Vox Populi, our weekly live chat aboout the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib a day ago

Holy cow my new phone works here! Harleigh a day ago

Time to drink a glass of bleach. Harleigh a day ago

I’ll be back… Harleigh a day ago

Hey Harleigh! See you then! AdLib 21 hours ago

I don’t yet want to Drano your energy. C U soon pinkpantheroz 21 hours ago

Heh! AdLib 21 hours ago

Yay Harleigh 21 hours ago

Woo hoo! What kind of phone did you get, Harleigh? AdLib 21 hours ago

Testing testing. Lol iphone11 128g Harleigh 21 hours ago

Hi, Harleigh, Ad. I see trump is running for cover! pinkpantheroz 21 hours ago

Harleigh – Nice phone!!! AdLib 21 hours ago

Trump is finding it hard to swallow…that Lysol. AdLib 21 hours ago

I’ve been say here and every other site that Spanky is DEMENTED and it’s worse every day and accelerating. Harleigh 21 hours ago

Harleigh – No argument there but what is really being exposed now is just how small and stupid a man he is. AdLib 21 hours ago

He’s being enabled by all repubeliekkklan assholes. Harleigh 21 hours ago

He is a 1955 forth grade bullshitter still using the same lines. Harleigh 21 hours ago

Hey guys. Is it time for the 25th amendment yet? glenn 21 hours ago

He is now terrified of the WH women correspondents. He walked out because CNN’s Kaitlin Collins wouldn’t swap her front seat to one in back. Widdle wussy lollop! pinkpantheroz 21 hours ago

Harleigh – I think we’re past that point. Once Repubs proved that he would never be held responsible, by not finding him guilty in the impeachment trial, they lost all influence and power over him. The Repubs in Congress are all impotent now (if not before). AdLib 21 hours ago

hi glenn! Not yet, McConnell isn’t finished yet. pinkpantheroz 21 hours ago

Hey glenn! AdLib 20 hours ago

The 25 can’t happen because the people in those positions are partisan nazis. Harleigh 20 hours ago

PPO–WIddle wussy lollop, indeed! glenn 20 hours ago

Ad–the repubs are only impotent when it comes to controlling the TLB. They are still trying to appoint judges; bankrupt blue states; and otherwise create havoc with our institutions and government. glenn 20 hours ago

I think it’s clear now that due to how low an IQ he has and a lack of common sense, he has nothing but insults, attacks and hateful EOs now. The would-be Emperor is broadcasting to the world that he has no clothes. Imagine how horrible he looks to people around the world now too. The US President no longer has sanity, let alone leadership. AdLib 20 hours ago

PPO–yeah, I know. It was kind of a rhetorical question. glenn 20 hours ago

Ad, as long as McConnell hasn’t finished his Machiavellian restructure of the USA, Trump is safe from the GOP. pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

I believe they are most afraid of thee unredacted Mueller report. Spanky is not the one thinking up all his shit. Harleigh 20 hours ago

glenn – I’d still argue the Repubs are impotent. Trump is pushing for those judges and does anyone think that the McConnell bills doling out billions to the wealthy aren’t greenlighted by Trump? And Trump knows he’ll crash even lower in the polls if states are told to go bankrupt so Moscow Mitch will follow him on that too. AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad–Yes, it’s very clear what a POS the TLB is. Did you see the clip where the Australian prim?”e minister actually laughed when a reporter asked him (the PM) about the TLB’s “cure”? It was priceless. glenn 20 hours ago

Harleigh–Spanky and “thinking” is an oxymoron. glenn 20 hours ago

The whole world laughs at him. Harleigh 20 hours ago

Harleigh – Oh yeah, they really don’t want the Mueller Report to go out unredacted to the American people…or Trump’s tax returns. But no matter what, a year from now when Biden and Dems are in power, it’s all coming out and Trump’s being prosecuted. AdLib 20 hours ago

glenn, most unusual for Morrison, He is usually firmly vacuumed to TLBs butt pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

glenn – Everything Trump says is either projection of what he is on others or what he will be. Remember when he claimed Obama was a laughing stock to the world? AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad–Yes, I understand what you’re saying. However, they are still appointing those judges and doling out billions. I would argue that it is the Dems who seem to be impotent right now. Yes, Dems are saying all the right things, and trying to get the bills passed, but they still can’t stop the TLB and McConnell. glenn 20 hours ago

