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Former President Jimmy Carter recently said he believes Trump lost the election and he was put in office BECAUSE Russia interfered in the election.

Actor Ron Pearlman goes further. He says the Trump presidency should be annulled.

Ron Perlman @perlmutations

This morning President Carter became the 1st American that I know of to intone what I’ve been tweeting for 2 plus years: Trump never won anything, he was installed. He is illegitimate. Impeachment is for elected leaders; he needs to be annulled! 23.5K 10:23 PM – Jun 28, 2019

I agree with Pearlman. Given the information our intelligence agencies had on Trump before he was seated as president, President Obama, the electoral college and Congress should have intervened to prevent Trump from ever being seated as President of The United States. The Trump presidency must go down in history as illegitimate. So what is the prudent remedy for an illegitimate presidency?

Republicans have time and time again accused Democrats of trying to delegitimize Trump because of sour grapes over Hillary Clinton losing the election. However, if Trump did not win the election, who did win the election? There was indeed a legitimate winner of the 2016 presidential election. There is nothing in our political or governmental lexicon to address an illegitimate presidency, probably because the framers of the Constitution neve envisioned that happening. Ben Franklin said upon leaving the Constitutional Convention that the framers of the Constitution gave us a democracy, IF WE COULD KEEP IT. The current status of our government is a serious stress test in whether we have kept our democracy.

We can point to many reasons for our failed democracy that precedes Trump. Trump could not have destroyed our democracy by himself. He had plenty of help, from the GOP and its supporters to people who have not participated in the democratic process. But I remember President Kennedy saying that our problems are manmade, and therefore they may be solved by man. The question is do Americans have to courage to solve THIS problem.

The Mueller investigation was supposedly an attempt to solve the problem, but Mueller’s adherence to the DOJ policy of not indicting a sitting president hampered the attempt from the beginning. The Constitution charges Congress with the task of impeaching and removing from office and even to prosecute and imprison a president who has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. The current Congress seems to be incapable of taking on that responsibility, and as Pearlman said, that process is for elected presidents. How should we treat a fake or illegitimate president? A president who committed crimes in order to become president?

The very existence of the democracy that was the United States of America stands at a precipice. How will we respond?

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This is an incredibly important issue, the legitimacy of our elections. I’d like to see, beginning in 2020 and forward, election results anytime, anywhere. I want the count visible to me, I want to see where every single vote came from along with a record of who deemed it a viable vote, or not.

It’s time Americans demanded this. The government, for too long, has asked us to trust in these matters. Well, they fudged up with tRump so from here on out, every American should be demanding accountability right along with me.


Well, being an illegitimate Prez is just a subset of him being an illegitimate human being…but it is good to know that our brave Revolutionary War Patriots where able to get air superiority and also take over the airports…


tRump had help and I attribute just as much blame on them as I do him for this mess we’re in.


Well – haven’t you become the master of The Planet! Nice job here. I will read it with more care and look at some of the material you posted a bit later but for now….there is so much about this man that is illegitimate. I.E. Not authorized by the law; Not in accordance with accepted standards or rules. Carter emphasizes the first part of that definition. I emphasize the second part.

Dajuan Candle

And I believe that Trump, in the empty chamber that is his heart, knows that he pulled another fast one.

Opie Cat
Opie Cat

Humans have caused this horror, and humans can resolve it by ousting him and his criminal buddies.