No matter what you say about the current President and his severe lack of intelligence on the world one thing can be said of him and that in the past when he committed to a con on anyone he went all in knowing he would lose little and still come out the other end with his facade intact. In the former life of the lesser president when it came to those who were hurt or affected by his greed and criminality at no stage did he consider who or what he destroyed. His businesses are littered with the remnants of sub contractors completely screwed out of their businesses by the promises and lies of a serial liar and his offspring.

Up until 2016 his damage and destruction was contained to those poor unfortunates above and the radius of his damage was largely within the US. Up until 2016 the world was safe from the cons of Trump and the rhetoric of those on the right in the US who like Trump have little or no understanding of the world nor do they care the US’s role in moulding that world. For years the worst instincts of that uneducated ignorant percentage of fools were kept in relative check then the US lost itself and elected the epitome of uneducated ignorance and the king of fools.

For some in the US this is all long overdue, for some in the US their arrogance and ignorance will be their own self destruction and the destruction of those they fundamentally don’t understand through wilful and deliberate disregard for the facts that lessons from the past are given the type of nuance and whataboutism that attempts to paper over the huge failings leading to those former lessons being learned are lost.

You could almost ask the question how long does it take a nation to recover from its worst military fuck up in its history? In the US that figure could well be around two decades. Despite the needless loss of life and all that came with it the US seemingly is being held hostage by its worst self and on a path once again to end up fighting a war thousands of miles from the shores of the US.

An Iraqi prisoner of war
Iraq 2003 A hooded detainee comforts his son behind American barbed wire

Iraq burned and bled for a decade after it was invaded on false reasoning, a media weaponized for war time propaganda and a population still reeling from the single worst terror attack on its shores. America’s worst self on bloody display and spectacle as the world’s single largest military won a battle and started a war that never ended. Shock and awe, mission accomplished, operation enduring freedom yaddy yaddy yaddy. The world was set alight and no gung-ho title would cover the utter arrogance that an easy military victory and a thankful people would make the sacrifice somehow worth it.

The debt of those sacrifices are still being paid and in the intervening years the blood has only flowed further afield into Syria and Yemen and Libya and into the continent of Africa and even into Asia.

But the US administration is clearly dead set on beginning the mother of all wars with those they hate most in Iran. All roads lead to a truly terrifying prospect that war will sooner or later break out between Iran and Saudi Arabia…………..I mean the Saudi Arabian’s military might bought and paid for in Washington by its purchased members in Congress, Senate and of course the ongoing fire sale at the White House that is seeing just about everything the US has built is up for sale or redefined to allow the darker impulses of the current administration.

America could very well be in the middle of the single most deadly of all standoffs with another nation and it may well be a monumental con job that makes the lesser president’s previous mentioned cons look benign. The Greatest Of Don’s Cons Could Be the Most Deadly To The US And The Wider World.

Image result for iraq war children 2003
Over half a million infants died in Iraq due to western sanctions.

Given the serious rise in tension along shipping routes in the Gulf region and the recent attacks on two vessels it was only natural that the US was going to put the blame squarely at the feet of the Iranians. Why wouldn’t they as they blame the Iranians for just about everything. They aren’t blameless in Tehran and indeed the strength of hold the Mullahs have over the population is and always has been a boot on the throats of a young population. What the US won’t admit is their hand in allowing these old men to rise to power. US engagements with the Iranians have never been of outreach but of meddling.

The history of the two is riven with interference by one on the other. Imagine the US removing a democratically elected leader only to replace him with a monarchy of all things…….which is exactly what the US and the British did and a fact lost or ignored by those who only see Iran as the enemy unchecked. Operation Ajax was that interference and is the reason we see the Iran we see today.

Those who have bayed for the blood of the Iranians are louder than ever before and the events of this week have only heard those voices grow louder. Prior to all this there was an international agreement and the Iranians had kept their word despite the lies that were told to the contrary. Those who were on the outside of the agreement that saw the Iranians with strict control on their nuclear ambitions and the world with eyes on all they did wasn’t good enough. They carried their threat out when their bought and paid for president with his ears filled with all the ignorance and bluster of the bloodthirsty right pulled the US out of the deal.

For some in the US the Iranians are unfinished business. For me the US’s interference within Iran has been and is its greatest ever failing in all its dealings in the world. The US backed one of two powers in that region and as a result have only facilitated the hatred shown towards it.

Given the recent injection of cash into the military coffers and with weapons sales to Iran’s neighbours it appears the game of ‘painting targets’ has begun with the recent tensions. The evidence that it was an Iranian attack has been thin on the ground and a video released by US Central Command shows a boat ‘removing’ a mine from a Japanese ship. Mike Pompeo eager to show evidence that this was indeed an attack by Iran however the video itself less than conclusive and many questions are still left unanswered.