Ad, yep but I bet he splits to a “safe “ country. Harleigh 20 hours ago

Isn’t “oxymoron” what you call Trump after he drinks detergent? AdLib 20 hours ago

Hahaha Harleigh 20 hours ago

Ad–Did you see the report the other day that says the TLB owes billions to a Chinese state bank? I cannot wait to see the TLB prosecuted! glenn 20 hours ago

#TrumpIsALaughingStock is now trending on twitter! About time pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

And Deutch Harleigh 20 hours ago

PPO–Yeah, it was pretty funny watching the PM trying to control his laughter. glenn 20 hours ago

Hello. Raining cats, dogs, and various vermin here….we will see how my internet connection holds up. If I am suddenly gone, the tsunami is winning the night. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

glenn – I think McConnell is as or more evil than Trump. The pushing of judges is something he has made his mission but Trump is right there with him. Yes, they have the power to do that but a Senate controlled by Dems (hopefully) can do the same and balance out what is going on to a good degree. Not to mention replacing Dems on the SCOTUS. AdLib 20 hours ago

Murph! Are you in the middle of a Domestos dispute? pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Harleigh–I would love to see that “safe” country deny him immigration status because he’s a wanted criminal! That would be the best! glenn 20 hours ago

Domestos? MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Harleigh – After he’s defeated and prosecuted, I don’t know what state will choose to protect a broke Trump and make an enemy of the US. AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad–Good one! glenn 20 hours ago

Sorry Chlorox equivalent! pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Hey man. In our dreams glenn Harleigh 20 hours ago

Hey Murph! glenn 20 hours ago

Maybe Snowden will rent him a room. Harleigh 20 hours ago

glenn – Yes, Trump has billions in loans from Russia and China and when his tax returns and double dealing as president are exposed, he will have to be prosecuted. He will go down as the only president in history to be criminally convicted, even if he’s not imprisoned. But hopefully, his criminally gained wealth will be taken from him. AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad–Definitely McConnell is more evil than the TLB. McConnell knows exactly what he’s doing. The TLB, on the other hand, shows us more and more every day that he’s just a fucking idiot. Hopefully, we can balance it out in the future. glenn 20 hours ago

Hey Murph! Hope you’re staying dry! AdLib 20 hours ago

Lysol spray is now on the toothpaste aisle as a breath freshener! Harleigh 20 hours ago

We have a bulletin board in one the buildings on my property which has become the HQ for the co-op. I have gotten the habit of posting news there about the CODIV19. Of late I have been using Fox sources both local and nation to break the balls of some of my members who remain loyal the Red Head…..it has been a little depressing for them but now they have One America News which makes Fox look like PBS. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

So if I was to inject Clorox into Mitch and Trump, I would be saving them, right? AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad…you would certainly be saving the USA MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Harleigh–personally, I like the smell of Clorox better to freshen my breath! glenn 20 hours ago

Apparently the Poisons helpline is being flooded with queries! What is the matter with people? pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Hey, maybe Trump could take up a room in the Ecuadorian embassy. Nah, they really hate him there too. AdLib 20 hours ago

Well he was joking, he didn’t say it and he was being sarcastic. Harleigh 20 hours ago

TLB is now claiming he was being sarcastic! pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Great minds Harleigh 20 hours ago

Murph–yeah, OAN is definitely the propaganda arm of the TLB nowadays. Foxsocallednews is losing its luster and usefulness to the TLB. glenn 20 hours ago

Harleigh, bet he says he doesn’t know who saif it! pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

said pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

PPO….I read a fascinating article in the Guardian this morning about New Zealand and its CODIV19 efforts…..impressive although more than a little heavy handed….and it seems to me unlikely to create many immune people. Do you know anything about it?Of course NZ is small, isolated, and rather well off so perhaps these measures are uniquely doable there. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

He will Harleigh 20 hours ago

Ad–Just curious–where would the injection site be? glenn 20 hours ago

Fucking dumbass reporters and CAMERAS quoting him verbatim Harleigh 20 hours ago

Harliegh – Also, Birx claimed that was just him trying to reason and process the info…you know, like a mokey trying to figure out he can’t eat a picture of a banana? AdLib 20 hours ago

Glenn….there is an OAN reporter in the briefing room who has become a bit of hero to the right. He has called on again and again praising her for her “fairness”. I wonder what she will do if Trump actually does as it seems he is indicating….cut way back on the so called updates. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

glenn – I would inject it where there was no organ of importance nearby…in their heads. AdLib 20 hours ago

