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The story over at Boeing came out after the first crash. Of course the second crash need never have happened. Hundreds of people were killed for no good reason. They died, human beings ripped to shreds, and burned to charred husks, for ego.

Boeing had wormed paid lobbyists, bought with your money, into positions of power in government, where they regulated themselves, or not at all. The company provided no oversight at all except indirectly, and without accountability, through top executives. That put non-technical people in charge. And a connection was broken! Maybe top-down management, with zero accountability, works in salt mines. It hasn’t worked at Boeing.

The solution over at Boeing is idiotically simple: get every single person involved in your feedback loops. (None of those people would have died.) Have lower-level personnel write efficiency ratings for higher-level. And give a damn about morale. Take responsibility. Stop thinking in terms of volume, or stock up on body bags. (Official releases yesterday suggest that Boeing may, once again, put ambition before safety, by risking astronauts’ lives flying unproven equipment.)

Only the top executives at Boeing could make decisions about the corporate ethicality of the twisted paradigm of lobbyists with political power and oversight over themselves. The execs, who are paid millions, failed totally, and killed hundreds. Because of greed? I don’t think so. They can burn money. All those hundreds died because Boeing was saying what Trump says, and what every lamppost hanging street punk, extorting dimes from children’s lunch money says: “No one can tell me what to do.” That’s the kind of people that they hire.

But, I have a bone to pick! After another Boeing failure, just yesterday, caused by lack of coordination between implementation and development groups, a very important voice in this issue said something very curious. He said that space travel is dangerous, “and always will be.” I’ve been on airplanes doing six hundred miles an hour, at sixty thousand feet above the ground. What distinguishes that from space travel? Certainly not air. The VIP should know better than anyone that hurtling through space under jet power, with five hundred passengers and their gear, is dangerous, and “always will be.”

But, as I said, he did know that. I think that he just didn’t care.

If one of the top technilogical companies in the world cannot build, then what does that bode for the future of technology. With lobbyists running the show, and “the Idiot” at the wheel?

You know, when I think about it, and examine the aftermath, it becomes obvious that Boeing’s problems are neither ethical or moral. They rather more seem to be childish and willful, and the actors ridiculous last-reel villains; shallow, and utterly devoid of character or quality. They seem stupid.

Can’t we do any better than them? Where did they come from? They have their connections, and their bullshit degrees; but a community college grad who keeps a balanced checkbook could do a better job.

You know what really stinks? I know that there are people at Boeing who know practically everything there is to know about building jetliners. But, from the start, the Press have spoken only in terms of faulty equipment, not Boeing’s corrupt business culture.

All those people who died in the 737-Max crashes: it was no accident!

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