Articles have been published recently from a physician at the University of Colorado, and from public safety officials in India, that make it clear that chloroquine causes “hallucinogenic (sic) bad dreams,” There are no lack of legitimate references calling it “psychedelic,” and “hallucinatory.”

Moreover, chloroquine is a rampant public health problem in India – it is yet another drug epidemic in itself. And it is poised to hit the United States; especially after the American president’s endorsement by planetary dispatch.

What’s the big deal? Why is the drug, like the Coronavirus, spreading so fast and so quietly? To start with, it’s easy to make, and its manufacturing and distribution is already spread over a large, global network (this ain’t bathtub gin). Web sites have already popped up in the States giving information on the best ways to use chloroquine. Today, the CDC advised that no one should take the drug without a prescription. This is from the same people who pass along info about using peyote.

And what is chloroquine?

Okay: The high is similar in quality to acid, but only moderate in strength (workday LSD?) Like many hallucinogens, there are stomach problems at first. They don’t make you feel all that sick, but they cause abdominal pain, as hallucinogenic mushrooms sometimes, but rarely, do. The high is fairly pleasant, but strangely, the “freak-out” rate looks like it’s going to be high. Paranoia isn’t as big a problem as with ‘shrooms,or even pot, but irrational behavior is not unusual. It has already been suggested that permanent personality damage, and loss of identity, may be possible.

The drug is available in injectable form; and in a handy tablet. Millions of doses, especially the tabs, have been manufactured in the last few months. Yet somehow, mysteriously, there are shortages available for malaria patients.

But, like… there’s a downside, and it’s a stone downer. Chloroquine doesn’t kill the bug, it just relieves the worst of the symptoms (which could be extremely important to patients who are entering the “serious” phase!!!). But it stays with you, and it will attack you again: Relapses are happening in several places around the world, including China and the U.S.. And with every relapse, there is another chance for a new hotspot.

If we aren’t naturally building herd immunity, then we have to develop a vaccine quickly, and administer it to everyone, or enough people, as soon as possible. The question is whether that’s even possible in America, considering how many anti-science, anti-vaxxers, or just “Born-Again” Contrarians there are.

Oh, and don’t get the impression that you just feel, “a little trippy.” We’re talking about hallucinations – “not for everyone.” And soon to be available everywhere!

We live in strange times: when the most widespread and deadly epidemics are caused by drug companies who ostensibly would help us be well. And politicians? The only thing that we can count on them for is to steal from us and lie. They seem to have slithered back under their rocks.

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We live in dangerous times indeed. When the so-called “leader of the free world”, (ie. the front man for a cabal of imperialist human rights violators and war criminals) EVIDENTLY doesn’t know his ARSE from his ELBOW, insists that we take unproven drugs in a stunning act of venality designed to improve his re-election potential.
Probably the greatest accomplishment of this most stunning idiocy, is that it just might work since it is designed to exploit a dumbed down and disenfranchised electorate.
I love your work Steppenwolf, keep it up 🙂