PPO–I’ve been trying to figure out what is the matter with the TLB cult for a long while now. Mostly, I think it boils down to a couple of things….inability to admit they were wrong–not just wrong, but so wrong as to be laughable; and no one likes to be laughed at. Plus, they’re still “owning the libs” because look at all the ruckus the TLB’s remarks cause. There’s probably a couple of other things wrong with them, but I think those are the two biggest. glenn 20 hours ago

HAven’t seen anything yet, Murph. I do know we here in Victoria are very limited as well, but no one is complaining. It is working to keep things level. Today, April 25 is ANZAC day, when in 1915, the Australian & New Zealand Army Corps went to war for britain under their own flags for the first time. Normally big marches, Dawn Prayer sevices and Flypasts, but not today. Today, people came to their stoops with a candle at 6.00 am and stood for a minute’s silence. This may now be a neww tradition here, pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

My county is opening up tomorrow. Limited kinds of sites (many of which are not going to open- not ready and thinking it unwise) and with strict limits as to how many can occupy a space based on square footage. While masks are not required they are being strongly encouraged along with gloves. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

I read a covid coverage piece on NZ. Island nation, educated population and a very smart and capable woman leader. They’re in great shape. Harleigh 20 hours ago

glenn – As hard as it is to have to admit, it is not just a phrase to call Trump’s followers, cultists. They exhibit every trait of actual cult followers and among those traits is a cleaving to the cult leader as a superior and all knowing figure. Nothing any other source can say can change their minds, only the words of Trump are truth and like a religious cult leader, whatever he asks of them, they do. Hence the rallies that will kill some of them. That is a herd that needs to be thinned and they’re doing it themselves. In a month, there will be less of them. AdLib 20 hours ago

Murph–I’ve been reading about the PM of NZ recently too. She apparently followed the protocols to the letter. As you say, though, because of the geographical location/size of NZ, it was much more doable. It also helps that she is an intelligent person, unlike the idiot we have. glenn 20 hours ago

HAs anyone see n yet any outfall from the RWNJ Demos last weekend? pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

PPO….I am a historian by trade and knew of ANZAC day…..I like the new tradition….dignity and in line with a memorial day. When you get a chance you might look into the NZ approach to Corona. I was looking over the facts and figures in Australia at the W.H.O.Take good care. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Glenn….I like her. She handled the shooting there very decisively as well.Hooray for women in charge! MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Murph–yeah, the OAN reporter is just a suck-up plant. I’m of two minds of the TLB cutting back on the briefings. On the one hand, he comes out every day and makes a fool of himself. On the other hand, his cultists still worship every word that comes from his lyin’ lips, so the less exposure he has, the better. glenn 20 hours ago

Murph – As much as the Trump-supporting wealthy want everyone back to work, I do think many Trumpers, especially those with families, will not follow their orders to open up so soon, before it’s safe. AdLib 20 hours ago

BRB AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad–Okay, I was thinking of the opposite end, but your site works, too. glenn 20 hours ago

Ad….Trumpsters: A Herd in Need of Thinning. Yee Haw!

MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Murph, Fergie and me are firmly cocooned in our suburb. Low incidence of virus here, DG. Went to the Supermarket yesterday in my month old SUV ( 35 miles so far on the clock!) Shelves full, few shoppers, but everyone still using sanitizers, wipes and some masks. pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Here in floriduh our nazi gubner DeSantis is declaring the WWE as an essential service. Many beaches and bars…. we are going to get a second BIG hit Harleigh 20 hours ago

Glenn….weighing the various factors……folks need accurate info which Trump messes up every time, his followers love the online rallies which seems a good reason to dump them, and the rest of us are not watching (just catching up with clips and transcripts) MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Murph–what kinds of sites are opening in your county? As you may have heard, here in GA, we are opening up tattoo parlors, beauty salons, bowling alleys, and restaurants. You know, the kinds of places that people can maintain a distance!

glenn 20 hours ago

Rumor has it that trump will try and get out to play golf this weekend, using some emergency excuse. I hope he does and it is reported all over the world, not that he will give a damn pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

PPO….Eminently Sensible. Stay Well. Be Well. I can’t stay put but I am wearing medical grade medical gear and practicing medical level sanitation procedures. Getting lots of sleep. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Ad–I wasn’t using it just as a phrase. That’s exactly what they are and most of us have known it from the start. Yes, I hope their foolishness will result in “culling the herd” by natural selection. glenn 20 hours ago

