As Trump left his meeting with drug company execs about COVID-19, he said: “We’ll go with the flu vaccine,” after just having been told that to do so could be very dangerous, and could make the illness worse in many. (In fact, it could make the virus harder to fight; and could possibly cause a new mutation to develop) At one point, Trump smirked and winked, because he thought that he had bested the “doctors;” after having looked confused and distracted for most of the meeting. Very telling was the fact that the physicians gave up on Trump. They just stopped trying to convince him, and I saw horror in their eyes.

Typical Trump, right? Well, it might be, except for one thing. He already knows that COVIID-19 can cause permanent aftereffects, such as partial paralysis, blindness, and permanent organ damage, even brain damage. He knows, and he is keeping it secret.

So you say: “Hey, wait a minute! That’s not right. He can’t just risk that kind of damage to people, and risk so many lives by constantly minimizing the response, and now hiding the information about the after-effects – at exactly the moment when he should be informing us all about them; and all to maximize his chances of being re-elected. For a goddamned ego trip. So he can pretend to be a genius. That’s murder!”

He already knows, and that makes it murder. Donald Trump is willing to destroy lives, and allow who knows how many unnecessary deaths because to tell the truth, would end his presidency and destroy his chances for re-election.

COVID-19 is a new kind of virus, never seen before. It could be the first of its kind. COVID-19 has been being spread throughout the country (and the world) for at least six months, not six weeks, but spreads slowly (except in situations where patients are concentrated together, like on quarantined ships). It affects different people with widely different patterns of symptoms. Some people may display as asymptomatic. In most “serious” cases, but varying in severity, the breathing response shuts down. This often makes necessary mechanical breathing support. That’s correct: the breathing response is repressed.

We need the best people in the world working together. The top immunologists, epidemiologists, and neurologists, and pulmonary specialists working together. We have to all work together. We have to mobilize and assemble response teams. Coordinate research efforts. Prepare and equip first-responders, doctors, the public, and our hospitals.

If “super-viruses” are the future, then we had better get to work. They have a big head start. And, we are flying blind. Trump is an idiot and a smart-ass punk who likes to pretend that he knows everything. And that may be the death of us all.

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