We got some interesting numbers about the coronavirus epidemic today: Angela Merkel, Germany’s former Chancellor, said that she has reason to believe that the transmission rate may be as high as 70-80% in Germany. Numbers from northern Italy indicate that the death rate among patients testing positive there is approximately 6.6%. If you put those two numbers together with the fact that almost every American has been exposed, then you get nearly 300,000,000 persons infected and eighteen million deaths. The number, based on past epidemics, won’t be that high. But it appears that the death toll may be very high, the economic disruption devastating, and the emotional impact: I really don’t want to try to imagine.

I believe that the virus spread across the country months ago, and is in fact a very fast spreader, and has taken this long to incubate. That’s a deadly combination. It explains why some patients go from clear, to serious, to deceased in a single hour. The virus already has a foothold, then our immune system crashes.

Many of these symptoms and milestones are practically unheard of. You get the impression that these bugs are clever, and determined to beat our defenses, and that they are winning.

There are certain statistical norms the epidemiologists accept as natural to transmission rates. One is that we have an “explosion” of new cases coming. If we have a thousand cases total to this point, then if this blow-up happened tomorrow, we might have 2000 this time next week. On a graph, this looks like a steep hill that we are just starting to climb. It’s very steep this time, and it will likely overwhelm our resources, medical and otherwise. That’s when the war really starts. At this point, we have reports of the enemy, and knowledge of his whereabouts. What comes after will test this nation like nothing ever has. It will test our humanity.

It has come to light today, though almost completely buried by mainstream and blog media, that Trump and his criminal followers have known about the potential tragedy for months, and even formed a task force, with meetings at a highly secure facility. They didn’t get a head start on saving lives – they schemed about how to minimize the political fallout. The President has absolutely no other interest.

A close friend of my family is a doctor of forty-five years. When he left to go to work yesterday, he was wearing green scrubs, instead of his usual white coat. His wife looked at us and said: “I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again.”

We have to win this war. Then break Trump into tiny little pieces, and impeach him for crimes against humanity. Then delete him from our lives.

Trump’s “reception” in the Rose Garden was the clearest proof yet of his descent into psychosis. It was attempting murder. What kind of hideous freak could risk another human being life, and subject another to a horrible death; just to prove a sick, hateful, unbelievably stupid point, that an uneducated “everything denier” is more intelligent than anyone else who has ever lived. He is a pathetic, miserable excuse for a man. He murders out of stubborn stupidity, disgusting ignorance, vulgar and pagan unbelief. He would destroy the entire human race, and the planet that is our home, to destroy the very concept of love, of decency, of humanity.

President Donald Trump is an idiot. He is a fool. He is the embodiment of pure, satanic evil. He will kill as many people as he can until he is stopped. And we will never forgive them. Not in a thousand generations. They will always be hated, as long as memory, for inflicting this curse, and burning us in the fire of ignorance, sacrificing us to his damned plague. And threatening our future, and our children’s lives.

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