“It Was My Baby!”

William Barr frames every word that he speaks based on his Federalist Society inspired, ultra-elitest conspiracy to undermine our three-branch form of government and replace it with “Executive Presidency,” using ideas from Turkey, Russia, and China. We used to just say, “autocracy.”

Rule by one man’s word! Can you believe that any person who has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States could utter such a repudiation, such disloyal garbage, and use his position in government service to promote it?

One thing that we have to keep in mind about William Barr is that he has promoted an executive presidency for decades, since college. He has single-handedly kept an anti-American ideal alive.

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Barr is doing exactly what Trump did, and does; and he is doing exactly what he has always done: promoting himself at the expense of the American Dream, as an enemy of Democracy. Not only has Barr promoted and published on the subject of a unilaterally powerful presidency, but, in a very real way, promoting treason made Barr what he is today. Trump and Barr aren’t both just traitors to their country and their oaths; they trade in it: They are selling disloyalty, and breeding treason. That is another level of crime: “High Treason.” It is as though to: “raise armies against,” which is exactly what they are doing. “There is indeed something rotten…”

“The proof is in the pudding!” Its an almost miraculous irony that at the instant autocracies begin to pop up worldwide; this disgusting, lying, simple-minded (single-minded), vulgar freak of a President comes along to show us incontrovertibly why that idea is ridiculous. Why Democracy is an infinitely better system.

Attorney General William Barr has strived his whole life to defy the Constitution and create an all-powerful President. LOOK WHAT HE GOT! And he proved himself a dullard by thoughtlessly admitting that he is effective legal counsel for the Executive. Talk about: “brain frost!”

(Allow me to digress for a moment, and consider a simple two-letter word: “we.” Another used that word, “we,” lately. It made an impression. Trump said: “We don’t need Joe Biden…” Now, Mr. Barr refers to himself as a member of a “we” that includes…? Who, exactly, is “We?” “We” is plural; and two is a conspiracy.)

Strange, isn’t it? The “Founders” warned against traitors who might: “give aid and comfort to the enemy,” or those who might attempt to carve out empires in the vastness. I don’t think that they could have ever conceived of traitors who would attack the idea itself. Trump is not just an affront, but an assault on everything it is to be a modern man. Everything it is to be an American.

It has just been reported that Trump said that the “Articles,” “aren’t even against the law.”

For the first time, I feel sorry for Trump. He is oblivious to the “National Dialogue,” and unable to understand that the issue has moved beyond the legal and ethical, to the moral. He thinks that he’s in a legal proceeding, where, from his experience, you can always “buy and lie.”

Our complaint is simple: He betrayed our core principles. And he lied.

{The attached article is a another very good read.}


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