do thoughAngela Bridgman33 minutes ago

But that is my point….if they won’t stand up for us NOW…when there is minimal risk in doing so…what makes me think they will stand up for us when the stakes are much higher?Angela Bridgman32 minutes ago

Do you see this?Angela Bridgman32 minutes ago

That’s the thing though, the massive marches come from outrage over a specific incident of government attacking or failing citizens.AdLib32 minutes ago

This government has fucking failed trans for as long as I have been trans and longerAngela Bridgman32 minutes ago

And nobody noticesAngela Bridgman31 minutes ago

This is the way people are galvanized, over particular incidents. Have you seen a million person march that wasn’t preceded by a horrible incident?AdLib31 minutes ago

Well…the Million Woman March after Trump got elected….nobodyt died…but Trump’s election was a horrible incidentAngela Bridgman30 minutes ago

EVERY YEAR….we read the names of hundreds of trans that were murdered….AND NOBODY IS GALVANIZEDAngela Bridgman30 minutes ago

What the FUCK does it take?Angela Bridgman29 minutes ago

I mean, I am just one person, doing what I can. But I feel I am all alone in this fightAngela Bridgman29 minutes ago

Anyway….I really should get to bed. But this is the fear I live with every day….and can show to only a few.Angela Bridgman28 minutes ago

Most of the time, I have to keep up a brave front while being totally scared shitlessAngela Bridgman27 minutes ago

Again, by cops or government officials? I point that out not to put aside how horrendous these murders are but to explain that such marches are against government being responsible and these terrible murders are civilian. People galvanize to stand up to governments,there needs to be a singular entity to rally folks against.AdLib27 minutes ago

It should not fucking matter if it is cops or government officials.Angela Bridgman27 minutes ago

And I’d argue by denying us rights against discrimination government officials are killing us every fucking day.Angela Bridgman26 minutes ago

It’s terrible that you have to wake up each morning to that.AdLib26 minutes ago

Just doing so slowly, insidiously, and in a way that can’t be videotaped or quantifiedAngela Bridgman26 minutes ago

I mena….for real…let me say something to you….and do not take this personal….it is something I tweeted out about a week ago…and I really feel this…Angela Bridgman25 minutes ago

If I had a nickel for everyone who was “sorry” for the way trans were treated I would be a millionaire. And if I had a nickel for everyone WHO DID A GOD DAMN THING ABOUT IT…I could not buy a cup of coffeeAngela Bridgman25 minutes ago

That’s what is so awful about it, it is a societal issue, spread throughout society, harder to point at one singular entity to protest against.AdLib24 minutes ago

And yet we hear about structural racism…how about structural transphobia?Angela Bridgman24 minutes ago

or transmisia if you prefer?Angela Bridgman24 minutes ago

I don’t take it personally. That’s how I genuinely feel.AdLib24 minutes ago

I just fucking wish more people would STAND UP FOR USAngela Bridgman23 minutes ago

I want to know what it takes!!Angela Bridgman23 minutes ago

How do you want people to stand up for LGBTQ?AdLib22 minutes ago

I’ve said this before too…”If my death brings about the rights and freedoms trans deserve and have been denied…then come get me…I am willing to die for that.”Angela Bridgman22 minutes ago

And I hope it never comes to that.AdLib22 minutes ago

I want them to stand up and DEMAND passage of The Equality Act for startersAngela Bridgman22 minutes ago

I want my rights codified into lawAngela Bridgman21 minutes ago

Overcoming bigotry, historically, has always been gradual but not all bigotry has every been eradicated. There are still anti-Semites, racists, homophobes, etc. no matter how much time has passed. But things are not as they were 50 years ago. That’s little solace for folks who are enduring hatred today.AdLib20 minutes ago

But nobody even stands up for us!Angela Bridgman19 minutes ago

I mean…look at that clip. I had to go to the School Board meeting….because nobody else would stand upAngela Bridgman19 minutes ago

I think the majority of Americans support The Equality Act. But now we’re back to the power of the political minority, the Republicans, in using the filibuster or the threat of it to block it.AdLib19 minutes ago

Nobody else would call out the hateful remarks made at the june meetingAngela Bridgman19 minutes ago

