Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 6 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib 6 hours ago

hey ad Harleigh 6 hours ago

Another wild week! AdLib 6 hours ago

How are things with you? AdLib 6 hours ago

Been a few weeks but i made it! Spanky and his enablers get worse by the day. lol His dmentia really stands out now. Harleigh 6 hours ago

Glad you made it! Yes but I think Trump has crossed that line finallly, his open racism seems to be backfiring on him with polls. Even TX is a possible win for Dems now. Texas! AdLib 5 hours ago

basically most folks don’t like nazis and he’s full blown now Harleigh 5 hours ago

And I like that the NY AG is now investigating him and his company for the hush money illegal contribution. Trump could be indicted by NY in time for the election! AdLib 5 hours ago

he even believes his father was born in germany…. all his 10-20 lies per day are starting to have an effect on most people. Harleigh 5 hours ago

also his congress supporters are really gonna get it. impeachment is not possible with moscow mitch in the senate. Harleigh 5 hours ago

I do think that his becoming more maniacal with the investigations, the election coming, the threat of impeachment, is creeping out some previous Trump supporters. AdLib 5 hours ago

his understanding of economics is laughable esp tariffs killing farms and businesses Harleigh 5 hours ago

Nope but if the Dems, who now have a majority of their House members supporting impeachment, hold impeachment hearings, the country will plainly see he’s a criminal and if Moscow Mitch blocks justice, they will all be seen as enemies of justice in the 2020 elections. AdLib 5 hours ago

As Murph says here though, the farmers who support Trump are planted deep in denial and somehow twist themselves into pretzels trying to blame Dems for the things Trump does that hurts them. Sorry but such ignorant, hateful people deserve the fate they’ve made for themselves. AdLib 5 hours ago

yep…. those that stick with him will have a real bad time next time they’re up. not securing elections is really going to kill them Harleigh 5 hours ago

You see the Repub Congresspeople retiring, 5 in the last 2 weeks. They know another big blue wave is coming in 2020 to sweep Repubs away with Trump. AdLib 5 hours ago

they are losing their farms, con-agra got most of the farm welfare. hahaha Harleigh 5 hours ago

yep, the last stupid fuckin black repube sen quit. Harleigh 5 hours ago

The thing is, these Trump farmers love Trump because they want him destroying the minorities they see as the enemy…but while they cheer him on, he’s destroying them. AdLib 5 hours ago

many farmers used to be dependent on migrants and they have already folded Harleigh 5 hours ago

This is what’s fascinating about TX. What do they know about Dems becoming stronger in TX that we don’t know? If TX is in play, Repubs will panic…and it seems like they’re starting to. AdLib 5 hours ago

tx has so much wrong the people are FINALLY waking up besides the urbanites Harleigh 5 hours ago

True, Trump has devastated the workforce for farmers and their being able to sell to China. A 1-2 punch that if a Dem president had done t them, they’d be screaming. Fools who deserve the destruction they’re suposrting. AdLib 5 hours ago

If Dems could again win state office, TX could become somewhat more morally functional. AdLib 5 hours ago

no workforce and no market…. bu bye farm. Harleigh 5 hours ago

brb… snacktime….. Harleigh 5 hours ago

Yep but they seem committed to go down drowning in Trump’s madness because at least he’s voicing their hate for them. Hatred destroys, couldn’t be a better demonstration of that. They have been so clearly used and exploited by a con man who knows how to say what they want to hear. And what do they get in return? Destroyed yet they keep drinking the poisoned Kool Aid. AdLib 5 hours ago

Hey PPO! AdLib 5 hours ago

hi guys – just setting up see u soon pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

See you then! AdLib 5 hours ago

I don Harleigh 5 hours ago

i dont think spanky is the one thinking this shit up…. con agra, pharma and insurance are way beyond him Harleigh 5 hours ago

I don’t know, Trump is an idiot and this is stupid so it sure seems to have Trump’s dumbprint on it. AdLib 5 hours ago