PPO–That is a respectful tradition. glenn 20 hours ago

Glenn….limited banks, a few movie theaters, gyms with high level sanitation procedures, and churches. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

The cruise ships that brought so much of the virus here have now departed with, ahem, skeleton crews! pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Taking malaria medicine an antibiotic medicine is a killer combo he first touted Harleigh 20 hours ago

glenn – I know you weren’t but the real impact of having a cult leader as US President still seems a reality that most, including the media, just can’t view this reality as it truly is. AdLib 20 hours ago

He’s more like that asshole Waco cult than Jones Harleigh 20 hours ago

Murph – Really? Gyms and movie theaters? The infection rate is going up in MO. AdLib 20 hours ago

Murph–Hooray! Just look at all the female leaders around the world who have handled this crisis so well. Female leaders such as Merkele, the leaders of Taiwan, Icelend, and several more. . glenn 20 hours ago

glenn – I know you will stay safe but I think GA and FL are going to explode wiith infections, hospitalizations and deaths. So stay safe, as I know you will! AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad….maybe….very limited numbers….and all have to have inverted ventilation…pulling air in from outside and expelling it into the air….no recirculation…rigorous sanitation between films and exercise sessions. The county council and the commissioner are sound thinkers. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

PPO – “All aboard The Death Cruise! Destination? It’s kind of in the name.” AdLib 20 hours ago

PPO–I hope you and Fergie stay safe. Sounds as though your local government/shops have it at least under control. glenn 20 hours ago

Poor Australia is bereft because there is no football(aussie rules), Soccer, Ruby Union or Rugby league to be feral fanatics about! Only Horse Racing (no spectators), because of course the Government makes money from betting ! pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Murph–yeah, I forgot gyms. That’s another type of business that our “esteemed” governor will allow to open. Whoopee! glenn 20 hours ago

TN and some of the other southern states connected by interstates are going to get blasted esp FL retirement and care centers. Harleigh 20 hours ago

Glenn…I really wanted a woman for President but failing that it must be a very active, very involved VP…..Georgia is going to be a hot spot and I expect that my Georgia Choice will be an obvious pick. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Ad, Pirates of the Pacific! pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

PPO–LOL! skeleton crews! glenn 20 hours ago

Ad–the media hasn’t viewed the reality of the TLB since the beginning, and it’s only getting worse! glenn 20 hours ago

They maybe will start getting better Harleigh 20 hours ago

Everyone…there are some good masks on the market now……I have two N95’s with 90 replacement filters. Had them for years because of farm work. I plan to wear mine until we have wide spread vaccination. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

PPO…pirates of the pathetic MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Harleigh–according to Maddow, it’s retirement homes that have the highest percentages of deaths. glenn 20 hours ago

Harleigh – I watched the Netflix mini-series that just came out about Waco and it was a revelation. I thought about them as you mentioned, we were all fed a load of crap by the corrupt ATF that was there back then. David Koresh was a cult leader, the Waco folks were just as much cult members as Trumpers and he did some horrible things like marrying a 14 year old girl and having multiple wives. But they weren’t the violent terrorists as we all were told. Worth checking out. Based on two books, one from an FBI agent who was there and the other from a Koresh member, one of the few who escaped alive. AdLib 20 hours ago

Harleigh – I really worry about the retirees in Fla. Even if they’re Trumpanistas. Whole complexes could get wiped out. That Governor should be fired pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

PPO – “Yo ho, yo ho, Coronavirus for me!” AdLib 20 hours ago

This will be a bad threat until treatments and a vaccine. You can catch it again don’t forget. Harleigh 20 hours ago

PPO….fired…..from an artillery piece. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Murph – You’re lucky if those are legit but most N95 masks beng sold on Amazon, eBay, etc, are phonies. And the Chinese made ones are untested. AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad, LOL! I see the new czar of the anti-Covid19 effor is a Labradoodle Breeder! He must have polished up the brasses so carefully! pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Murph–I’m with you regarding a woman for president. I do applaud Biden for stating he’s going with a woman VP. All of the people mentioned, except for Michelle Obama, are great candidates. Not that I don’t think Michelle Obama isn’t a great candidate, she just doesn’t want the job, and I wish people, including Biden, would quit bringing it up. It’s a moot point, and doesn’t contribute anything to the process, IMO. glenn 20 hours ago