For a start why would the Iranians attack a Japanese tanker given the Iranians were hosting the Japanese Prime Minister Abe? It doesn’t seem to make sense that the Iranians would attack a ship belonging to a nation reaching out to them in their diplomatic isolation courtesy of the US administration. Less a case of biting the hand that feeds you and more blowing up the ship that supplies you is counterproductive at best.

Then we have the Japanese crew claiming something hit the vessel in the form of a projectile and not from a mine. But the all too convenient scapegoats are there if need be and the US and its allies in Riyadh are itching for a war. The current administration have courted and cashed in on their cosy relationship with the new powers there and have sold them a monumental amount of weapons and despite the Senate blocking further agreed sales. In the meantime Trump needs a war because his presidency is not election proof and the numbers are not good going forward.

Americans need to be both vigilant and wary of the current situation as this president is not beyond lying to have his ultimate goal of starting a war against an enemy he has no understanding of other than that of hawkish men who have no issue in sending US troops to their slaughter along with the slaughter of tens of thousands of others. The people need to question everything and anything said by this administration when it comes to the Gulf region.

You’ve been led down this path before and you weren’t the same when you came back.

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Don is Invincibly Ignorant and Overwhelmingly Arrogant. A fatal combination. And as you say…..the end result of this is chaos….and crisis….and quite possibly catastrophe. You focus on Iran, and properly so…..I also look to the environment, to the emerging dominance of China, the growing divisions in our own nation and so much more. Yes, in his earlier life his failures were contained (and often taken advantage of to the profit of others) but now…..well, to date no meltdown……but we cannot be done with him and his court of fools, sycophants and shysters too soon.

Opie Cat
Opie Cat

Kevin, many of us ARE watching, questioning and protesting; about the Gulf region and so much more! He has a RW Senate and SCOTUS and we are left to gnash our teeth and have nightmares.


That he does and the motivation of those who follow him makes of them co-conspirators and responsible for the long line of reprehensible behavior. Opie…drop me a line please at my e mail….important.


Kevin, a very inspired article and a concern that was on my mind, that Trump would see war with Iran as both a “macho” proving ground to rally his cult members and a way to distract and deter voters from all the reasons to oppose him in 2020.

Not that it would work, not that it wouldn’t make voters even more driven to get him out of office as opposed to rallying behind him but after seeing his indecision and fear, beginning then halting this “counter” attack on Iran at the last minute, he accomplished just the opposite (or perhaps Putin’s reported call to him hours earlier accomplished its stated goal of preventing Trump from attacking).

Trump looks even weaker and more feckless now, confused and scared. That doesn’t mean that he won’t still attack Iran to try and dispel the image he’s cemented of himself but it won’t erase his initial screw up.

I read in one article that Trump has told an aide that war with Iran would destroy his re-election chances. So as of today, the only thing apparently standing between Trump stampeding us into war with Iran is his primal self-serving urges. But if Bolton or Pompeo or Fox News can convince him he’s wrong and war with Iran would be his golden ticket to re-election, he’ll do it.

I’ve been a strong proponent for impeaching Trump. Mueller has provided more than enough evidence to provide for a conviction on multiple counts of obstruction of justice and Trump’s recent acts in gagging Hope Hicks and all the witnesses The House has tried to interview is obstruction in plain sight.

Those aligned with Pelosi who are most worried about an impeachment being politically unwise for Democrats in 2020, they keep saying that it is not needed to impeach Trump, he can just be voted out in 2020.

What this latest incident with Iran illustrates is that by not putting impeachment on the table and at least making an attempt to remove this wholly mentally unfit nutjob, at least starting down a path with an impeachmentinquiry that would allow for a majority of Americans to come aboard as legal discovery and Trump’s dangerous actions make impeachment more necessary in the minds of most Americans, Democrats are being co-dependent in every atrocity Trump commits between now and 2020 including starting a war in Iran that could devastate the world long before the election in 2020 (if it isn’t postponed by Trump due to war or other Trump-caused disasters) .

By this point, who expects the Dems to be strong enough to stand up to prevent Trump from pushing the nation into a horrible and devastating war? All I see is whining about Trump not letting them use their powers, crying “Foul!”, threatening to “get tough” and meanwhile doing nothing as Rome burns.

I’m angrier at Dems because I expect more from them than clutching their pearls and getting “the vapors” when Trump breaks one law after another and tears up the Constitution. All they do is wag their finger and say, “Yeah, but we’ll beat you in 2020! You only have a year and a half left to destroy this country and the world! Good luck!”

Trump is a lunatic, I expect him to act like one so while I despise him, it is Dems that are the most frustrating and disappointing.

Opie Cat
Opie Cat

I fear “America could very well be in the middle of the single most deadly of all standoffs with another nation”. Yet the bully in chief jus keeps making it more likely!

Dajuan Candle

I hope that there is someone in Trump’s White House who we can trust and who has the power of persuasion needed to well effect and override our President’s errant thinking.


That would be great but with a few rare exceptions, his cultist admin people are afraid to do anything but follow him even off a cliff.