If there’s a way Trump can make money on it, he would so no doubt the agriculture corps are waving money under his nose too. AdLib 5 hours ago

he could care less about HC, medicare etc. moscow mitch wants to kill it and not repay the trillions stolen/borrowed from SS Harleigh 5 hours ago

hi harleigh, Ad. what has the nasty bastid been up to while I was asleep? pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

same ol lyin shit PPO Harleigh 5 hours ago

Harleigh – Trump and Moscow Mitch have been doing things and threatening to do things that have always been the Third Rail in politics, like cutting Medicare and Social Security, let alone everything awful they’ve already done. How does that work in 2020 when it can all be presented to the public? AdLib 5 hours ago

I sent his off to Adam Schiff: Congress is in a panic about the Statute of Limitations running out on #TheOccupant for Obstruction of Justice Charges. 3 suggestions: 1. Charge the Trump Mob NOW 2. Change the SOL law for Obstruction out to 10 years. 3. Exclude Obstruction of Justice from the SOL altogether. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

More racism, had to let his pick for DNI go because he is a liar and a fraud, attacking American cities that have substantial black populations, you know, the usual. AdLib 5 hours ago

NY is the place he is going to get creamed Harleigh 5 hours ago

Harleigh, he’ll have a battery of 18″ lawyersin NY to delay, divert, dilute, like always. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

PPO – Good suggestions! Though any bill would require Trump’s signiture so changes won’t be able to be made in the law until Trump is dumped. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad, Trump’s reign end plus 1 pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Harleigh – I think you’re right. Barr has proven to be a traitor to the country, he’s sabotaged the DoJ investgations. But he can’t stop NY! And they are no going after Trump with a passion! AdLib 5 hours ago

oh yeah but the fed level he has BARR and mitch….. Harleigh 5 hours ago

Trump doesn’t seat state judges so none of his judges can decide on a NY state indictment against him. Trump can be convicted in NY. AdLib 5 hours ago

yep Harleigh 5 hours ago

I can already taste Trump’s growing fear of losing. To have gone so disgustingly racist this far away from the election, he’s peeing his pants. AdLib 5 hours ago

Now let’s see if Pelosi changes her tune now that a majority of Dems in the House support impeachment. AdLib 5 hours ago

and they already shut down a ton of his shit and the lawuits are bigly and growing as well as the criminal shit. Harleigh 5 hours ago

Ad, he’s spouting every vile distraction he and his cronies can think of to distract. Le us not be! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Hey glenn! AdLib 5 hours ago

glenn! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

hey glenn Harleigh 5 hours ago

Evenin’ gents. Hope everyone is well this evening/afternoon. glenn 5 hours ago

Harleigh – Yep, he may have thought Barr being his Roy Cohn would protect him but now I think he’s seeing Barr can only bury so much. Impeachment and NY prosecutions are out of his greasy hands. AdLib 5 hours ago

How about Hurd’s departure? GOP is sinking fast. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

that’s how i see it but impeach would be more for show and exposure of his crimes. Harleigh 5 hours ago

PPO – What I’m hearing in the media now is that the pace of congressional Repubs announcing retirement befre the 2020 campaign is ahead of 2018 so the panic that a Blue Wave will sweep Trump and many of them away seems to be playing out. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad–I also think that Barr being the TLB’s “Cohen” is going to backfire on him big time, hopefully. Also, if the TLB’s taxes ever see the light of day, I think it’s all over. Don’t know how much longer he can fight it in the courts. glenn 5 hours ago

ratliff fled too LOL Harleigh 5 hours ago

PPO – Yes, was just mentioning that. I think it is a big sign that Repubs know they are looking at another devastating election in 2020. AdLib 5 hours ago

here’s hoping, Ad. and Trump’s vileness, i’m afraid may not disgust enough college votes. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

