Lewandowski’s Belligerent Obfuscation And Delay Are Obviously Intended To Mislead Congress And Impede Their Investigations

Corey Lewandowski admitted that he lies to the public. He admitted that he gave one set of answers to the public, and another set to investigators (and yet another to investigators on another occasion). He says that it doesn’t matter if he lies to the public, me and you. At the very least, this reveals a pattern to stonewall an investigation of Congress and mislead their investigation; which must depend on reliable information. Let me make that clear: by lying to the public, Lewandowski is attempting to mislead and delay an investigation of Congress.

Lewandowski clearly lied to mislead. It doesn’t matter to whom he lied. He would not bother to lie to the public were it not to his advantage. Millions of people heard his lie, including the investigators, and were forced to choose between two sets of answers (the only reasonable solution being to regard everything that he says as unreliable – and in all likelihood criminal in intent, considering the seriousness of the consequences for getting caught and his aggressive attitude and behavior).

We need to know everything that Lewandowski lied about. We need to know why he lied. And, who benefited from his lies.

Aren’t Lewandowski’s belligerent attitude, uncooperative answers, and general attitude of hostility all part of a strategy to keep information from the investigation? Of course they are! That is clearly stated – not simply implied. Every time one of Trump’s underlings lies or delays, it damages Congress’s ability to investigate. And Trump brazenly orders them to be uncooperative. That is criminal.

Isn’t it indicative of criminal intent when a witness burns every question by obfuscating and delaying – BEFORE HE WILL CONSENT TO ANSWER THE QUESTION BEFORE HIM!

Lewandowski lied. He lied to distort the public record. He lied to confuse the public, he lied to devalue the investigation. And he repeatedly was contemptuous, aggressively questioning the investigators.

I believe that he should be required to answer or or be held in contempt.

How long must we tolerate their belligerence? Their aggressive attitude towards questions and questioners. We are not stupid. When Lewandowski asks the investigators to repeat the content of the question, or the context, again and again, we know that he is obstructing. Every time one of Trump’s “associates” half-lies, delays, or claims selective loss of memory, we are being cheated.

We Are Being Cheated Of Justice, And Our System Of Justice. Everything’s in the pot. They think think they have an unbeatable hand.

Obstruction of Justice: “To impede, by placing obstacles or hindrances, the processes of the legal system; or to design to interfere with the duties of legally constituted authority.”

*** Now might be a good time to be “heads up” for the FBI to perpetrate another outrageous act of politically motivated interference in law, or the electoral process.***


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Why in the hell was he not charged with Contempt of Congress and then dismissed. Fine him. Hell, jail him. They have the power.