In the year 2017 – that’s three years ago, British researchers warned, in the attached article, that viruses and bacteria are being released in waves into the environment as they are freed from the north and south Polar Ice Sheets by melting. They used to extend much further south, where they covered the remains of animals and people – and pathogens, until now. The tip-off was the information about finding smallpox DNA, and the smallpox ravaged corpses of victims, of a smallpox epidemic that happened 32,000 years ago. I said to myself, “But I thought that these diseases were symptoms of “modernity.” The only logical answer is that they have been around for a very long time.

If we reach the heat levels predicted for late this summer, we will release into the oceans and the atmosphere, and into the food supply, pathogens to which we may have no natural immunity. The authors say that explicitly.

There is something very, very wrong with this picture. The very first word that I ever heard used to describe the Coronavirus was, “NOVEL.” I suspect that the same is true for most of us, that we have been influenced to believe that this is something new. That could not be further from the truth.

Perhaps there is a triggering mechanism; either an environmental limit has been exceeded, or there is a biological agent, such as another virus, a virus from the past, that has joined with a Coronavirus precursor. Or Coronavirus itself was raised from the ice to plague us again.

I keep looking more and more at the data, and there is a possibility that the oft-reported relapses and regressions are just warmups to the real second wave. Which could possibly be disastrous.

Oh, and one other minor detail: Trump may have had COVID-19. He shows the after-effects. The voice, the eyes, and imbalance (not dizziness). It all pans out to be true that Trump had a pretty serious case last Aug – Dec.

Maybe Trump himself is set-up for a deadly second round. Everything fits: the difficulty in isolating specific antibodies, Trump’s behavior. The timing of his likely relapses.

Trump may have ignored the epidemic because he thought that he was in the clear. If so, that could have been a fatal mistake. If the thinking was that a “modern” country and culture would be safer, when the critical factors are transportation and mobility, then the error was compounded.

There is one gigantic, overarching lesson to be learned from all this pain and remorse: When government sticks their filthy hands into medicine, people die.

We may have one more chance to remove government from medicine. Frankly, I doubt that we will succeed.

The die-offs continue, and the heat is starting to build. “What’s that sound?” “That’s a hell-bound train.” “It’s comin’ to get you!”

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