The rats seem to be leaving this administration. glenn 5 hours ago

this wave will be YUGER Harleigh 5 hours ago

Now, if only we could prevent TheOccupant from being on the…… Caloifornia here we come! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

he’s already turned over 40 pct Harleigh 5 hours ago

Harleigh – Exactly! Impeachment should be seen that way, as a constitutional tool to inform the public that a criminal is in the WH and if his party blocks the removal of their criminal, they have dirty hands for trying to cover it up, it doesn’t exonerate Trump. AdLib 5 hours ago

Harleigh–I hope you’re right. However, I keep seeing polls where the TLB is polling at about 40% nationwide. I cannot believe that 40% of the US population is so vile and racist. It just blows my mind. glenn 5 hours ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 5 hours ago

Murph!!! glenn 5 hours ago

Moippf! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Hi there…..I am now officially on board for Amy Klobuchar….that is my big news…. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

me to glenn Harleigh 5 hours ago

The Clorox Wave! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

And hello right back to Ad, Glen and PPO. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

lol hey murph Harleigh 5 hours ago

Murph–tell us more glenn 5 hours ago

glenn – Yes, Barr has done great damage but he won’t be able to stop Trump’s taxes from being revealed to Congress…and NY state already has them! His corruption will be in black and white in those tax returns. Those will cook him as well. AdLib 5 hours ago

Harleigh – You can’t spell Ratcliffe without “Rat”. AdLib 5 hours ago

lol Harleigh 5 hours ago

Glenn…Amy has come to really impress me on several levels…if you read my newest post about the September Debate I lay out the issues at hand and she meets nearly all of my criteria for a great candidate. She has yet to qualify for that debate and her fundraising is the issue. So I am in. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

PPO – The youth vote is very heavily Dem, not a worry. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad, the slithery GOP still exists. I Worry! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Ad…if the youth vote…..their numbers are never very good. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

Al Francken pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

That was gilli, wasn’t it? Sorry! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Murph–I will be sure to read your post. I trust your judgment; however, do you think Klobuchar has what it takes to go toe to toe with the TLB? glenn 5 hours ago

glenn – It’s been hard for me to believe too but I accept now that 40% of American adults are racists. They should be challenged to become decent human beings or be ignored. AdLib 5 hours ago

Murph – I heard that Klobuchar reached her threshhold to be in the Sept Debates this morning. Was that you who did that?

AdLib 5 hours ago

Glenn…that I do not know but as a VP —- that is really what I am looking for from her AND even failing that, in the debates she brings forth a very well crafted and well spoken balanced approach that I find very attractive and attracting. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

How’s about that tag, Moscow Mitch! Priceless, go right up his nose. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Got! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

PPO – Oh yeah, we can never turn our backs on the GOP Zombie machine, their job is to come back from the dead and eat brains. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad…I had not heard that AMY was where she needed to be but I have been promoting her in my circle. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

so far it’s not looking good for the lower echelon candidates and thats good to weed them out soon. Harleigh 4 hours ago

Murph – That’s why Dems need a nom who will excite the youth vote, part of my reason for liking Elizabeth Warren. AdLib 4 hours ago

harleigh, I feel that the lower applicants should politely withdraw and concentrate on the Senate or House. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

warren is my fav at this point. Harleigh 4 hours ago

Harleigh…with you on that…a lot of wild lashing at Obama on Wednesday was led by those desperate to keep a spot….we need real engagement. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

no kiddin murph…. screamin meme’s Harleigh 4 hours ago

Yes, Gillibrand was the one to first attack Al Franken and betray him and the process of innocent before proven guilty. She has been an absolute no for me because of that. AdLib 4 hours ago

H, I still ask the question, is middle america ready for a female President? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

I know this will make some of you go crazy…I like to “read’ what Warren has to say, but I cannot take more than 5 minutes of her…she seems so shrill and frantic……almost wild eyed…..does not appeal to me. AND….once more I ask….what has she done. I am not keen on drawing Chief Executives from those who have never been Executives. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

everything about gilli starts and ends with a pussy or a dick with accusations. Harleigh 4 hours ago

