During the 2016 presidential campaign Hillary Clinton told us what a Trump presidency would look like. People who had the insight to look beyond the fact that Hillary is a woman and that people in the USA might not be sophisticated enough to elect a woman to lead our government, also saw what a Trump presidency would look like. Some people to this day still say Hillary lost the election because she was a terrible candidate. Well, maybe she lost the election because WE are a terrible electorate.

WE made a big deal about Hillary using a private server to conduct some, not all, official State Department business, rather than using the government’s server. Not one bit of nefarious intention was ever found or even suggested as to why she used a private server, other than convenience and at worst to keep her private life from being publicized.  The email scandal and the FBI investigation around it was probably more detrimental to Hillary campaign than even the Russian misinformation campaign. After all, Republicans had done the same thing the Russians did for over two decades.  Even among those who thought Hillary’s use of a private server could have compromised national security should be more concerned about Trump revealing sources and methods of intelligence gathering with his recent tweet of the Iranian missile site. Yes, Trump as president has the authority to declassify information, but doing because of his ignorance reveals how dangerous he is as a president, and this man has access to our nuclear codes.    


In addition to the USA electorate being misogynistic , there is always the matter of a large segment of our electorate being racist and bigoted. However, although these  character traits of the electorate effected the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, probably the most detrimental thing was that a very large segment of eligible voters thought that Hillary was going to win anyway, so they had the option of a protest vote for Jill Stein or not voting at all. Maybe the greatest thing the Trump presidency did for our democracy is to make Americans aware of the fact that if they don’t participate in the democracy, we could end up with a government like the one we have today.

In an interview Joy Reid did of Hillary Clinton when she released “What Happened”, Hillary talks about some of the things she warned us of with a Trump presidency as well things we as a society are challenged by related to our collective character.   

To those who legitimately voted for Trump because they thought he would help them financially, they might recall that Hillary promised people in Kentucky that she would put coal miners out of business, AND replace it with green jobs. Kentuckians were offended by Hillary’s vision of a new economy for Kentucky. I wonder how that is working out for Mitch McConnell’s and Donald Trump’s supporters in Kentucky?

Although the number of Americans employed in the coal industry nationwide has remained relatively steady since Trump took office, analysts say the industry faces a rocky future as energy suppliers continue to shift toward renewable sources and relatively low-cost natural gas. Annual U.S. coal production is expected to drop from 711 million tons to less than 600 million tons during the next five years, said Gregory Marmon, a principal coal analyst at global consulting firm Wood Mackenzie.  


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Opie Cat
Opie Cat

TOCB – Well said indeed. I hope we have learned our lesson and will turn out and vote in the largest numbers ever. We didn’t listen to HRC, but now we must listen to our minds and our hearts.


I would think that nearly all sentient human beings (which excludes the lizard-brained Trump cultists) wish intensely that Hillary Clinton had become president instead of Trump.

Also, I don’t think it’s ideal for Democrats to be in conflict over the issue of support for Hillary at a time when all Democrats should be working for unity in 2019 and getting behind the current candidates to defeat Trump in 2020.

As you point out, in light of Trump’s actual betrayal of top secret information to Russia, Israel and the rest of the world, the hysterical and cynical attacks on Hillary during the 2016 election over her email server have clearly proven to be the dishonest political ploy that they were.

I have heard the sentiment that Hillary warned us about Trump and I do find it a little off putting because it infers that we didn’t have the same awareness about Trump at the time and needed to be told these things. I fully agreed with her portrayals back then of the madness a Trump presidency represented though I think most voters worried on their own about many of the same threats that Trump represented. Many articles and comments were written here at PlanetPOV and of course all over the internet, warning about the dangers Trump could (and has) caused and how imperative it was to elect Hillary instead.

So yes, she was right, as were many of the plurality of Americans who opposed Trump and voted for Hillary.

At the same time, I do think that rationalizing away any politician’s poor decisions, because it was our candidate, isn’t respecting what really happened.

I do think it was a poor decision by Hillary to have setup and used a private email server for government-related emails…even though it never compromised U.S. security.

Without making that decision, which was not respecting the rules of preserving communications, Hillary would have been president. Because it was ethically improper, she handed her adversaries a molehill to build into a mountain. So it is hard to see how that was not a poor decision for multiple reasons.

I was upset when it became public knowledge that Dick Cheney, as VP, had used private emails to conduct government business, including his secret dealings with the heads of energy companies. All to prevent transparency and the public from knowing what he was doing.

So as a principle, I think that public officials using private emails (as Trump, Don Jr., Ivanka and Jared are doing right now) is wrong. So I can’t see that Hillary’s doing so can be rationalized away because it didn’t end up compromising U.S. intelligence. No public official should do it whether or not they are later hacked, the potential compromise of security and evasion of transparency just shouldn’t happen in the first place.

I also don’t think it’s fair to deem the entire USA electorate as misogynist. Hillary did get the most votes, that would seem to me to prove that most voters were fine with a woman as president.

As for the Kentucky coal miners, the struggling midwest farmers, the fired factory workers and the 99% of Americans who have paid out more of their income thanks to Trump’s tariffs than the minimal savings the Taxcut for the Wealthy provided, most Trump voters should realize that his con man act was just that. And that they would have prospered so much more under Hillary and an expansion of green jobs to employ coal workers and others.

Unfortunately, as I have said often, you can’t reason people out of a choice they didn’t use reason to make. Many of these Trump voters whose lives are being damaged by him, rationalize away his responsibility for the harm to them, they NEED to believe he is their “chosen one” because they feel such validation in his hating the people they hate.