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AdLib On January - 30 - 2018


For the past 9 years, since it was founded, PlanetPOV has covered and hosted a live chat during every State of the Union address.

However, out of principle and to make a statement, we won’t be doing so tonight.

This SOTU address, the first by Donald Trump, comes in the midst of the investigations and revelations about Trump’s campaign and family colluding with Russia to corrupt and sabotage our democracy and institutions. Just as troubling, it comes in the midst of Trump and Congressional Republicans colluding to obstruct justice by slandering and eliminating top officials of the FBI. Their apparent attempt to undermine The Constitution’s system of checks and balances by damaging the FBI and the rule of law, trying to raise Trump to become above the law and position the presidency of the United States as an unchecked authoritarian, runs contrary to what the tradition of the presidency and the State of the Union represents.

We stand at a troubling crossroads for our democracy on this day. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe finally relented to the merciless attacks on him by Trump and Republicans and resigned yesterday. Now, many of the FBI officials who stood for the rule of law in supporting the investigation of likely criminal actions by Trump and his cronies, have been fired, run out of office or moved out of the way.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has now been bumped up to the top of Trump’s/Republicans’ list for being forced out of the FBI. They have voted to authorize a government sponsored propaganda attack against Rosenstein and the FBI, headed up by Trump toadie, Rep. Devin Nunes.

This is what the state of the union in the United States is right now because Trump occupies the White House. Our government is supporting racism and bigotry of all kinds, the destruction of our environment and green energy, giving away and selling off public lands at great discounts to those who will ravage them, sabotaging our health insurance system and throwing millions of people off of health care and consigning them to earlier deaths and crushing debt. And enshrining a massive transfer of wealth from 99% of Americans to the richest 1%.

This Republican-controlled government has been building and empowering a national police force terrorizing and hunting down productive and honorable people who have contributed to the country and their communities over decades but are not legal citizens because Republicans have stood in the way of  legislative fixes on immigration issues.

Trump and Republicans have undermined all of our institutions by embracing lies, phony conspiracies and vicious rhetorical attacks,  constantly assaulting the 1st Amendment by claiming any news unfavorable to Trump is “fake news”.

As was said about Nixon in the midst of the Watergate scandal, there is a cancer on the presidency but in this case, it extends to being a cancer on our democracy and sovereignty. Trump’s continuing embrace of Vladimir Putin and Russia, while blowing up American unity, institutions and alliances, at the very least, advances Putin’s goals no differently than if he controlled the presidency.

Amid all of this, comes tonight’s State of the Union address. What is farcical is that it is widely known and discussed in the media that Trump will merely be reading the words of other people and will be judged as competent and “presidential” merely if he can read off of teleprompters without interjecting his typical hateful ramblings.

Trump has been documented as lying over 2,000 times in his first year in office. It would be irrational to expect anything other than a string of lies to run through tonight’s propaganda rally. As he has been, Trump can be expected to take full credit for the economy he inherited from Obama. He will no doubt display his con artist skills in crediting the fraud that is the tax cut bill, passed just a month ago, for showering the nation and “the forgotten people” in wealth and prosperity. He may brag about stopping the fictional crime wave his administration fabricated, protecting the air and water he is polluting by killing regulations and the EPA, lowering black unemployment as if it was intentional and not a legacy and multi-year trend of Obama policies while Trump has been attacking many prominent black Americans yet calling white supremicists “good people”.

Considering that his game is Doublespeak, he may boast about how bipartisan he is and wants to be, how much he cares about DACA recipients despite the fact that he has constantly hurled racist attacks at Latinos and threw them all off of DACA in the first place then refused to accept a bipartisan solution.

He will of course pander to the fearful and hateful racists in his base, warning of all the threats brown people, immigrants and Muslims represent, push his ongoing purge of brown people in the country to “Make America White Again” and promise that his magical border wall will make all those brown people disappear in a poof of smoke.