Shaking my head at how dumb it was to attack Pres. Obama. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad–The problem, IMO, is that the 40% cannot be ignored while the TLB is in office. The media seems intent on only interviewing the TLB’s attendees at his Nazi rallies. Why weren’t there any interviews with the audience in the Dem debates? glenn 4 hours ago

Harleigh…screaming meme’s. Luv it. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

lol ppo Harleigh 4 hours ago

glenn, ratings, m’dear, ratings pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO–so you’re saying sane people don’t make ratings? glenn 4 hours ago

Murph – I have liked Klobuchar even though she’s a little more moderate than I’d like, she’s smart and thoughtful. But to be frank, I thought she looked shaky in the debate this week, something was off, maybe she was really stressed? And in my new article, I explain why moderates don’t excite voters and have a smaller base of potential voters to draw on than Progressives…even though the untrue meme out there is that only moderates can beat Trump because they can go after his voters. Nope, you know first hand, his voters are not abandoning him. AdLib 4 hours ago

Moderators at these early debates are charged with setting heads of hair on fire to draw in viewers and pitting one against another is like rubbing sticks together for friction. Let it burn. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

a rwnj in cincy beat on an old man for the cameras…. jail and prison for him! Harleigh 4 hours ago

the MSM want punchups, riots, controversy, glenn. Not quiet discussion and REAL stuff pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Murph – Amy was in an interview today and announced that she was now qualified for the September debate. I’m good with that, I like her even if she’s not the candidate I’m most behind. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad. I generally agree with you about Amy. I am more wanting to keep her in the debates for a while yet….and to raise her profile. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph–I think Warren seems that way because her mind is full of her plans, positions, ideas, etc., that she doesn’t know what to focus on. Perhaps a touch of ADD? Or, she’s trying to get all of her ideas out at once because she knows the media’s “eyes” will glaze over when someone starts talking policy. glenn 4 hours ago

Who thought Joe did OK? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

i liked amy until the reson she lost a bunch of staff came out. Harleigh 4 hours ago

Harleigh – I will be very pleased to see the lower level candidates eliminated from the debates. None of the moderates have anything to offer but attacking those who do have plans and while she said some good things in the debate, do we really need to have Marianne sucking up time when we have serious business to do here? AdLib 4 hours ago

Glenn…your explanation is a good one but it does not give me much more confidence….. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

true ad Harleigh 4 hours ago

glenn, she needs to dial back the hands and gabble. Leave that to bernie! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

HC questions in a 60 second sound bite is just so fucking dumb. Harleigh 4 hours ago

Ad…if the moderates have nothing to offer you are counting on the progressives to sell their vision for America to a lot of middle of the roaders in this nation…many in the very states that gave the election to T MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

agree ppo Harleigh 4 hours ago

agree H. Also GOP points, not their own pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Sorry, Murph, read Moderators for moderates! Disregard pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Murph–I think it’s great to raise Klobuchar’s profile. As everyone has already said, (I can’t keep up tonight), we need to get rid of some of the “lesser” candidates, and start focusing on the top four or five. I think Warren and Bernie should get bonus points for not attacking other candidates and President Obama; to me that is just self-defeating. glenn 4 hours ago

never did like bernie either but will vote for the dems top to bottom Harleigh 4 hours ago

My complaint with the MSM is that they have been blaming the candidates no Night 2 for going after Obama. First, CNN moderators asked the questions and kept pushing them into attacking Obama and other candidates. They didn’t pick the topics of questions. Second, any of them who want to take on Biden have to take on what happened while he was VP. You can’t just give him invulnerability for that if you want to break out and get some of his voters. I really didn’t like all the whining I saw from MSNBC types, moaning about how awful the Dems are and how they’re a “circular firing squad” because they went after their opponents. These pundits don’t want the Dems to have a primary, they want everyone to attack Trump and have a coronation for Biden. How can they not understand how primaries are supposed to work? AdLib 4 hours ago

