“Of course we are real – are you?”

Some of the most serious long-term symptoms of CV-19 are being hidden from the public. Chris Cuomo let the cat out of the bag on Thursday, the Second of April. The strange long-term symptoms, like blurred vision especially in one eye, loss of balance, numbness in extremities, totally changed taste and smell, thrashing, and impaired reasoning; or as Cuomo termed it, “phantasmagorical events that aren’t dreams,” (all of which are persistent and debilitating to some extent, and some of which may be permanent), are hardly mentioned, and not included in warnings and briefings.

The most “wicked” symptom, probably, is the change in reasoning. My friends who have had serious cases of the virus, especially “John,” who I reported on previously, say that something about their brains changed. Almost impossibly, it would seem, you can tell that your thinking norms have changed, and one part of your brain sees, with perfect clarity, that another part is thinking things that are impossible. Like this: Your brain may tell you, as though it is something that you have known and accepted as fundamental for your whole life, that something that happens is inevitable. For instance, a glass starts to fall off the table, and you “know” that it will break, despite the fact that the floor is carpeted and the glass is made of plastic. But you know it as well as that the sun rises in the east. But, when it doesn’t break, you accept easily that it was a sort of vision, a false one. Obviously, we would normally think of the glass breaking as a likelihood, and not something that is inevitable. This may be the weirdest medical symptom that you have ever heard of, but it is a fact. It is also dangerous, especially for the physically or mentally challenged. The good news is that your thinking seems to go back to relatively normal after a few weeks. (But this effect may be random as to locality within the brain. Could this be the effect of random hemorrhages in the brain, as we already see in the lungs, sinuses, and breathing passages?)

Another longer-term factor may be that it is possible, after your initial recovery, to regress and have mild symptoms (characterized by low fever and changed taste sensations), or relapse and have serious symptoms, but not full-blown. You may have shortness of breath that is concerning, to say the least. But, nothing like your “serious” phase.

Ignoring the serious after-effects is the THIRD WAVE! Our mentors screwed up and failed to report the first wave, fought and lied profusely to bury the second, the early human-to-human transmissions, and now would have us do nothing to prepare for the third, which is the long-term after-effects. They haven’t reported any, except that Dr. Fauci mentioned that lung examination should be part of a post-infection evaluation protocol. Another used the term: “ravaged lungs.” Once again, in this crisis, every effort is being made by government to minimize the release and dissemination of information about possible resultant outcomes.

What the hell is wrong with these people; they can’t even learn from their mistakes? They bury helpful news and obsess on disinformation; get caught, and do it again. Nincompoops! Or rather, they are miscreants, in far over their heads, who are addicted to acting out their criminal instincts. Dr. Fauci is a rare bird and the exception. I wish there were more like him.

This is what Congress does worst. In the first place, it galls them to give out information, no matter how critical or important; that is their leverage. Hoarding information is their life’s blood. But, as a result, their defect is that they are chosen and trained to be miserable failures at preparing for the future (Did you know that Medicare has never been permanently funded. It has had to come begging at Congress’ door for funding every six months, for eighty years).

We need a “COMPREHENSIVE PLAN.” President Donald Trump must not be allowed to redact or edit it. Congress must agree that anyone who attempts to bring “politics as usual” into the proceedings to develop the plan, is immediately subject to a vote of censure. If Congress doesn’t, they are playing with people’s lives and wasting precious time.

Seems to me that that is something that should not be allowed.

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One would think that universal single payer will SURELY be an outcome of this event. It is the fruition of Churchill’s conclusion that Americans will do the right thing, AFTER they have tried everything else. Good piece, as usual.

Dahlia Swan
Dahlia Swan

There’s a lot of truth to this. I’m sick and having some blurred vision. I can’t even get tested for coronavirus because I don’t have a fever 101 or over. Plus, I have underlying conditions … so the system is STILL broken as of 04/03/20. I don’t listen to the coronavirus press briefings anymore because it’s BS.

Our governor ordered 3 million N95 masks that were confiscated in NY by the feds and put in a stockpile. Just so people know how VILE this administration truly is. Coronavirus is more contagious than anything I’ve ever seen. We had 15 deaths, all lived in the same building.

Stay safe.