Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PST. Unfortunately, I am tied up.inventing a funnel that can be inserted into the brains of Republican Senators for pouring in truth and self-respect so guest hosting tonight will be the always wonderful Choicelady. Have a great evening and see you at next week’s Vox! AdLib 7 days ago

I am here, for now. Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad!!! I hope you’re still here. It’s been far too long! choicelady 7 days ago

Hi all! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Well, what a week for Schiff – hero! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – so good to see you! Yes, Schiff is amazing! choicelady 7 days ago

How are things in Australia? I thought you’d gotten a lot of rain recently, is that correct? choicelady 7 days ago

Does anyone think that the GOP will do the right thing? Ever? and get rid of this boil on their backsides? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

There are reports that there are three votes for witnesses in the GOP with another possible. But overall, I doubt any of them will convict him. choicelady 7 days ago

Hey glenn – I SEEEEE you! choicelady 7 days ago

“if the truth doesn’t matter, we’re lost.” glenn 7 days ago

cl, things have cooled off, we’ve had all the plagues in one week – Bushfires, drenching rain and flash floods, a Dust Storm and now a plague of spiders escaping the wetness! How biblical is that, and our Pentecostal idiot of a PM still reg=fuses to admit to human-induced climate change! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Evening, everyone. Yea, CL, you’re here! Hey PPO and Khirad. glenn 7 days ago

Yes. Years ago I read a detective series where the wheels of justice had turned, but the wrong decision was stil made. The detective said, “right needs to be done”. And that was his point, too. choicelady 7 days ago

hi glenn, I’ don’t know Khirad, nor see him/her pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

I’m glad you have rain, PPO. I’m sorry everything ELSE has happened! Years ago when we’d had fires, earthquakes, etc. a reporter asked the Governor’s press person about that. He sighed and said, “Yes, we’re just toads and boils aways fromt eh 7 plagues.” I think you’re there, too. choicelady 7 days ago

PPO–Don’t know Khirad, either, but s/he was here at the very top. I remember last week, s/he was also here, but also momentarily. glenn 7 days ago

Nope, not yet, the toads are still up north! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – Khirad has left the building. He was a longtime PPOV participant whom we’ve not seen in years. Brilliant and insightful, I hope he will return. choicelady 7 days ago

Khrad is a man, BTW. choicelady 7 days ago

PPO–WOW! The land of oz is really going through it all! glenn 7 days ago

OK, hope so as well, we need bodies! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

CL–Thanks for the info on Khirad. Hope he returns. glenn 7 days ago

He did a blog series for us years ago. He went to Washington DC to the less well known sites, and it was fascinating. He posted daily telling us about things he’d seen we didn’t even know existed. He apparently speaks Arabic, is very knowledgable about ME history and politics, and plays in a Scottish drum corps band. He’s someone well worth knowing. choicelady 7 days ago

See where Trump has been caught on camera saying to get rid of AMb. Marie Yovanovitch! Little nasty man in an orange fat suit pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Can either one of you explain republican senators to me? They aren’t even paying attention; yet complain they haven’t heard anything new; yet won’t allow any new witnesses. WTF? glenn 7 days ago

glenn – he’s backpeddling saying he had a ‘right’ to get rid of anyone and hire anyone he wanted. Doesn’t explain the ‘get rid of her’ statement nor the lack of proper process. choicelady 7 days ago

Khirad sounds like a fascinating person. Hope we hear from him. glenn 7 days ago

glenn, they’re caught with their nuts in a vice, those who have any left. They followed someone they thought they could control, but he’s out conned them all pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Donnie wants to be Gotti. That’s why I’m thrilled Parnas is singing. He will be “Sammy the Bull” Gravano who brought down John Gotti to Trump’s wannabe godfather position. choicelady 7 days ago

CL–Oh, puleeze! The impotus using proper process? Give me a break! glenn 7 days ago

glenn – I know, I know. I’m soooo naive. choicelady 7 days ago


pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Trump can’t get over not still being on “The Apprentice”. choicelady 7 days ago

cl, I think he thinks he still is and can order everyone around and do dumb stuff, all for ratings. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Does anyone know how Murph is doing? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

glenn – that’s exactly right. choicelady 7 days ago

PPO – is there something wrong with Murph? I haven’t been here for a time. That would be worrisome. choicelady 7 days ago