The attacks on Obama are nuts for many reasons…..but in the environment create by those parallel modeator driven shotgun interviews that kind of stuff happens. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph – All do respect but calling women candidates shrill isn’t a good approach. AdLib 4 hours ago

due AdLib 4 hours ago

Glenn. I give extra points to Bernie and Warren as well for their Obama stance. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph and PPO–I just think we need to step back a bit and talk about substance, not style. The media keeps treating this as another one of the TLB’s reality shows. Let’s talk about what these people have to offer, not whether or not they use their hands to talk. (I’m half Italian, and I couldn’t talk at all without my hands). glenn 4 hours ago

Ad….I call Trump shrill too. Perfectly good word. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph – I thought you supported Obama. He did not have many accomplishments before coming president, why is that an issue with Warren? In fact, Warren has accomplished far more to help Americans than Obama had before he was elected. AdLib 4 hours ago

Glenn…I favor your approach (and my post today lays that out) but I find that our campaign structure elevates style. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph – I’m trying to help, that term is seen as a chauvinist way of diminishing women candidates. The same was discussed when Hillary ran and the RWs called her out as “shrill”. AdLib 4 hours ago

plus her emails am Harleigh 4 hours ago

Ad….it took me a long time to come to Obama….and a big piece was the variety of his experience and the accomplishment linked to that….I also was motivated by what I saw him doing with his campaign….and lastly, he had become the candidate of minds I very much respect. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

and dying of cancer and her 68 investigations, hearings and commissions…. lol Harleigh 4 hours ago

The problem for them all is both the format of the debates and the limited time given for interviews by the MSM. They have to rush to get points across, whiless than smoothch comes off as pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad–agree completely with your take on the moderators. They wanted a fight and posed questions to get one. Although the debates are not primaries, per se, they do serve some of the same purpose in as much as they can show us a candidate’s “bona fides”. As for attacking the TLB, the time for that is when we actually have a nominee. The media seems to forget that Dems are well aware of whom they have to run against. And, if Dems started attacking the TLB, without offering any policy, the media would say that the candidates didn’t have any policy except beating the TLB. glenn 4 hours ago

Ad…..I associate shrill with ranting, high pitched and fast paced. Sorry that the term has been coopted. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

lets hear your foriegn policy in 30 seconds! Harleigh 4 hours ago

PPO – Remember in 2008 the big question was, “Is America really ready for a black president?” I don’t care if the regressive people in the country aren’t ready for a woman president, it would be less of a reach than a black president with the middle name “Hussein”. AdLib 4 hours ago

Harleigh – “World Peace” Sorry, That’s Miss America! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Murph – I like Amy so I think it’s good to have her continue but most of the so-caled moderates have little to offer and just are intent on tearing down Progressives to score points. Pointless to me. AdLib 4 hours ago

Very true, Ad. So maybe we’ll be OK pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

more edakasan fo da hicks! final answer Harleigh 4 hours ago

Still how does one appeal to Middle America…you stand on the left of the party….I am somewhere in between you and the moderate middle. There are not many right leaning Dems left and there are not many left leaning GOP MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

well im fading out… later folks. Harleigh 4 hours ago

PPO – I don’t favor Joe but I thought he held up fine this week. He didn’t look weak as he did last tiime but he was very evasive on issues he didn’t want to answer, petty in his attacks and just comes off as prepared, not genuine. AdLib 4 hours ago

Harleigh…education for everyone….we are a nation of political and historical illiterates. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Seeya Hareigh! AdLib 4 hours ago

great chat, Harleigh. Take care pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Murph–So, that’s where sane people have to step up and fix the “campaign structure” that the media is bound and determined to set up. They did it with Mueller’s hearing, also. We need to keep focusing on the message, and what is best for the US. If candidates would stop playing the media’s game, as Sanders and Warren did in the debates, and as Warren does in her interviews, then perhaps the media would get the message and start focusing on the substance. glenn 4 hours ago

