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Some may see it as fitting that on July 4th, a day of patriotism, Donald Trump was attacked by Bob The Bald Eagle. This video comes on the heels of Trump trying to fake wrestle CNN. Trump later explained that while he looks like he was flinching and freaking, he was really trying to hold himself back from hurting Bob The Eagle.

Bob had no comment in response but proceeded to make a nest out of Trump’s hair that he plucked and a thick stack of subpoenas.

Here is the exclusive video of Trump cowering from Bob The Eagle:

Happy 4th of July to all from PlanetPOV!

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Hilarious, AdLib! (And very “techie” too, as you had only 3 seconds of fast-moving video to work with! Kudos!)

There’s something about the name “Bob the Eagle” (Robert Mueller, of course) — the name itself — that makes it even funnier!

If we lose our senses of humor, we’re really sunk! Just as Chaplin was powerful in opposing Hitler, you (along with other satirists out there) are one of our best weapons against authoritarian thinking. Please keep ’em coming.


I like your video better than the wrestling of CNN, Ad.


Perfect timing, AdLib!! Loved the Robert Mueller face on that eagle. 😆 I imagine he pops up in Donna’s nightmares every night.

In this time of utter chaos, a little parody goes a long way. The chance to laugh, and laugh often is healthy and much needed right now. Thanks!

Tick Tock! Tick Tock!