Khirad!!! So GREAT to see you! choicelady 7 days ago

cl, he had a procedure a few weeks ago – don’t know for what. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO–On one hand, I hear what you’re saying. On the other hand, they are the only ones who can actually “out-con” him. They have many tools in place. First of all, they can vote to subpoena Bolton, Pompeo, etc. They can also find at least 2-3 people in his cabinet to invoke the 25th where, I think, Congress then gets into the act. Or, they can find their nuts and stop cowtowing to him. I just can’t wrap my mind around their fecklessness, lies, and IMO, plain treason! glenn 7 days ago

PPO =- I hate to hear that. I’ll drop him a note. choicelady 7 days ago

glenn – totally agree! choicelady 7 days ago

CL–I sure hope Parnas does bring down the impotus! glenn 7 days ago

from your lips….glenn! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Pleased to meet you, Khirad. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

glenn and PPO – absolutely. As Schiff said, it is going to come out. choicelady 7 days ago

Ooops – Khirad left. choicelady 7 days ago

I’m here. Khirad 7 days ago

With AdLib not here, he might not want to dive in again. choicelady 7 days ago

I have him present pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Oh you ARE here – that’s wonderful! choicelady 7 days ago

Catch me up. Khirad 7 days ago

CL–If I remember correctly, Murph had open heart surgery. I asked Ad about him last week and Ad said Murph was recovering, and hoped to be back with us soon. That’s all I know. glenn 7 days ago

Khirad you wnat to introduce yourself? I am SO GLAD to see you! choicelady 7 days ago

Who all remembers me? Khirad 7 days ago

Oh no – that’s major big stuff! Sorry to here that about Murph. choicelady 7 days ago

cl, I guess we’re not at Adlib’s level, but we still come up with good stuff every now and again! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Khirad – I do. AdLib is off tonight, but he’ll be back next week. PPO is from Australia and a regular, and glenn is from Georgia where she lives near her kids and grandkids. They are very much staples of theFrisy VPopuli conversations. choicelady 7 days ago

Just let me fold in. Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad – what have you been doing recently? choicelady 7 days ago

We are talking about Schiff and the course of the impeachment hearings of course. choicelady 7 days ago

Khirad–you’re going to have to introduce yourself to me and PPO. CL remembers you; she gave us a little of your history; I’m so interested on your take on what’s happening in DC right now. glenn 7 days ago

Looking forward to your views, Khirad pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Just had another job interview. I’m into the kitchen thing. Knives and stuff. Khirad 7 days ago

I couldn’t take another day of the “trial” Khirad 7 days ago

Knives? Looks like we’re gunna need hatchets to hack 3/45* out of the WH pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

I do not have that in my knife roll, but I’ve seen things. Khirad 7 days ago

Incredibly impressed with Schiff and his measured approach, letting trump and his cohorts condemn themselves. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

I think Nadler should have held back. Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad–You just can’t throw things like knives and a job interview around without telling us a little bit more. We’re very nosy around here–or at least I am. glenn 7 days ago

I love that the GOP senators have no answers except to’take exception’ to the Dems Manners! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

I’m just hoping. Been out of work for a while, but I really like the kitchen. Like — Gordan Ramsay is the nicest chef ever. Khirad 7 days ago

PPO–I want to puke or throw things or both when I hear repubs lecturing ANYONE about “manners”. Have they ever rebuked the TLB for his manners? (TLB stands for treasonous, lying bully, my name for the impotus). glenn 7 days ago

Khirad – I agree about Nadler even though I’ve met and talked with him. His anger gave them excuses. choicelady 7 days ago

Khirad – What have you got lined up? Anything you put your mind to you will do brilliantly. choicelady 7 days ago

I love Nadler – just not in public. He’s acting like he’s in the kitchen! Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad–I see by your avatar that you claim bon air as your residence. Can you tell us a little more about that? glenn 7 days ago

Khirad – good description. he was incredibly kind to me in a chance private conversation back in 2009. I will always respect him even when I wish he hadn’t blown up. choicelady 7 days ago

I will need to change that, I’m in Arizona, Tucson wise. Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad, I agree that Gordon is a @#[email protected]#[email protected]# good chef! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Well, my avatar says I’m in Fair Oaks. I am NOT. That seems to be where my internet is. choicelady 7 days ago

