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AdLib On July - 17 - 2017

trump wall off

One thing we know about Donald Trump is that he loves walls. Border walls, walls of secrecy and walls between the American people.

There is one wall though that Trump despises and has been attacking out of the understandable fear that it will bring the greatest devastation to him and those around him…the wall that separates public opinion from law enforcement.

As every lie of Trump’s is exposed and his devious dealings are uncovered, Trump employs his tried and true tactic of both trashing the press as “fake”, “frauds”, “liars”, etc. and manufacturing new lies and propaganda to cover up the ones that have just been exposed.

Trump is not enlightened or wise so he has no long term view of the consequences of his actions. He may be pouring fuel on the fire for his ignorant, authoritarian-loving base with his piling of self-righteous lies on top of other lies but with the majority of the public, his flood of lies simply taints him more. And it also builds a greater case against him for obstructing justice. At this point, Trump’s approval ratings have fallen to 36%, the lowest ever recorded for a president at the six month mark, in the 70 year history that such polls have been taken.

Obliviously, in his pursuit to keep conning his supporters to stay behind him, Trump has been building a “big beautiful” wall between himself and the majority of Americans since he was inaugurated and it’s only getting bigger.

And Independent Counsel Robert Mueller couldn’t care less what doublespeak or deceptions Trump ladles out to America in his tweets, he’s only concerned with uncovering the facts.

Trump and his collaborators have a date with destiny, the reckoning is coming. Right now, he might as well be trying to fleece some suckers at 3 Card Monte on the deck of the Titanic as it sinks.

Trump sure seems to be acting like a man (using the term loosely) who knows he will be found out for being a criminal so he is solely focused on trying to destroy the credibility of the fact finders (journalists, investigators and judges) while trying to reinforce his “army” of supporters to fight for him once the indictments come down.

In other words, Trump is playing this game like he knows he is going to eventually lose. And who would know better about all the terrible, corrupt things crawling around in his recent and past history?

Pundits keep saying on cable news that Trump should just come out with everything at once, take the big hit then he could move on. What they seem oddly ignorant about, based on Trump’s behavior of hiding the facts and lying about so much, is that he can’t come out with everything for the simple reason that the truth may be far too damning for him to come out with fully and survive.

It seems highly unlikely that Trump will ever get Democrats to sign off on any budget that allocates billions of dollars for the border wall that Mexico is supposed to pay for. However it sure seems that Trump is succeeding at building prison walls around many in his circle and even if those walls don’t surround him too, he will pay for it.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. jjgravitas says:

    Picking Trump as “backlash for Obama” (as some have suggested) is America shooting itself in the foot. On the world stage, no less.

    • AdLib says:

      jjgravitas, it’s kind of like nearly half the country following up a great meal that was prepared by a black man with a plate of rotten food that was at least prepared by a white man.

      If they think they’re sick now, wait until they’ve swallowed 4 years of it.

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