Last night around midnight, a deranged narcissist was worrying about how his re-election could fail if the economy continues suffering. He knows all of the crimes that he and his family have committed, he knows he can be prosecuted the moment he is moved out of the White House.

Losing re-election is an existential threat to Donald J. Trump. And now it has also become an existential threat to millions of Americans, especially those with health issues and older Americans.

Putting on your deerstalker, you might deduce that the all-caps aspect of this tweet connotes emotional agitation and an attempt to drown out contrary thoughts in those reading it (as well as issuing a preparatory commandment to his cultists).

The content of this hysterical tweet by Trump is pretty self-explanatory. He sees the protection of Americans from a pandemic as “a worse choice” than having a weakened economy that denies him re-election. So he is bravely winding up for a pitch to demand that “nature be allowed to run its course” in the killing of 11 million Americans by COVIC-19. This is so Trump can instead prevent nature from running its course on the rigged economy and corrupt society he has helped create…because in his eyes, only losing this would be tragic.

I have already seen in social media, the Hitleresque mutterings by Trump Republicans, insisting that if the cost of repairing the economy before the election, to Trump’s benefit, is giving up on quarantines and instead, spreading the coronavirus infection quickly among all Americans, the sacrifice of the 3.4% of our population, over 11 million lives, is a fair trade-off.

Some of these sociopaths have even begun arguing that it would be a beneficial culling of the herd, cutting out those who offer the economy the least and take the most. You know, older Americans who contributed to society their whole lives (and many who continue to, to this day) and are a burden on the younger because they have retired and are receiving the Social Security money and Medicare that they already paid for over decades of their working years.

Even such greed-consumed monsters like Lloyd Blankfein from the societal cancerous, Goldman Sachs, who is also a senior at 65 years old, is very pro-pandemic, cheering on a massive spreading of illness through younger people because quarantines and saving the lives of millions has cut into his private-jet-buying mad money:

Many Progressives have portrayed the corrupt capitalism that has usurped our nation as evil, cruel and greedy but this is crossing a new line. These corrupt capitalists are now homicidal. They are openly championing the exposure to illness and the deaths of the many, while they stay safely quarantined in their guarded estates, to reverse their loss of some of their wealth.

You know the phrase, “Eat the Rich”? This is their reply to it, “Smother the sick and elderly”. Why? Because that’s the quickest straight line to more profits in their pockets.

While Trump would ordinarily just share their psychotic inhumanity, his priority as mentioned above is holding onto power and escaping criminal prosecution. Trump has shown repeatedly that he will say or do anything, no matter how repellent or dishonest, to get what he feels he needs to possess.

So here is what Trump and the greedy sociopaths supporting him are preparing to roll out. As it nears an end, Trump will declare that the 15 day quarantine has done its job, the curve has been flattened and now it’s time to get back to work and get the economy back up and humming.

This is a massive and murderous lie. By next week, the U.S. will be exponentially worse on the number of people infected with COVID-19, hospitals will be close to or will be overrun with terribly ill patients and the death toll will have risen hugely. In other words, the crisis will be so much worse while Trump lies and tells the country to believe that the job is over on preventing the spread, things are now better so go back to work. This is what he wants you to believe instead of facts and figures, the news, medical professionals and our personal experience with becoming ill or seeing relatives die. “Who are you going to believe, me or your dying guys?”

What Americans can and should do is make the complete break right now with Trump having any legitimacy as president. His orders should be ignored, his opinions and “facts” should be disregarded as lies and his re-election efforts should rightly be seen as a threat to their very lives.

This is not just petty politics anymore, this is life and death. This is a sociopath, a man without empathy or conscience, carelessly intending to cause the deaths of millions of Americans so he can selfishly cling to power and protect himself from criminal convictions. To Trump, this is a threat to his life so throwing millions of Americans off a cliff to keep his place at the top is a no-brainer decision for him (all of his decisions are “no-brainers” by definition).

What is a likely and unavoidable result is that the Republican leadership in many red states will immediately support Trump’s call to ignore the pandemic and they will position themselves to become terrible hotspots for contracting and dying from COVID-19. Thoughtful people in those states will need to ignore the lies that all is well, that workers will be fine if they just wear masks and wash their hands. People should instead remain quarantined as those streaming back into public places will be spreading the disease profusely. Those living in states Dems control will likely see their leadership continue quarantines but if not, it’s vital to think for yourself, put your own safety first and that of your family and friends, above all.

We will know when it’s safer to break quarantine and it will certainly not be while the numbers keep growing exponentially. Once the numbers recede, people would be wise to still limit public exposure and continue using safe practices including frequently washing hands for twenty seconds and not touching one’s face before hands are properly washed.

The cycle of the 1918 Spanish Flu began with a period of widespread contagion, illness and death in the Winter/Spring, a resurgence in the Fall which was the worst period then a final resurgence again the next Winter. So this is unlikely to just die out in a few months and be over. It is much more likely to come back in waves after a period of receding, for at least a year, maybe 18 months until it’s pretty much run its course and a vaccine is finally available.

