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AdLib On January - 19 - 2019

The Trump Shutdown is causing genuine pain and suffering to many Americans who work to help us and our government. Some can’t pay their rent, mortgages or car payments and some are even delaying needed surgeries.

Having to decide between buying food or prescription medicine while a billionaire con man holds them hostage for a monument to him and his racism is outrageous.

To undermine empathy for them, Republicans try to portray federal workers as overpaid elitists who work in Washington DC. However, most government employees work in our states and cities, they’re regular people working hard to provide for their families like everyone else.

So this weekend’s music thread is dedicated to those dedicated people out there who serve us by serving our government and are under siege by Trump,McConnell and the GOP.

Songs about small towns and big cities and songs about everyday people are the theme for this message of solidarity and compassion for those having to bear this wholly unnecessary burden.

Share your favorite songs about regular towns and regular people to let our friends and neighbors who work for all of us know that we’re with them.

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Written by AdLib

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