Biden’s presence is not the most compelling but as I have been saying a lot lately….that which is the core of the campaign process has very little to do with governing. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

No Murph, that’s not true. Read my new post, Trump got around the same amount of votes as Romney, the reason Hillary lost in those three swing states was lower turnout of youth and black voters. We don’t need middle of the road Trumpers to win. AdLib 4 hours ago

Glenn…if you do not play along with the media….they do not invite you to play…..and that too is so sad. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

glenn, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Who is running the campaigns? MSM, who are dictating what is reported and what isn’t. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad–If we do end up with a woman candidate, I think she should co-opt the TLB’s quote of “what have you got to lose by voting for a woman?” Also, as we all know, we’ve only ever had male presidents; I think it’s time to show what a woman in the WH could do! glenn 4 hours ago

Ad….yes, black and young were key but so were the blue collar folk. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Glenn I want a women on the ticket. If as VP I want that woman to have a specific and significant ministerial portfolio…like Biden got. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

I do long for the day that Dems go on the offensive about GOP and Trumps failures in jobs, steel, infrastructure etc.. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

glenn – Substance would be better than fireworks but we’re trapped with MSM moderators who are following their orders to create conflict to produce higher ratings. So we get crapfests like Night 2 this week. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad. True dat. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

PPO…..I too want the Dem candidates to be part of the process that reinforces the case against Trump. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

I really, really love Joe Biden as a human being, and thought he did a great job of having President Obama’s back. However, I get the feeling that he feels he is “entitled” to the nomination due to his long service to our country. He doesn’t seem to be working for it, and doesn’t seem to be coming up with any policy proposals, other than attacking other Dems for their policy proposals. glenn 4 hours ago

So Murph, now that you’ve seen with Obama that character is more important than a long list of accomplishments, is there any reason that shouldn’t apply to Warren as well? AdLib 4 hours ago

Murph–as for playing the media’s games, yes and no. It’s a 50-50 gamble, as far as I’m concerned. I’d rather see a candidate glenn 4 hours ago

Murph – Middle America is mostly Trumpers. We don’t need to appeal to them. Check out my post, we need less than 1% more of the vote in WI, MI and PA to win the presidency and there are tons of Dems and indies there to find those votes from. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad….I repeat….I came to Obama because I was convinced that his experience and the accomplishments that came with it, coupled with his growing leadership role in the party, and the cold start of a campaign that was competent from day one….made the case for me.. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

twitter showing huge turnout for Warren tonight in Henderson pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Glenn….the top contenders can play the media but until they emerge the media has the upper hand. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph–Not only do I want to see a woman on the ticket; I want the woman to be the presidential candidate, not the VP. glenn 4 hours ago

Middle America….you mean union folk….yes they moved into Trump’s world….something that needs to be addressed. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph – That’s my problem with Biden though. The “safe” candidate never wins. The candidate that inspires can win. Recent history is pretty clear on this. AdLib 4 hours ago

glenn, por qué no ambos?

pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Glenn….I would like a Woman President for Many Reasons….at this moment none on the stage strike me as up to the challenge. Hillary did. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Ad…I agree with you this. The public loves drama. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

PPO…why not both what? MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph–once again, yes and no. There are many more avenues open to candidates than just the “mainstream media”. The TLB proves that every day; he governs by twitter. There are progressive sites all over the internet. There are also many people like me, who don’t even watch tv for information. I get most of my information from progressive sites on the internet, newspaper online, and blogs like this. I can’t believe that I’m the only one who gets my information from these sources. glenn 4 hours ago

Murph – I have the numbers in my post and the math is very clear. All the Dem candidate needs to do in 2020 is get 1% more of the vote than Hillary did in MI, WI and PA and they win the presidency. Youth and black voter turnout was low for her in those states (which she took for granted and didn’t campaign in), a Progressive candidate will inspire young and black voters where a moderate like Hillary Clinton didn’t. AdLib 4 hours ago

