The Republican Party has been funnelling money from foreign anti-Democratic regimes and “investors” into the nation’s political processes for decades.

The money is, and has been, used to buy “absolute power” domestically for the Republican Party; and influence and control in American politics for enemies of democracy. As a continuing and permanent part of the deal, the anti-Democratic regimes and billionaires work their subversive magic to influence in thousands of ways those same elections. This is a permanent vicious cycle of corruption designed ultimately to destroy democracy and Democratic principles.

Trump facilitated the establishment of alliances between enemies of Democracy for years before he became President; and he continues to do so.

He published an advertisement for corruption when he invited Russian hackers to influence and corrupt our elections.

Now he’s instigating investigation from foreign governments, disregarding our Legislative branch’s prerogatives, and the law.

And (they are forcing us to read this in with their references in their statements to the movie; “The Godfather,” and the use of the word: “eerie”) are we to believe that Trump offered services in exchange for Vice President Biden’s head? Is that what took them off-guard, that had them comparing notes?

So now Trump wants to name his opponents, and use the power of the presidency to unsure he wins the Presidency.

What next?

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