KN95s are not necessarily legit in stopping COVID-19. AdLib 20 hours ago


pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Ad….mine are legit…purchased through a medical supply house…. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

They found several dead in several homes that are now going broke. Staff were all infected too Harleigh 20 hours ago

Oh dear, Harleigh. Not good pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Murph–forgot to say that I think Stacey Abrams is my choice, also. She brings a lot to the table, IMO. She is articulate, experienced in state government, and leads a coalition to GOTV. Can’t beat those qualifications! glenn 20 hours ago

Glenn….Stacy Abrams is my choice……southern state, practical progressive, great stump speaker, tough as nails, very educated and very experienced. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Jails and prisons are death traps too Harleigh 20 hours ago

Harleigh – Lots of BS happy talk out there about vaccine’s being available soon but it’s a lie. The soonest vaccines have been created, tested and deployed has been more around 3 years. It may indeed be 2 years or maybe a little sooner in this case, with technology and the whole world working on it but claims of 6 months and a year are BS. Unless Trump releases a suspect, improperly tested one as he very well may, that kills more than COVID-19. AdLib 20 hours ago

Side note: The Covid Catastrophe has given Bernie Sanders a real mission. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

H, nothing will happen in the prison world. Too much money to be made and, well, collateral damage and all that! pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

PPO – The CDC can now say, “Our pandemic leader is doggone good!” AdLib 20 hours ago

Murph – Can you let me know where you got them, we don’t have N95s yet for the reason I mentioned. AdLib 20 hours ago

Lol Harleigh 20 hours ago

Ad, agree. Saw Bill Gates on Colbert last night and he says that even with unlimited money and 10 major efforts being made, even as vaccines are being tested today in UK, it will still be more than a year pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Ad….I think the “vaccine” situation has changed. I have been listening to NPR’s All Things Considered for several days as they are exploring this. A huge number of labs, lots of competition and cooperation, two competing technologies….. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

I hope I’m wrong, but given what history has shown us, I think we are in for a lot worse once the economy opens back up again. When the flu epidemic hit in 1917, it was bad. Then WWI ended in 1918, people went out to celebrate, and the death rate from the flu spiked three times higher. We’re in for a mess! glenn 20 hours ago

Ad…my N95’s have been in possession for a year. I replace them every other year and buy enough filters to get me through the two years with padding. Provider Plus was my source. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

glenn – I really like Stacy Abrams too though I’m not crazy about how aggressively she’s campaignng for the VP position, it’s a little much. But I still really like her. One has to wonder though, since Biden’s camp has said they are going to announce his VP before too long, if he’s already had Harris or Warren, but more likely Harris, come on board in secret. AdLib 20 hours ago

Yes glenn we are Harleigh 20 hours ago

Warren is out or we lose her senate seat Harleigh 20 hours ago

Ad….Harris is good but Abrams is better I think…..a broad appeal to the black community and an aggressive style that will make her an effective pit bull in the campaign. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

PPO – I saw that too and it only affirms that a year and a half would be possible but miraculous. Sooner than that is BS. AdLib 20 hours ago

glenn, which is why Fergie and I are determined to stay in place for another year if necessary and keep our cleaning protocols going. W’ere both terrified because Fergie has chronic COPD and severe scoliosis, so we can’t but keep as safe as possible pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Cops and diabetic and old lol Harleigh 20 hours ago

Ad–Hard to tell what Biden is doing regarding his VP choice. I say, let her campaign. She at least gets to introduce herself to more people nationally. As for the other candidates, I’m on board with any of them. The only hesitation I have about Warren is I’d like to see her stay in the Senate where she persists and gets on McConnell’s every last nerve! glenn 20 hours ago

Murph – Yes, there are already vaccines in a testing stage but the process of testing and confirming that they are safe and effective can’t be rushed…or else, endangers the public. And that’s why the year and a half would be the fastest ever for developing a vaccine. AdLib 20 hours ago

PPO, you and Fergie are quite the team….admirable. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Thanks Murph, I’ll check them out! AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad….I suspect that exemptions will be made based on volunteerism for the very sick….it is already being done. This thing has the powers that be deeply spooked. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Ad, and even then, it may have mutated so the vaccine is only partly effective. I’m afraid we’re stuck for maybe a generaton with this crap pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

You’re so kind, Murph, thanks pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

glenn – Yep, once people see that after this first wave of infection, that day to day life will be so hard, Repubs will refuse to help out those struggling since the wealthy have been taken care of and when all see that the economy is not going to just bounce back to where it was, it will be really rough. AdLib 20 hours ago