Just for once, I want it to be someone other than ME who always is the one who stands up and speaks out. Just for once i want to know the battle is joined. Is that such a terrible thing to want?Angela Bridgman18 minutes ago

Yes, that is a good point. But didn’t you say you were alerted by someone else to appear and make that statement? That person was being supportive in a meaningful way.AdLib17 minutes ago

Yes, I know. But someone should have stood at the June meeting and called out the hateful comments on the spotAngela Bridgman16 minutes ago

Nobody didAngela Bridgman16 minutes ago

That is my point.Angela Bridgman16 minutes ago

It takes a degree of bravery that even many very good people don’t have.AdLib16 minutes ago

And I am supposed to believe they will have the bravery to stand in the way when fascists come to get us?Angela Bridgman16 minutes ago

you see the problem?Angela Bridgman16 minutes ago

Even during the height of HB-2 here in NC, I never saw more than 200 people gathered at any one place at the same time to protestAngela Bridgman15 minutes ago

I’m talking about other LGBTQ folks, you were the only one who stood up. Perhaps you’re too focused on doing what needs to be done to recognize that you have a bravery that many people don’t.AdLib14 minutes ago

LIfe never gavce me a fucking choiceAngela Bridgman14 minutes ago

I’ve HAD to be brave. And it is exhausting to always have that brave front while being scared all the timeAngela Bridgman14 minutes ago

But seriously….once again, we get back to the nub of what I am saying….if they don’t even have the bravery to stand upo and speak at a school board meeting…how can I believe they will have the bravery to stand up for us when the fascists come?Angela Bridgman12 minutes ago

But you are a person of action. You step up when you see something needs to be done. My point is just that most people, LGBTQ or not, may be hesitant to step up. But if there was an George Floyd moment for the LGBTQ community, I think people would. It’s too bad but just being realistic, this is how people in a society are.AdLib12 minutes ago

I just don’t think they would care. I see no evidence of them caring. Because nothing ever fucking changesAngela Bridgman12 minutes ago

I mean….okay, we got Bostock. But that is NOT codified into law. That is only on the stregth of a SCOTUS judgement that could get overturned.Angela Bridgman11 minutes ago

And even then, you have a long court battle to get any justice.Angela Bridgman11 minutes ago

Hell, I been there. I sued a former employer once. Open and shut case, still took five years to get justiceAngela Bridgman10 minutes ago

I just don’t see why justice must always move so god damn slowAngela Bridgman10 minutes ago

Remember, Repubs were running on preventing gay marriage just a few decades ago, now it’s law across the country. Bigotry reins…until it doesn’t.AdLib9 minutes ago

Yeah. So trans rights to employment and healthcare will be the law of the land about the time they put me in a box for good.Angela Bridgman9 minutes ago

Nice.Angela Bridgman9 minutes ago

I agree with that, justice is too damn slow.AdLib9 minutes ago

After all the suffering, I just want to see something come of it all. Is that so hard to understand?Angela Bridgman8 minutes ago

Even if I benefit little to nothing…I WANT TO SEE IT HAPPEN.Angela Bridgman7 minutes ago

If it does, I can die a happy person.Angela Bridgman7 minutes ago

I can then go knowing I made a fucking differenceAngela Bridgman7 minutes ago

I really think we could make a lot of progress on LGBTQ rights if the election system was reformed and protected. The Repubs and Evangelists who push bigotry have power only because of gerrymandering and electoral corruption. If the people running on bigotry couldn’t get fairly elected, their policies would die.AdLib7 minutes ago

That all the suffering I endured was not for nothingAngela Bridgman6 minutes ago

I agree with you on that point, AdAngela Bridgman6 minutes ago

Anyways, I know I have said it like three times, but I really do need to go to bed.Angela Bridgman5 minutes ago

Good night!!Angela Bridgman5 minutes ago

Reality is convoluted, the big picture is hard to see sometimes. But the root of evil in the US seems to come from the corruption of our democracy that gives the hateful an unfair opportunity to have the power to turn their hatred into law.AdLib5 minutes ago

Okay, sounds good! Sleep well and have a great weekend!AdLib5 minutes ago

^^^^Truist words ever spoken^^^^Angela Bridgman5 minutes ago

With you on that!AdLib4 minutes ago

Night Angela!AdLiba few seconds ago

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