Okay, I didn’t know. I’m in Arizona. Khirad 7 days ago

Gordon is realistic, as well. Khirad 7 days ago

Well, not all the reality show elements but the shouting, yes. Khirad 7 days ago

I know where you are from our Facebook connection over your Scottish band. I just got shut out of Facebook – my stupid computer’s cookies got scrambled, and I don’t know my password. Probably not a huge loss. choicelady 7 days ago

cl, I am in MEL! Back patio is filthy from the soot, ash, dust, all mixed together by the rain! Dreadful news about the C-130 Water bomber crash. RIP the 3 AMerican Crew. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

You know what? I think it’s just fine that Nadler is showing anger. Although I prefer Schiff’s measured, calm approach, the repubs need to see a little fire too. After all lyin’ Lindsey can go on tv and get all outraged about what Dems are allegedly doing to the poor, picked-on TLB. It’s okay for Nadler to show anger. It doesn’t matter whether Dems show calm, anger, outrage, or whatever. Repubs will find something to complain or whine about. Tough! glenn 7 days ago

I’m banned from facebook for another week or so. I had a month long FU from them. Khirad 7 days ago

PPO – we are heartbroken over the loss of the crew. But we are heartbroken over the loss of your country and its animals. Wretched things to be happening to good people. choicelady 7 days ago

Khirad – GOOD FOR YOU! choicelady 7 days ago

Khirad–So you like the desert? glenn 7 days ago

glenn – that is a VERY GOOD observation! But now they’re whining they were ‘offended’. They’re looking for excuses. choicelady 7 days ago

I’m working to get back, but I’ve been here over ten years. McSally is a bitch. Khirad 7 days ago

PPO–Yes, that was a shame about those 3 Americans. glenn 7 days ago

Khirad – I saw she was in free fall in the polls. Is that accurate? Is kelly going to wipe the floor with her? choicelady 7 days ago

cl, and Khirad, : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m2m_9Uijso

pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

It’s Arizona, – I think nationally you are being optimistic, but no better candidate could have been put up against her. Khirad 7 days ago

I like the planet because you understand that a bisexual former Green can become a Senator in Kristen Sinema and still not vote like – not Arizona Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad – I’m glad to hear she may be toast. choicelady 7 days ago

CL–Again, tough if they’re offended. I’m offended, outraged, frustrated, and totally pissed off that repubs can lie, cheat, and show such indifference to the TLB destroying our democracy. So, too damn bad for them! glenn 7 days ago

Hey Harleigh–how goes it? glenn 7 days ago

cl, yes, hope Kelly can oust her. Nasty person. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

HArleigh! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Harleigh! Welcome. Come meet an old and beloved part of PPOV – Khirad. AdLib is off for the evening. You’re stuck with me. choicelady 7 days ago

hi folks Harleigh 7 days ago

I live here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w89r74jAG30

Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad–I hope Kelly wipes the floor with McSally, as CL says. glenn 7 days ago

aw well if I gotta be stuck…. lol Harleigh 7 days ago

I’ve learned never to get my hopes up. It would be by a couple points. Khirad 7 days ago

glenn, I could care less that they are ‘offended’ . They have no moral ground of any kind to stand on. they made their own quicksand and are now sinking out of sight. Good! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Tucson, Phoenix and Flagstaff are all college towns, but its gerrymandered. Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad–I lived in Saudi Arabia and Iran, so I can relate to where you live. Also, I’ve visited friends who live in Phoenix. The desert has its own beauty, but I prefer the coastlines. I lived in Florida for many years, and moved here to GA from the Florida Keys. I’m a water baby, I think. glenn 7 days ago

I’ve found beauty here. Scorpions, snakes and all. It’s not scary, but I’m a Cascadian. Khirad 7 days ago

glenn – I could live anywhere there are large bodies of water. Agreed. choicelady 7 days ago

PPO–Exactly. There was an article on one of the websites I read today that two life-long republicans called into C-Span to say that they, too, are finally disgusted with the way the repubs are destroying our democracy in their sham of a “trial”. One caller even cried because he was so upset. glenn 7 days ago

glenn, ‘Lay Down McSally, and kick her out the door”! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Khiad – what do you mean by “cascadian’? From the Cascade mountains? choicelady 7 days ago