Go Harris is good as any even though warren would be better. Harleigh 20 hours ago

PPO–Yeah, me too. I’m staying home, no matter how grey or long my hair gets! Or how sick I am of cooking for myself! Little things that I can live with….”live” being the operative word in that sentence! glenn 20 hours ago

PPO….the tech I find most encouraging is tailored antibody construction…..skips the step of “passive infection” that vaccination creates and can be modified with some speed. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Harleigh, Warren’s seat would go up for election very swiftly, in the Spring so it wouldn’t have a Repub in it for more than a couple months. But still, I think Biden is going to pick Harris. AdLib 20 hours ago

Live is good. Fuck our ruined economy Harleigh 20 hours ago

Ad–even if the economy does “bounce back”, we’ll still be back to people living paycheck to paycheck, while the wealthy just make more money by having money. glenn 20 hours ago

Ad….why your perference for Harris. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Time for me to call it a night, gents. Take care everyone, and stay safe! Hope to chat with you all next week. glenn 20 hours ago

I cannot think of any way that the economy will not be limping along and that is disastrous for the party in power. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

I like Harris believe it or not and she’s not one teeny bit cowed by Spanky much less pence Harleigh 20 hours ago

Murph – I really like Abrams but my instinct is that, if Biden has been talking to her about being his pick, she wuldn’t be campaigning so publicly for the VP position. Harris was very coy when asked about it in an interview yesterday. Warren doesn’t seem anywhere in the mix. All signs, IMO, point to Harris being the pick. And it sure better not be Klobuchar or there will be a lot of anger in the black community. AdLib 20 hours ago

Good night m’lady Glenn. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Nite glenn Harleigh 20 hours ago

Ad. I can see your logic. I just think that Stacey is a stronger choice. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

‘Nite glenn 20 hours ago

My preferece is of course for Warren. She s the idea person, always thinking through how to accomplish fixing and addressing things. I just think, from the evidence, that Biden is courting Harris. AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad…..I want Warren in a top level cabinet job, maybe Treasury…… MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Stacey is a rising star. Someday. Harleigh 20 hours ago

Well….I need to get to bed…..keeping to my schedule…..great chat. Nite all. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Murph – Yes, I would want to see her in a very influential position. Treasury would be good. AdLib 20 hours ago

Stacey is a star! AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad, glenn, I’m going outside the box to pick Joe’s running mate. that Lady on the Committee that skewered the GOP. I can’t recall her name, but she nailed so many! pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

She should at least be given a prominent cabinet position, if she wants it. AdLib 20 hours ago

Ad….and Warren’s passing of her Senate Seat could be planned out. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

Night Murph! AdLib 20 hours ago

Take care all. MurphTheSurf3 20 hours ago

night murph! pinkpantheroz 20 hours ago

Murph – Yes, she could help handpick her Senate replacement. AdLib 20 hours ago

PPO – Yes, Val Demmings? AdLib 19 hours ago

I really like her! AdLib 19 hours ago

Warren can’t pick her successor and it’s a repube gubner Harleigh 19 hours ago

that’s the one. Mailed fist inside velvet glove pinkpantheroz 19 hours ago

This is why I think it is a great idea for Biden to announce his VP and his cabinet picks, like a Justice League to replace Trump and his Legion of Doom. AdLib 19 hours ago

Most of those departments are gutted Harleigh 19 hours ago

Harleigh – MA has very good laws about haviing elections to replace those who leave their positions. A Repub wouldn’t be in her seat more than a couple of months before an election that bought a Dem back in. AdLib 19 hours ago

brought AdLib 19 hours ago

Ok Harleigh 19 hours ago

OK, guys n gals, I’m off. Stay safe and healthy pinkpantheroz 19 hours ago

Will do, PPO. You two stay safe and healthy too! AdLib 19 hours ago

pinkpantheroz 19 hours ago

Nite ppo right behind you. Harleigh 19 hours ago

And you too Harleigh, your state is going to get a bit dicey, stay safe! AdLib 19 hours ago

Night Harleigh! AdLib 19 hours ago

This state is going to have Waste Management garbage trucks going down the streets calling ‘bring out your dead” Harleigh 19 hours ago

Night ad Harleigh 19 hours ago

No kidding! AdLib 19 hours ago

“Bring out yer dead!” AdLib 19 hours ago

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