Murph, yes, drama needed because The Occupant has skewed the playing field. Boring old politics doesn’t register any more. Drama, lies, controversy racism, all the crap is what gets listened to pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

I was at our local clinic today and witnessed a scene that sickened me. A man and his wife were refused service (to see a doctor) because of unpaid bills…..bills that their insurance companies are now allowed to reject thanks to rulings from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Emergency rooms can’t say no…yet…but almost everyone else can. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

PPO–exactly. It’s up to “we the people” to do as much as we can to turn that around. glenn 4 hours ago

Glenn..yes, there are alternatives. But the largest swath of first contact opportunities is still MSM controlled. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Never forget that Trump has addicted the news channels to higher ratings so they now expect high ratings in all political events and debates and campaigns are just about making money to them. AdLib 4 hours ago

well, ok folks. Lovely as always, but shopping calls! See you all next week pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad…I am unwilling to dismiss the importance of the middle for the democratic party. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph–and these are the stories that need to get out there. We also need to keep reminding progressives and independents that Moscow Mitch is packing the courts with rwnj’s. glenn 4 hours ago

Cheerio, PPO! See you next week. glenn 4 hours ago

That’s terrible to hear, Murph. One can only imagine the hell that Trump and Moscow Mitch would consign Americans to on health care if they could. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad…..rallies that draw big crowds and create sound bites as his do are an opiate. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Moscow Mitch That Son of A Bitch (a chant for a KY friend) MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

So long PPO MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph–but do the TLB’s rallies draw big crowds, or does the TLB just say they do? I’ve seen many articles online where those crowds don’t even fill the arenas, but the MSM never reports tha! glenn 4 hours ago

Murph – Elections campaigns are tactical. Resources have to be allocated in the most effective ways. I don’t think that ppeople in middle America are anything but equal to any other American but I think it is a simple truth that money spent getting greater turnout of those who will already vote for Dems is better spent than on trying to deprogram Trump cultists. And watering down a candidate’s exciting vision to try and appeal to voters in the middle is likely to lose more votes than could be gained. AdLib 4 hours ago

Glenn….I witnessed it…..others did too. I responded by making several suggestion to them involving a public clinic I trust and then asked to see the office manager at the practice in question. She explained that the clinic’s corporate sponsors (The Mercy System, yeah, ironic) left them with no choice. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

I like that chant, Murph! AdLib 4 hours ago

Glenn…they are big…..not as big as Trump makes them out to be but they are impressive. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Oh well, gents, I feel we’re going in circles, (or at least I feel I am), so I’m going to call it a night. Don’t get me wrong; I love hearing your opinions; I just get frustrated sometimes. So g’night, my friends, and keep on keeping on! glenn 4 hours ago

Ad…I live in the midst of middle America and I regard any decision that presumes that they cannot be part of, or worse, should not be part of, the Democratic strategy is short sighted. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

glenn – Trump exaggerates the turnout for his rallies. He also pays to bus in supporters from out of state to make sure it’s filled. Never forget, Trump knows show business and just as he paid actors to be his cheering crowd when he came down the escalator, he is “casting” his rallies for tv as well…and lying about their sizes. AdLib 4 hours ago

Murph–big as compared to what? Seeing that the Dems don’t have a nominee yet, we haven’t seen any campaign rallies for the Dem nominee. glenn 4 hours ago

Glenn…thanks …a spirited conversation. See you next Friday. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Okay, that’s my last tonight. G’night guys! See you next week. glenn 4 hours ago

As someone who lives in a place that has hosted several rallies…they do draw but the numbers are puffed up as Ad states…..of course, every candidate with the means does this too. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph – That approach failed for McCaskill in MO. I don’t think an approach that’s proven to fail, especially in a year of a big Blue Wave as 2018 was, is the best idea to replicate. AdLib 4 hours ago

Well….I too am heading for the door…I will get to your article shortly…best. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

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