This is absolutely not the end of this crisis. Many may want to believe Trump and the elite because they want it to be over but they will only be letting wishful thinking deceive them into consenting to be sacrificed upon the altar of greed and ruthless ambition.

Trust the medical professionals who are not under the thumb of Trump (so far, Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to remain independent but he is under pressure from Trump so watch for that…but Birx is under Trump’s thumb as is the awful and ignorant Surgeon General so I certainly wouldn’t invest a shred of credibility in either).

Trust your state’s leadership if and only if, they have been independent and aggressive in trying to stop the spread of COVID-19 (some Trumpers like FL’s Ron DeSantis have dragged their feet on protecting their citizens, they are untrustworthy and will be among the first to follow Trump’s edicts and sacrifice the lives of their citizens to please him).

The bottom line is, your life matters (far more than Trump’s or CEOs’ in my opinion). Protect yourself and your family and community first, above anything. Don’t trust Trump or the Republicans on anything they say about COVID-19 or the “relief” packages they support, they do not have your best interests at heart, just the opposite. They have lied and deceived us about this pandemic, endangered the lives of many while secretly selling stocks and profiting off of it. They only see this crisis as an opportunity to steal from Americans and enrich the wealthy corporations that contribute to them or represent lucrative employers for them after they’re thrown out of Congress. They are our adversaries in this life and death struggle and must never be given influence or power in our decision-making.

For better or worse, Trump’s neglect to protect Americans has moved many of them to think for themselves and look to local and genuinely concerned leaders for direction. We can’t allow the inhuman greed and lust for power from Trump, Wall Streeters or Republicans, convince us that there are no sharks in the water so it is safe for everyone but them to dive back in.

The truth is, we’re going to need a bigger boat.

We should act accordingly. And we need to remember that their anxiousness to push us back into the water is so that we can be their chum, they’re definitely not our chum.

We can worry about the stock market down the line, that is a primary concern solely to the sociopaths right now. We need to have the U.S. government financially support the people, our health, small businesses and all employees of all businesses until it is truly safe to get back out in public. “Getting back to normal” should be the result of strong health and economic protection policies, not a priority just for the sake of itself.

So be prepared, this push is going to be very powerful, backed by many wealthy entities, to manipulate people to subject themselves to illness and death so the wealthy’s profits can come back quickly. And so Trump can have a better shot at re-election.

And don’t take chances, you only have one life and it’s not worth the risk. To wrap this up with a powerful statement, here is a video of COVID-19 patient, Tara Jane Langston, a 39-year-old mother of two from London who says it all from her ICU hospital bed:

Stay smart, stay healthy and stay safe!

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Bravo, AdLib, for brilliantly exposing the depraved “reasoning” behind the
Trump mis-administration’s evil plans to keep itself in power at the
expense of the health and safety of the American public — including, no
doubt — many of its own poorly informed and delusional followers.

And nothing could drive home the importance of your article more than the
poignant and powerful video of Tara Jane Langston, the recovering COVID-19 patient!


Did you see the story about St. Louis and Philadelphia, in 1918? They both had “Founders’ Day” celebrations scheduled. St. Louis cancelled, and Philadelphia did not. The result was horrible. My grandma, who was a young woman with a family then, said that every family lost a grandparent. McConnell and friends will probably advocate us killing our grandparents soon, as an expedient.


As well as having seen the story about St. Louis and Philadelphia in 1918, I
live in St. Louis County and went to elementary through high school with a granddaughter of Dr. Max Starkloff, St. Louis’ Health Commissioner at the
time. I also knew, but didn’t go to school with — a grandson of his who
became an internationally recognized disability rights advocate years after being left a quadriplegic after a near-fatal car accident.

It was Dr. Starkloff, with the full cooperation of then St. Louis Mayor Henry
Kiel, whose draconian public safety measures during the great influenza epidemic resulted in St. Louis having by far the lowest mortality rate of all
major American cities.

While both Dr. Starkloff and Mayor Kiel were Republicans, they were a
different breed than the political vermin who call themselves “Republicans” today. Both of them would be spinning in their graves if they could see how
low that once somewhat respectable party has sunk.

Dahlia Swan
Dahlia Swan

What sickens me is these Coronavirus Press Briefings are literally a replacement for a Trump rally. All he does is boast about himself and attacks reporters.

No talk of the suffering in America today – and how sad for those who lost a loved one’s … that hear narcissism from Trump on a daily basis.

With the exception of weekly groceries … we have been staying in. Not easy, but need to do the right thing. I can’t catch the virus and certainly don’t want to be responsible of spreading it to someone else.

Eight days from now will not be the end. How I wish it would be – but anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that is not reality.

Be well <3

Good site here for Coronavirus stats by state:


Very well said, Dahlia Swan! Be well, too. And thank you for posting the link
for the state Coronavirus stats.