I’m a dual spirit. I miss the Gray of my homeland, but I can trek the desert. Khirad 7 days ago

PPO–Yeah, that’s the song! glenn 7 days ago

PPO – I wonder if we could parlay that song into something??? choicelady 7 days ago

CL–Hopefully a blistering defeat for McSally! glenn 7 days ago

Who would be interested in my Cascadia post? Khirad 7 days ago

Don’tcha think you want someone to vote for? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

K, all of us, I think pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Khirad – my husband’s daugher and her husband lived in teh Phoenix are, and I HATE it. But east into the Superstition Mountains, South to your neck of the woods, and north to Flagstaff> Wonderful. choicelady 7 days ago

Khiirad – I”d LOVE your Cascadia post!!! choicelady 7 days ago

Cascadia, as in the sorta joking separatist movement. Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad–it’s a funny thing about those scorpions. When we moved from our house in the Keys to a house also in Florida; we opened a box and right on top was a huge scorpion. Luckily, it was dead! glenn 7 days ago

I have Cascadia flags, and everthing. Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad – does it have anything in common with the State of Jefferson in Norther CA and SE Oregon? choicelady 7 days ago

I’m staring at a Cascadia flag now – it’s on my wall behind the TV Khirad 7 days ago

What happened to Harleigh? choicelady 7 days ago

No, not the state of Jefferson. No. No. No. Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad–perhaps you could write a post on the Planet to explain the Cascadian movement. glenn 7 days ago

Good! choicelady 7 days ago

The State of Jefferson sort of creeps me out. choicelady 7 days ago

It’s a promise. I even had a membership card made for me as an ambassador from Tucson. Khirad 7 days ago

What is the state of Jefferson? glenn 7 days ago

g, I was about to ask that pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Libertarian paradise. Khirad 7 days ago

This is good though. What is known about Cascadia? Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad–okay, thanks. glenn 7 days ago

Sorry! is Libertarian good or bad? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

glenn – it’s open range in the area north of Redding, CA and into SE Oregon. It’s a separatist movement, not initially serious, wanting national, not just regional, independence from CA. Yes, Khirad – it’s deeply Libertarian, It’s getting into a gun rights frenzy now, and it’s scary. choicelady 7 days ago

What glenn says,and drive though it. Khirad 7 days ago

PPO – it’s bad now. It’s hyper individualism coupled with strong property rights advocacy. Now it’s guns. I have to travel through it often, and it creeps me out. choicelady 7 days ago

PPO–Just to give you an idea. Rand Paul is a libertarian. I don’t know too much about it, but I do believe libertarians want small government, and believe the “free market” should determine government. glenn 7 days ago

cl, don’t like the sound of that. At least it’s no yet a Gangsta Paradise like the WH pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

thanks, glenn, got the creepy idea. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

CL–Oh, goodie. More separatists! glenn 7 days ago

PPO there’s a lot of overlap between Paul and Trump. Lots of fusion around Dominionism, the heretical breakaway religious extremists, and with love of fascist Russia. choicelady 7 days ago

Yup. My fams grew up in the PNW and I followed them to Arizona. We go up the I-5 and it gets creepy between Mt. Shasta and before Eugene. Khirad 7 days ago

Khirad, if you would like an idea of where I’m from, check the POV Archives for ‘The Man Me Mother Married’ pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

I’d be willing to let Jefferson go their own way – they have very little in the way of resoruces – except it’s got I-5 between Sacramento and Ashland OR. To get to Ashland up the coast requires a 2 day v 6 hour trip. choicelady 7 days ago

CL–So sorry you have to be creeped out like that. glenn 7 days ago

I have people gunning for me in Modoc County in far NE CA. I literally cannot go there. So I don’t want to lose more turf. choicelady 7 days ago

Jeez, sounds like the ‘no go’ areas of FLorida, where you daren’t leave the Freeways pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

I love Ashland too. But Medford… Khirad 7 days ago

Yes, Khirad – Medford… choicelady 7 days ago

I detest the film “Deliverance”. I’m horrified to know it’s real. choicelady 7 days ago

