Finally! After a two month break from debates, the top ten candidates for president in the Democratic Party gather in Houston to debate.

And all of them on the same stage on the same night so it could be very interesting indeed!

As many folks at The Planet know, there is no better way to watch the debates and share and discuss your immediate impressions of the candidates and the debate than by simultaneously watching and live chatting right here!

You can watch the debate live in the video embed below:

You can also watch it at any of these outlets:

TV broadcast: ABC and Univision

Online stream: ABCNews.comABC News LiveGood Morning America and FiveThirtyEight Websites: Youtube, Facebook Watch, Apple News, Twitter

Everyone’s invited to join the live chat here during the debate! It’s quick and easy! Just sign into your PlanetPOV account if you’re not already signed in then click on the “Live Events” blue bar in the bottom right corner of the screen and the Live Chat will pop up!

Hope to see you then!

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