I had mentioned in Vox Populi last week that I had drafted a proposal for a Climate Change damage mitigation project, proposing a National Water Management Agency. The inspiration behind this document was to focus on what we could do now to act in a concrete way on Climate Change ASAP in the U.S.. We can’t greatly reduce global carbon emissions in the near future that are worsening the destruction of Climate Change but we can act relatively quickly to reduce the damage it is doing to our cities, farms, economy, and most importantly, the lives of Americans.

The central proposal here is to institute a national water management system that would help protect against flooding, reduce droughts, and increase the amount of potable water in the U.S. (which has been declining steadily and represents a real danger for the future).

Due to the kind interest at Vox in viewing it, here it is. I’m very interested in receiving comments, critiques, and suggestions on it so please don’t hesitate. Thanks!

BTW, to use the PDF reader below, hover your cursor over or tap the page to see the arrows at the bottom of the viewer to click the arrows and change pages.


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AdLib, I finally had the chance to review your proposal. I learned a lot and wished I could add some intelligent comments, but I have to admit what you’re talking about is out of my ballpark.

I guess the question is, with all the money some of these billionaires have, why can’t they be coerced into getting behind the science to help with the issue. Bezos ex is giving away her money; why not help fund some of this research.