CL–Literally “gunning” for you? That’s scary! glenn 7 days ago

Anyway, Cascadian Independence – if but a dream, – hear me out in a post. Khirad 7 days ago

Yes – my organization did a lot on gun control. Some of our former members are gun zealots, and they all were in Modoc and got quite threatening. choicelady 7 days ago

cl, what do they think you did to deserve that harassment? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Khirad – please do post it! choicelady 7 days ago

PPO – gun control issues. choicelady 7 days ago

Oh, OK pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Khirad–looking forward to your post. glenn 7 days ago

Khirad 7 days ago

Anyone know what the next round of hearings will be? I’m in and out of them, and I’ve lost track. choicelady 7 days ago

CL–another “set” of people I just cannot understand. People who are willing to gun someone down in order to “protect” their right to gun someone down. glenn 7 days ago

I’m off and inspired. Khirad 7 days ago

glenn – I have never read that stated better. Thank you! It’s my puzzlement as well. choicelady 7 days ago

CL–I actually think the hearings will continue into tomorrow. The TLB was complaining because they were going to be on a Saturday, and no one would be watching them. Because tomorrow is when the TLB’s lawyers are supposed to speak. glenn 7 days ago

glenn – sorry to be dim. TLB? choicelady 7 days ago

CL–Thanks. glenn 7 days ago

CL–My name for the impotus. The Treasonous Lying Bully. glenn 7 days ago

LOL!!! That’s PERFECT!!! choicelady 7 days ago

I refuse to use his name; and definitely refuse to call him the title he doesn’t deserve to be called. glenn 7 days ago

Well, I for one also have far better things to do than listen to those creeps. I’ve had the displeasure of being in court w Sekulow years ago. He’s not THE dimmest bulb ever, but he’s awful. choicelady 7 days ago

OK, folks, time to go shopping! Thanks, cl for being Ad for the day. See you all next week, if TLB hasn’t launched! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO–G’day. My best to Fergie! glenn 7 days ago

PPO – “Ad fof a Day” Thank you! Great to see you Hope things get better there. choicelady 7 days ago

G’day indeed! choicelady 7 days ago

Ciao! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Well here we are, the last two and two women at that. Not sure that’s happened before. choicelady 7 days ago

Do you want to stay or pack it in. It’s SO much later in your neck of the woods! choicelady 7 days ago

CL–Do you ever watch Samantha Bee’s show. She did a bit on Wednesday night about the TLB’s lawyers, and about how two out of the three of them are protectors of sexual predators. She said if the three of them formed a law firm, it would be the only law firm whose phone number is 911! glenn 7 days ago

glenn – LOL!!! No, I have not see her in months. I gave up watching TV, but she’s one I miss. THAT is just priceless! choicelady 7 days ago

You’re right, only the two of us. I don’t have much more to say, except to say you did a wonderful job filling in for Ad. Hope to see you next week, too. I’m here most Friday nights; this is my sanity session for the week. glenn 7 days ago

I hope to be. My hubby and I often go out for dinner on Friday, and it seems to spill into the Vox time zone. I’m working on getting him out EARLIER so I can be here more. I also miss it, and I love seeing YOU. choicelady 7 days ago

I don’t watch her show live. I catch it on YouTube, or one of the websites that I frequent always shows clips of her show. glenn 7 days ago

Oh – I always forget I can do that! Thanks – I’l go look her stuff up. She never fails to make me laugh, and lordy – we NEED that! choicelady 7 days ago

Please keep up your dinner date with your hubby. He is certainly more important than chatting with us. Believe me, enjoy every minute of time with him that you can. That being said, I do hope you can talk him into earlier, because I always love to chat with you. I’m going to sign off now, it is late here. Again, great chatting with you; take care and be safe! glenn 7 days ago

It is late there. We will catch up next week I hope. I can move our Friday dinner to 6 and get here after. Keep your fingers crossed I get him to do something new! Hugs to you. See you soone! choicelady 7 days ago

Soon. choicelady 7 days ago

G’night. Hugs right back at you! glenn 7 days ago

Good night! choicelady 7 days ago

Good night everyone, wherever you are. This wraps up another fun Vox night. Glad we got to reconnect with a dear friend, Khirad. Hope others of you will join in. Peace and hope for the remainder of the week. Good night! choicelady 7 days ago

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