I had a gay cousin who was murdered back in the mid-90’s, I loved my cousin despite his sexual preference. I’ve been asked by some Japanese colleagues my opinions on the gay issues. Here’s my dilemma…am I, anti- gay if I support their lifestyle, but oppose adoption?

My reason is simple, I’m quite aware gay people can be wonderful parents. But isn’t it selfish? I mean you’re vehemently opposed to having a sexual relationship (insemination excluded) with the opposite sex which is essential for the creation of human life. Why will you or your partner justify adoption, when you in fact oppose the act involved in creating babies?

Am I anti gay for this question?

Isn’t it selfish?

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I am unable to grasp the premise/logic of your question. What does one’s sexual preference have to do with wanting children or raising children? Further, I am not gay but I suspect a romantic relationship between same sex couples involves a lot more than sex, as does a romantic relationship between heterosexual couples. Does that make sense to you?

Opie Cat
Opie Cat

There are couples in heterosexual relationships/marriages who adopt children too, often because they cannot become pregnant. The idea that adopting children is selfish does not resonate for me. There are far too many children in the faster care system who need to be adopted. If gay couples can make a dent in that I applaud them. Raising children is an enormous task, and there is not a single reason why gay parents can’t do it just as well as straight parents.


We created the concept the institution of marriage and initially defined the characters as man & woman, did we not? So, if we did that and now are changing the concept to include same sex marriages, why would parenting from that concept change be anything to worry about ? We are the creators. We say what is acceptable, or not.

Those who believe that God creates human concepts, such as the institution of marriage, grapple with negating/accepting people’s choices, and question phenomenal relativity we experience here. It will make you nuts if you allow it to.

The question you must answer first. Who are you and why are you here ? Once you’ve answered that, you’ll know everything. Until you’ve answered that, you’ll know nothing.


If you were to suggest that homosexual persons not be permitted to adopt then I would suggest that you “anti-gay” as, in my mind, you would be seeking to deprive those persons of the option to apply to adopt based upon sexual orientation.

Would a couple who are sterile (neither being capable of reproduction) also be banned as well since they cannot create a human life?

Is sexual behavior a prerequisite for parental behavior?
Do only heterosexuals make appropriate parents?
Are homosexuals intrinsically incapable of appropriate parenting?
Are homosexuals opposed to procreation/the continuance of human life?
Are heterosexuals innately disposed to promoting the continuance of human life?

These are the questions that come to my mind.


I shouldn’t presume to speak for the whole LGBTQ community, but my sense is that the majority of them have no problem with heterosexual sex — if that is the choice of the people involved in the relationship. It’s just not always their personal choice. And the people I know would — if they adopted a child — be quite accepting if that child later chose a partner of the opposite sex as a mate.