There will be many self-congratulatory statements…er…lies about how wonderful everything is because of him (and how everything that’s not wonderful is the fault of Obama/Democrats/Anyone who didn’t vote for him). He’ll take credit for Obama’s economy, the stock market’s increase (though when it falls, it will be Obama’s fault) and the sun rising in the morning as he has ordered.

It will be nauseating enough to watch Trump politically masturbate in front of Congress and the nation (at least he’ll save $130k in settlements) but add to that the mass of lies and propaganda he’ll spew and one may be kneeling at their gold-plated toilet most of the night.

As those familiar with quantum theory know, watching something is participating in its existence. We aren’t denying or ignoring the existence of Trump or his SOTU by not participating in it, we are just refusing to support them (and their ratings which matter greatly to Trump). A big part of what feeds this propaganda beast is consuming the lies as they’re freshly served, giving them immediate attention, as the media did throughout the 2016 campaign.

Instead, the intention here is to become fully informed about the speech after the fact. The clips will be played to death in the media and the lies, outrages, self-aggrandizing, etc. won’t be hard to miss.

SOTU speeches are never really considered to be of as much concrete value as they are symbolic of the president’s priorities and conscience. In Trump’s case, lacking a conscience and being compulsively dishonest, there is little that would seem to be gained by participating in this exercise in propaganda.

Meanwhile, the Democratic response to Trump’s SOTU will be made by Rep. Joseph Kennedy III. That is a debut on the national stage that will be well worth watching. He is being talked about as a potential 2020 Democratic candidate to run against Trump so a well received speech could launch that candidacy.

Most Americans know what the state of the union is under Trump and its not good. No propaganda delivered by him tonight will change reality so the incentive to participate in another attempt by Trump to deceive the public and feed his eternally needy ego is as minute as Trump’s attributes that cause him to be so insecure.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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    • AdLib says:

      WAPO’s first headline about the SOTU was about Trump being bipartisan, glad they’re running a story about how divisive and misleading it was.

      Only thing about Borowitz’s satire is that Trump doesn’t get exhausted from faking empathy, it makes him angry enough to go back to the WH and kick puppies or tweet crazily, which seem identical to him.

      • Kalima says:

        Depends on who gets to post the first article but the consensus on the Editorial opinions tell the truth about who he is.

        Waiting for the tweet storm at any minute now as this big girl’s blouse even feels slighted by a nightingale’s fart.

  1. Kalima says:

    Trump to declare ‘New American Moment’ — but Hillary Clinton declared one first


    Fact checking the 2018 State of the Union address


    The new All Lives Matter’: Internet strikes back as Trump calls for unity with ‘Americans are dreamers too’


    • AdLib says:

      Hey, I thought it was Melania’s job to steal quotes from Democratic ex-First Ladies?

      Fact checking a Trump speech is easy. “Did he say something that he claimed was a fact? Yep, it’s a lie.”

      That is exactly what I thought, the “All Americans are Dreamers” felt identical to “All Lives matter”. The attempt to strip minorities of sympathy and rile up racists to hate them for seeking understanding and compassion…that more deserving white people should have instead.

      • Kalima says:

        It runs in the family. The plagiarising trumps.

        Yes, chaos only energises trump the same way as fresh brains energise zombies. He has no idea what normal is because normal makes him weak and dysfunctional. With an attack dog it’s a word command. With trump it’s being thought of as normal. Either way his ignorance and evil thoughts make him dangerous. He needs to be locked up or locked out of the WH.

  2. jjgravitas says:

    Advanced Liberals, at least you get to make a point. I don’t as I cant bear to watch anything Trump has to say, especially since the media always grades the GOP on a curve. Will they even mention the irony of a call for unity from Trump, the most divisive & partisan politician ever?

    • AdLib says:

      jj, it ain’t easy listening to Ol’ Sniffy as he performs like the obvious racist con man he is. And you’re right that the media grades Trump, the moron, on a big curve but Obama was attacked for using brown mustard and wearing a tan suit.

      WAPO ignorantly ran with the message Trump’s cronies had pushed before the speech, that it would be abut bipartisanship and the internet kicked them silly, they changed that headline.

      I really don’t understand why the media keeps insisting we’re supposed to forget everything Trump has done in the past year and judge him solely on the facade he puts on in a single speech that was written by someone else.

      Fortunately, there isn’t as much toadying being done by the media after the Trump propaganda fest last night.

  3. pinkpantheroz says:

    No drinking game every time he lies! YOu will go blind!

    Incidentally, Ad, I don’t get POV Tweets on twitter, even though I’m following. Help!

    Wish the Teleprompter broke down. Not that I will see!


    • AdLib says:

      PPO -- And one should never have a drinking game based on how many times Trump applauds himself unless one wants to go to the emergency room.

      That is weird, PPO! I would suggest unfollowing then re-following @PlanetPOV at Twitter. Please let me know if that fixes it!

  4. Kalima says:

    I’m so proud of us! No clowns for me today.

    Trump has been breaking the law since he could speak. It’s time to stand together and demand he be removed from office. This republican fake conspiracy needs to be punished to save the nation. When he goes for Mueller, it’s time to take to the streets and make your voices heard.

    The Official State of the Union Drinking Game Rules!

    How much to drink and why – whether you watch Trump’s first address or you don’t


    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, it was pretty much what we expected but at least we didn’t have to sit through his stroking himself then going full racist and slathering on the propaganda by exploiting the tragedies of other people.

      Thank goodness we’re not inundated with MSM pundits praising how “presidential” he looked because he could read simple english ooff of a teleprompter.

      Mueller better move quickly, looks like the Trump Overthrow of the FBI is getting into full gear.

      • Kalima says:

        I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards instead and it fortified me. Who would want to sit through 90 minutes of refuted lies, self adoration and ugly facial expressions with liars behind and in front of him clapping like trained seals waiting to catch their fish treats?

        With the latest revelation from Adam Schiff that Nunes changed the content of the fake memo, he could be looking at an obstruction of justice charge as the FBI is fighting back.

        Nervous about an attack on Mueller through Rod Rosenstein, but I believe he has enough information to indict many more of the trump cabal including trump himself. Trump and his disrespect of the law and the institutions to save himself, makes America look like a 3rd world dictatorship. It’s mind numbing to watch.

        • AdLib says:

          And what’s disgusting and terrifying is that Ryan, McConnell and the GOP are acting like loyal brownshirts, following their Fuhrer to install him as a dictator. They are conspiring with him to destroy the press, law enforcement and the courts.

          This is an attempted coup to replace our democracy with a tyranny.

          I’m fed up with the press and Dems gently dancing around what is happening. This is an attack on America by a traitorous political cult that is collaborating with this country’s enemy, Russia, to destroy America’ institutions, democratic system of government and promote division that tears our society apart.

          Trump and Repubs are performing as agents of Putin and continue to welcome Russia’s ongoing cyber support of them. They are an Axis of Evil now and the first step is calling them on it.

          The next step is having our institutions and citizens banding together to fight back against these traitors and investigate, prosecute and vote out all of them.

          This is an existential crisis, Americans need to step up right now and stop this campaign to destroy our democracy dead in its tracks.

          Of course, Mueller coming out with some major indictments very soon could help quite a bit.

          • Kalima says:

            Like you, I am sick and tired of watching the blatant obstruction going on from the Republican Congress to the WH but the fact remains that Carter Page was being investigated as an agent of Russia since 2013 and the FISA warrants had been issued long before he joined the trump campaign. The Steele dossier only confirmed what the FBI already knew and the warrants had nothing to do with Steele’s report. We’ve known that for over a year now.

            This video clip asserts the same thing. I hope the release, which in turn would expose methods used by allies such as the U.K. will drown the bastards who are destroying the institutions so vital to America’s democracy. They all need taking down. The sooner the better.

            Watching these repubs distort the truth is like watching a coup for Putin in progress.

            ‘I find it stunning’: John Heilemann sounds the alarm that Paul Ryan has gone to “Team Russia” --


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